Inuyasha: Since Then is the first episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


A young half demon named Towa was told a tale from around eighteen years prior about a half demon and a priestess who battled demons.


InuKag Since Then

Inuyasha and Kagome.

In the Feudal Era at the middle of the raining night, 2 girls are running through the forest. Inside a castle, a mysterious girl named Towa Higurashi in clothes from the future is captured and sits in a room with a blanket on her. 'Sokyu' says his excellency enters. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi and 'Sokyu' enter the room and sit down. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi asks Towa was she the one they call "Hanyō Princess". Towa looks at Ogigayatsu Hiiragi. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi introduces himself to Towa. Towa introduces herself to Ogigayatsu Hiiragi but she wasn't a 'Hanyō Princess' as the blanket falls off her. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi says so Towa say and calls out to 'Sokyu'. 'Sokyu' tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi to let him explain. 'Sokyu' tells Towa that he has here a book that she was carrying and holds it up. Towa becomes surprised and thinks to herself that Moroha is an idiot and wonders why'd she have to bring the book back with her. 'Sokyu' asks Towa are things written in the book to be the truth as the 'Reiwa Era' that she hails from and wonders what sort of land is it. Towa thinks to herself that she can't say anything or else she'd change history.

Ogigayatsu Hiiragi tells Towa to answer. Towa tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi that he should take her advice and let her go as things won't be so hot when her friends get here. 'Sokyu' laughs and tells Towa it's such nonsense and there's something he would like for her to see. 'Sokyu' signals for one of the retainers to bring the item in. At that moment, a subordinate of the shogunate adviser brings in a box and places it down before he leaves. Towa becomes surprised and questions is that a bike seat. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi says that she recognizes what it is. 'Sokyu' confirms this with Ogigayatsu Hiiragi as it seems Towa knows something. Towa asks Ogigayatsu Hiiragi and 'Sokyu' what's a bike seat doing here. 'Sokyu' tells Towa that the bike seat was found when a clam fisher was raking the river and it was then presented to him and Ogigayatsu Hiiragi and there used to be rumors in the Musashi Province of a priestess who came through the Bone-Eater's Well from a place called 'Tokyo'. Towa becomes surprised about 'Tokyo', the Bone-Eater's Well, and priestess. 'Sokyo' tells Towa that the bike seat was the saddle she used to ride her mysterious iron wagon as she and a hanyō named Inuyasha traveled the land slaying demons and what he's about to share is a tale that he heard over a decade ago.

The story begins with Inuyasha pulling Kagome out of the Bone-Eater's Well. Kagome explains it's been nearly 6 months since she's made the decision to live with Inuyasha in the Feudal Era and the days have been so peaceful as if the time they spent fighting for the Sacred Jewel was all a dream. Sango is washing clothes as Hisui is on her back. Gyokuto and Kin'u were playing in the field. Kagome approaches with a basket of herbs as she calls out to Sango, greets her with an hello. Gyokuto and Kin'u realizes it's Kagome before they go towards her and show them what they've picked. Kagome asks Gyokuto and Kin'u what do they have. Kin'u and Gyokuto tell Kagome they dug up lots and lots of plants. Kagome tells Gyokuto and Kin'u that those are kudzu roots and if they dry them they make good medicine. Gyokuto and Kin'u become interested. Kagome remembers something before she takes out a plant and tells Gyokuto and Kin'u that she'll give them this. Gyokuto and Kin'u ask Kagome what is that. Kagome tells Gyokuto and Kin'u it is a Kikyō root. Sango becomes concerned. Gyokuto and Kin'u asks Kagome what is a Kikyō root. Kagome tells Gyokuto and Kin'u the Kikyō is a very kind plant and it helps with coughs and fevers. Gyokuto and Kin'u were disappointed as they wished it was a snack instead. Sango finishes washing clothes as she walks towards Kagome, Gyokuto, and Kin'u. Kagome sees Sango walking towards them and questions about food. Sango tells Gyokuto and Kin'u to come on and to not give Kagome such a hard time. Gyokuto and Kin'u comply. Kagome laughs.

