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Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!

Kaere kagome

InuYasha Season 1 - Episode 19

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Kaere, Kagome! Omae no Jidai ni


帰れ、かごめ! お前の時代に




My Will


61 (p. 18-19) 62 (p. 2-18), 63 (p. 2-18) and 64 (p. 2-18)


Original Airdate

12 March 2001

English Airdate

21 December 2002 (Adult Swim)

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The Beads of Subjugation


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Go Home To Your Own Time, Kagome! is the nineteenth episode of the InuYasha anime. It first aired in Japan on March 12, 2001.


  1. Inuyasha is able to regain the Tessaiga from Sesshōmaru, severing the human arm, and Sesshōmaru retreats.
  2. Sesshōmaru attacks Naraku after the plan failed, but it was a mere demon puppet, not Naraku himself.
  3. Inuyasha, who had not fully recovered from his battle with Sesshōmaru, tells Kagome to return to the modern era, as the situation is getting more dangerous after Naraku's emergence; Inuyasha pushes Kagome into the Bone-Eater's Well and takes the Shikon no Tama shard, so that she will be unable to return.


Inuyasha hugs Kagome

Inuyasha takes back Tessaiga and begins to fear for Kagome's safety. He forces her back to her own era, taking her jewel shards and blocking the Bone-Eater's Well to ensure that she doesn't return.

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  • This is the second time Inuyasha has possession of the Sacred Jewel (Incomplete). The first time at the beginning of the series.

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Differences from the mangaEdit

  • In the anime, Sesshōmaru orders Inuyasha to make Kagome stop interfering with a fight between a demon and hanyō, and catches her arrow in his fingers, dissolving it with his poison. In the manga, however, after Kagome's arrow breaks Sesshōmaru's armor, Inuyasha uses the opportunity to strike Sesshōmaru again. An amused Sesshōmaru then throws Inuyasha at Kagome, causing the two to headbutt.
  • Kagome showing off her knowledge of medicinal herbs only occurs in the anime.