Later, Sango, Kagome, Gyokuto, and Kin'u walk back home as Gyokuto and Kin'u are holding onto Kagome. Sango questions Kagome about the 7 autumnal flowers. Kagome confirms it as it's from the Manyoshu by the poet Yamanoue something or other. Hisui starts crying. Sango tries to comfort Hisui. Gyokuto and Kin'u tell Hisui not to cry. Kagome apologizes to Hisui. Yotsume secretly watches them from a tree. Kagome tells Sango that she knows that she's said this before but Kin'u, Gyokuto, and Hisui all have very unique names. Sango tells Kagome it was Miroku's choice. Yotsume flies away. Kagome tells Miroku is very knowledgeable. Hisui stops crying. Kagome realizes Inuyasha and Miroku aren't back yet. Sango tells Kagome from what she heard the demon they're dealing with is a bit of trouble. Kagome tells Sango that she sees. Sango tells Kagome a landslide collapsed a nearby tomb and the demon that was sealed there ended up getting out.

Inuyasha and Miroku went to investigate these death in a field and look to see headless corpses in a field. Inuyasha asks Miroku if this is it. Miroku tells Inuyasha it's just bones. The villagers tells Inuyasha and Miroku that so many have been attacked since the tomb collapsed and it's only their heads that have been taken. Inuyasha hears something while Miroku sensed something nearby. Inuyasha calls out to Miroku. Miroku complies as the demon's been targeting him and Inuyasha close-by. Miroku threw his sutras around the field. The yōkai rose up from underground as Inuyasha and Miroku prepared to fight. The villagers were shocked to see that it was carrying the heads of its victims. Inuyasha takes out his Tessaiga and attacks the demons. The villagers believed that Inuyasha killed the demon. Inuyasha says serves the demon right. Miroku notices parts of the demons escaped underground. The villagers tells Miroku 'thank you' for killing the demon. Inuyasha becomes annoyed as he was the one who killed the demon. Miroku says though the demon seems to have run away for now. Miroku tells Inuyasha that they aren't quite done yet. Inuyasha becomes confused. Miroku asked the villagers if they could lead him and Inuyasha to the collapsed tomb. The villagers take Inuyasha and Miroku to where the yōkai was originally sealed. Miroku says this is quite bad and looked further and picks up a familiar arrow. Inuyasha becomes surprised as he realizes it's Kikyō's arrow. Miroku asks Inuyasha if he would know anything about this. Inuyasha tells Miroku he doesn't know as he looks away. Miroku tells Inuyasha that they should head back and ask Kaede. Some roaming bandits on horses were disappointed about the village they pillaged through when they were killed by the yōkai from underground and took their heads.

At night, Kohaku and Kirara were searching when he notices corpses on the ground. Kohaku calls out to Kirara to land on the ground to investigate further. Kohaku wonders what happened here. Sesshōmaru showed up tells Kohaku that it's Root Head. Kohaku becomes surprised to see Sesshōmaru as he calls out to him. Jaken questions that the demon energy came from Root Head. Kohaku calls out to Jaken then asks Sesshōmaru to tell him about who Root Head was. Sesshōmaru tells Kohaku that Root Head is a worthless piece of vermin except. Kohaku wonders about Root Head. Sesshōmaru tells Kohaku that Root Head is annoying before flying away with Jaken, who questions about being annoying. Kohaku and Kirara watch as Sesshōmaru and Jaken leave.

In Kaede's hut, Inuyasha and Miroku are speaking with Kaede about the arrow. Kaede examines the arrow as she says there's no doubt it's Kikyō's Arrow of Sealing. Inuyasha questions Kikyō's Arrow of Sealing before thinks of her. Kaede tells Inuyasha and Miroku that Root Head is a demon Kikyō sealed shortly before meeting Inuyasha. Miroku asks Kaede why didn't Kikyō purge the demon with the Sacred Arrow instead. Kaede says who knows as at the time Kikyō had been dealing with demons of all sorts but she thinks she was growing tired of having to kill them and was also around the time when she helped the bandit Onigumo who eventually became Naraku. A flashback of Kikyō helping Onigumo is seen. Kaede tells Inuyasha that Root Head was after Kikyō's Sacred Jewel much like how he was. Miroku looks at Inuyasha. Inuyasha questions Kaede about who cares about him.

In Miroku and Sango's hut, Kin'u and Gyokuto are playing with Shippō, who isn't enjoying it. Shippō tells Kin'u and Gyokuto to stop it. Rin is making rope while Sango holds Hisui. Kagome wonders what Inuyasha and Miroku are talking about with Kaede. Sango tells Kagome that as soon as Inuyasha and Miroku came back they went straight to Kaede. Kagome becomes interested. Shippō says Inuyasha and Miroku are obviously discussing things they don't want overheard. Rin says she was told to stay here in Sango's house. Kagome asks Rin her too. Everyone hears a noise. Rin wonders if it's Inuyasha and Miroku. Kagome sensed a yōkai and tells everyone to get back. Sango calls out to Kagome. Root Head breaks into the hut and mistakes Kagome for Kikyō as it demanded the Sacred Jewel. Kagome becomes surprised. Root Head demands Kagome to give it the Sacred Jewel. Kagome realizes she couldn't reach her archery set in time. Shippō asks Kagome what Root Head was. Root Head demands Kagome to give it the Sacred Jewel as it lunges at her. Sango calls out to Kagome, who lowers her head, before she uses her Hiraikotsu to push it back. Sango tells Shippō to take care of Kin, Gyokuto, and Hisui as she goes outside with Kagome. Shippō agrees. Sango and Kagome look to see Root Head on the ground. Inuyasha and Miroku arrive. Miroku calls out to Sango while Inuyasha calls out to Kagome. Root Head goes underground. Inuyasha tells Root Head he won't let him get away this time before he tried hit it with his Tessaiga, but it escaped underground again. Miroku questions that Root Head has made it this far. Sango confirms it. Inuyasha asks Kagome was she okay. Kagome tells Inuyasha 'yes' and Root Head called her 'Kikyō'.

Inuyasha asks Kagome what. 'Kagome' asks Inuyasha what was he hiding from her. Inuyasha nervously tells 'Kagome' he wasn't trying to. Inuyasha realizes that he wasn't talking to Kagome but to Shippo when he saw her standing next to him before he hits him, annoyed. Miroku tells Inuyasha that Kagome is being targeted and he thinks they'd best tell her. Kagome asks Miroku to tell her what. Sango says Root Head told them to hand over the Sacred Jewel. Shippō says even though the Sacred Jewel's already been destroyed. Miroku says since Root Head had been sealed away by Kikyō's arrow it didn't know about the Sacred Jewel's demise as the demon is called Root Head and its roots burrow underground and absorbs nutrients from humans. Kagome questions it's not just her and wonders if the local villagers are in danger. Miroku tells Kagome that's correct and they must eradicate Root Head from all 6 villages surrounding the Sacred Tree. Kagome tells Inuyasha let's go. Inuyasha nervously agrees. Inuyasha leaves with Kagome on his back. Inuyasha wonders why Kagome's not mad at him. Kagome thinks to herself that Inuyasha didn't need to hide it. Root Head appears from the ground. Inuyasha tells Root Head that's where he was and tells Kagome that Root Head's pretty big. Kagome tells Inuyasha she knows and leave it to her as she shoots an arrow at Root Head, damaging it. Inuyasha takes out Tessaiga and uses the Wind Scar on Root Head as he strikes it. Some of Root Head's roots tries to attack fleeing villages until Miroku strikes it. Some of Root Head tries to attack Miroku but was saved by Kohaku. Kohaku calls out to Miroku as he lands on the ground with Kirara. More of Root Head appeared from the ground as it tried to attack Kohaku. Miroku calls out to Kohaku as he strikes Root Head to save him. Kohaku asks Miroku where's Sango. Miroku tells Kohaku that Sango is with the children. Kohaku questions Miroku at the house. Miroku confirms it as he wishes he could be there but he can't. Kohaku understood and tells Miroku to take care of getting the remaining villagers to safety. Miroku agrees. Kohaku went off with Kirara towards the house. Miroku wishes at times like this and realizes just how powerless he was without his Wind Tunnel. Kohaku and Kirara arrives at Miroku and Sango's house as Kohaku asks Sango if she was okay. Sango, Kin'u, and Gyokuto called out to Kohaku, who becomes relieved that their safe. Sango confirms and tells Kohaku she doesn't know why but they're fine here.

A transformed Shippō appears near Sesshōmaru and Jaken on Miroku and Sango's roof. Jaken asks Shippō what. Shippō asks Jaken if they're just going to stand there why don't they help them. Jaken calls Shippō 'a buffoon' as Sesshōmaru wouldn't care what happens to a human village. Rin comes out of the hut with Kohaku as they look at Sesshōmaru. Rin happily calls out to Sesshōmaru. Sango appears with Hisui and realizes that Sesshōmaru is the reason for why they are safe. Sango decided to fight as well as she asks Kohaku to watch over Hisui for her as she hands to him to him. Kohaku becomes confused as he calls out to Sango, who changes and takes off with Kirara. As Miroku defeats some of Root Head, he gets captured until Sango saves him with her Hiraikotsu. Miroku calls out to Sango. Sango tells Miroku it looks like he's having trouble. Miroku confirms it as he strikes more of Root Head and realizes it's multiplying underground. Kagome uses her arrow on Root Head but more roots appear. Inuyasha uses his Tessaiga. Root Head appeared again. Inuyasha becomes annoyed as he says there's no end to this. Kagome asks Inuyasha has there been a battle here before. Inuyasha confirms it as neighboring provinces had a skirmish here so Root Head had plenty of food. Kagome realizes the roots burrow underground and wonders where are they coming from. Inuyasha tells Kagome let's go. Inuyasha uses his Tessaiga on Root Head again. Kagome tells Inuyasha to let her down. Inuyasha asks Kagome what and to not be ridiculous as she's the target. Kagome tells Inuyasha that's exactly why as all the roots here must lead to Root Head's main body and she'll become a decoy. Inuyasha tells Kagome like he'd let her throw herself into danger like that before he continues to strike Root Head. Kagome tells Inuyasha she bet he'd say 'yes' if this were Kikyō. Inuyasha becomes nervous. Kagome tells Inuyasha that she knew it. Inuyasha and Kagome suddenly saw a flash of moving forward. Kagome questions the light. Inuyasha says no way. Inuyasha and Kagome realize that it's Kikyō's arrow. Inuyasha thinks of Kikyō. Kaede shot the arrow that Kikyō used to seal Root Head. Shippō asks Kaede that she shot the arrow. Kaede thinks to herself that she just shot the very same arrow Kikyō had used to seal Root Head as that should draw it out as it will definitely respond. Kikyō's arrow lands on the ground before Root Head starts appearing. Kagome calls out to Inuyasha as she points to where Root Head is appearing. Inuyasha agrees as he goes towards Root Head's location.

Root Head starts moving away. Kagome says Root Head's getting away before she jumps off Inuyasha's back. Inuyasha calls out to Kagome as he tries to reach for her. Kagome thinks to herself that she won't let Root Head escape. Kagome lands on the ground and goes towards the arrow. When Kagome arrived to the arrow's location, Root Head tried to devour her as it emerged from underground. Inuyasha calls out to Kagome before he went to save her. Inuyasha asks Kagome if she was okay. Kagome tells Inuyasha yes. Sango asks Miroku what's that. Miroku tells Sango it must be Root Head's main body. Inuyasha says Root Head's shown itself. Root Head says Kikyō's name and tells Kagome it'll eat her whole, Sacred Jewel, and all. Kagome tells Root Head that her name is Kagome was not Kikyō and the Shikon no Tama no longer existed. Inuyasha tells Root Head other thing is that the Sacred Jewel no longer exist in this world as he calls it an 'idiot'. Inuyasha uses his Wind Scar while Kagome shoots her Sacred Arrow at Root Head.

In the end, with the head wounded by Kagome's Sacred Arrow, it was eliminated by Inuyasha's Wind Scar, damaging it. Inuyasha says he'll finish Root Head off before he uses his Meidō Zangetsuha, sucking it in. Inuyasha calls out to Kagome. Kagome tells Inuyasha she's got this before she shoots her Sacred Arrow at the remains of Root Head, purifying it. At morning, Shippō and Kaede are looking over at the village. Shippō happily says Inuyasha and Kagome did it as the land is being purified. Kaede confirms it and thinks Kagome will be fine even without borrowing Kikyō's powers. Inuyasha lands on the ground before Kagome gets off his back. Miroku and Sango appear on Kirara. Inuyasha sighs in relief then becomes annoyed at Kagome. Kagome asks Inuyasha what is it. Inuyasha tells Kagome she almost got eaten by Root Head. Kagome tells Inuyasha 'yes' but she also knew he'd save her. Inuyasha tells Kagome of course he'd save her as he calls her an 'idiot'. Kagome tells Inuyasha she trust him as he didn't have to hide the whole Kikyō thing from her either. Inuyasha walks away. Kagome calls out to Inuyasha. Inuyasha stops asks Kagome if she's upset at all. Kagome tells Inuyasha she's not upset at all as it's just before she says 'Sit'. Inuyasha falls to the ground. Kagome tells Inuyasha to have a bit more faith in her. Miroku tells Sango this is somewhat nostalgic. Sango tells Miroku to let's go home as the kids are waiting. Inuyasha and Kagome sit together in the field. Kagome explains fate brought her and Inuyasha together to trust and care for each other allowing them to overcome their own destiny as all she has left to do is to spend these days with Inuyasha by her side. A tiny piece of Root Head grows rapidly inside the Sacred Tree as an owl flies away.

In the castle, 'Sokyu' finishes telling the story to Towa. 'Sokyu' tells Towa that the Bone-Eater's Well was in the Forest of the Tree of Ages as it used to be a dumping ground for demons that were slain and any bones thrown down the well would disappear after some time and that is how it came to be known as the Bone-Eater's Well but it seems like the well has been sealed and it eats no more bones and no one can pass though it and yet. Towa becomes concerned. 'Sokyo' tells Towa that she hail from Reiwa Village and wonders how was she able to arrive in the lands. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi tells Towa that if she would regale him and 'Sokyu' with her tale and wonders if she knows what will happen to the Shogunate and the fate of their clan. Towa calls out to Ogigayatsu Hiiragi. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi asks Towa what is it. Towa tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi to run. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi becomes confused. The subordinates of the calls out to intruders and wonders who they are as they are defeated. Towa tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi that he'll get hurt if he stays here. The door burst open with one of the defeated subordinates. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi and 'Sokyu' stand up. 'Sokyu' wonders what was happening. One of the intruders tells the subordinate to shut up before she defeats him as they're so weak. A demon slayer named Setsuna and a demon bounty hunter named Moroha appear in the room. Moroha tells Towa to come on as they're going home and to quit loafing around here. Setsuna tells Towa that she's such a handful before she cuts the rope off her hands with her Kanemitsu no Tomoe. Towa stands up and tells Setsuna and Moroha 'thank you'. 'Sokyu' asks who are they. Moroha questions 'Sokyu' on who they are. Moroha smells 'Sokyu' and tells him that she knew she smelled something strange in the air and it was him as she calls him 'Yotsume'.

'Sokyu' becomes serious. Moroha takes out her Kurikaramaru and tells Yotsume that since he's here as she might as well take him out too before goes to attack him. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's attacking too soon. Moroha slices off Yotsume's hat, revealing his extra two eyes. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi questions Yotsume being an apparition. Moroha becomes surprised. Yotsume tells Moroha that she's open before he tries to attack her. Setsuna went to attack Yotsume, who transformed into his owl form and fled. Moroha tells Yotsume that he's a sore loser before she tries to attack him. Towa tells Moroha to wait as Yotsume seems to know things and they should nab him and make him talk. Moroha tells Towa that they do have to chase after Yotsume. Setsuna and Moroha chase after Yotsume. Towa walks over to the bike seat and grabs it. Towa calls out to Ogigayatsu Hiiragi. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi steps out from hiding. Towa tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi that she'll be taking the bike seat and walks away. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi questions who are Towa, Sestuna, and Moroha. Towa tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi that's right. Ogigayatsu Hiiragi becomes surprised. Towa tells Ogigayatsu Hiiragi that she'll be taking the book back too and 'see you around'.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • This episode aired on the same day the first episode of InuYasha The Final Act aired in 2009.
  • As of this episode, Miroku is voiced by Makoto Yasumura as his original voice actor, Kōji Tsujitani passed away prior to production in 2018.
    • This episode also features the final performance of Kirby Morrow as Miroku, due to his unfortunate passing in November 2020 at the age of 47.
  • Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo, a shogunate adviser from Kantō, obviously comes from the Ogigayatsu clan. In real Japanese history, the Ogigayatsu were a branch of the Uesugi clan, a notable samurai clan.
  • The blanket Towa had over her is almost identical to the one the Infant was wearing.
  • It is revealed that after Kagome returns to the feudal era, the Bone-Eater's Well was sealed and no longer works as a portal through time.
  • The SFX for Inuyasha's ears moving is different from the one we hear in the original series and The Final Act.
  • In the English dub, Moroha is the first character to say the curse word "Shit" in the series.

Differences from the manga[]

  • The names of Miroku and Sango's children are not revealed in the manga.
  • The manga did not feature the yōkai Yotsume that secretly watched Inuyasha, Kagome and their friends as they fought against the awakened Ne no Kubi.
  • Ne no Kubi's defeat was slightly different in the anime and the manga. In the manga, Ne no Kubi was seriously wounded by Kagome's sacred arrow and destroyed forever by Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu. In this episode, after their combined attack, Inuyasha uses Meidō Zangetsuha which sends the demon to the netherworld.


  • Kaede stated Kikyō had sealed the Root Head before meeting Inuyasha, but then stated it was around the time she helped the bandit Onigumo, who was however found and treated by her after being severely injured by Kansuke and thrown off a cliff for having tricked him into attacking Kikyō, hoping that Inuyasha would kill him.
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