Wielding the Tenseiga is the twenty-fifth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the premiere of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. Towa uses the Tenseiga to revive Setsuna.
  2. Tōtōsai arrives and reforges Setsuna's broken naginata, constructing the powerful Yukari no Tachikiri.
  3. Tōtōsai tells the half demon princesses to seek out Bokusenō, who may help them locate a demonic weapon for Towa to use.


Towa narrates that her and Setsuna are hanyōs and the daughters of the great Sesshōmaru and a human named Rin as when they were little they lived in the forest for the longest time as they were always together and they got along so well and yet she let go of Setsuna's hand and hurled into the present day and she was adopted by the Higurashi family and given the name 'Towa Higurashi' and 10 years later they were reunited but Setsuna did not remember her at all. Towa narrates that Moroha is a shihanyō who works as a demon bounty hunter and she often works together with Setsuna who is a demon slayer as Moroha's parents are the hanyō Inuyasha the younger brother of Sesshōmaru and Kagome who is Sōta's older sister so she guesses that would make her their cousin and in order to help Setsuna sleep and dream again and to restore her memories they decided to return to the Feudal Era and on the way a spirit in the priestess attire named the Tree of Ages asked them to slay Kirinmaru and the 3 of them spend their days slaying demons but they soon found themselves targeted by Kirinmaru's followers the Four Perils and his older sister Zero and they also became acquainted with Riku as he's an odd but handsome pirate who has washed ashore and things didn't go well at first but by working together they were able to defeat the Four Perils and Setsuna finished off Zero but their father Sesshōmaru used Tenseiga and for whatever reason he brought Zero back to life and she doesn't get as she's their enemy and that's when Kirinmaru decided to show up again as it's a feudal fairy tail of Hanyō no Yashahime and they'll keep moving forward through the hurdles of destiny. Kirinmaru asks Sesshōmaru to what of Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. Sesshōmaru tells Kirinmaru that it’s a rite of courage and cowardice. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha get into their fighting positions as they each draw out their blades against Kirinmaru. Kirinmaru looks at Towa and Setsuna and tells them that if they are Sesshōmaru's daughters then their true worth comes from survival. Towa swiftly runs to attack Kirinmaru. Kirinmaru jumps forward. Towa tells Kirinmaru that she's going to get Setsuna's dreams back. Towa and Kirinmaru’s blades crosses each other countless of times as Towa rashly swings her Energy Blade at him, but Kirinmaru remains unharmed by her. Setsuna jumps in to help Towa and attempts to use her Kanemitsu no Tomoe on Kirinmaru as she calls out to Towa. Kirinmaru stops Setsuna by simply holding her Kanemitsu no Tomoe with two fingers. Kirinmaru tells Setsuna with a blade edge like that she won’t be able to scratch him before he thrusts Setsuna back. Kirinmaru walks towards Setsuna. Towa sneaks up from behind and cuts through Kirinmaru in the same exact spot where Riku inflicted the wound on him. Towa tells Kirinmaru to not lay a hand on Setsuna before she enhances the demon energy within her Energy Blade inside of Kirinmaru. Witnessing Setsuna running at him after he is in a weaker position, Kirinmaru uses his powers to push Towa and her Energy Blade away from him. Kirinmaru blocks Setsuna’s attack by holding up his Demonic Energy Barrier. Setsuna uses the Blood Blade in her arm to breakthrough the barrier and inflicts a scratch on Kirinmaru’s face at the same spot where Towa scratched his face the last time they’ve met. Kirinmaru becomes extremely frustrated and uses his Bakuseiken against Setsuna. Towa becomes terrified to see Kirinmaru fatally injuring Setsuna. Setsuna’s eyes starts to close and she ends up falling backwards to the ground after Kirinmaru used his Bakuseiken on her. Towa then calls out to Setsuna. Towa tells Setsuna 'no' as she can't. Setsuna opens her eyes and apologizes to Towa as she's getting a little sleepy. Setsuna tells Towa that she's sorry and she calls her 'Sis'. Towa's eyes widened. Setsuna tells Towa that she's going to sleep just a little bit before she closes her eyes. Setsuna tells Towa good night. Towa releases Setsuna's hand. Towa looks at her hand when she released hers from Setsuna’s and breaks down in grief. Moroha comes flying down from Kirara in her Beniyasha form. Moroha tells Kirinmaru that he’s going to die here as Tōga's form in a gigantic and magnificent spirit with her demon energy in a flame-like body. Towa tells Kirinmaru how dare you kill her Setsuna as a crescent moon appears on her forehead. The energy spirit of the Great Dog-Demon holds a sword and slices through the planet figure which Kirinmaru currently stands on. Kirinmaru dodges the hit and goes after Towa’s Demon Dog figure and attempts to cut through the magnificent energy with his Bakuseiken. The energy spirit of the Demon Dog figure engulfs Kirinmaru and inflicts damage upon him. Kirinmaru rises above from the damage he’s taken and the demon spirit energy of Tōga sneaks up behind him using it’s sword to attack Kirinmaru. Kirinmaru uses his Bakuseiken to hold up a barrier to withstand the great attack. Kirinmaru manages to push back the energy spirit of Tōga behind his barrier. The spirit of Towa’s Dog Form figure runs towards Kirinmaru. Towa tells Kirinmaru that she'll be taking his demon energy. Kirinmaru tells Towa to go ahead and try, sending a huge purple/black sphere of his demon energy from his Bakuseiken. Kirinmaru’s sphere of demon energy goes through the Demon Dog spirit and as the sphere comes closer to Towa. Towa holds out her Energy Blade in attempt to steal Kirinmaru’s demon energy. Towa tells Kirinmaru that his demon energy as she'll take it all. Towa’s attempt to steal Kirinmaru’s demon energy becomes too overwhelming for her. Towa’s own demon energy overcomes her and reverses her transformation, turning her back to normal. Kirinmaru’s demon energy subsides after Towa becomes unsuccessful in stealing his demon energy. Towa falls back, becoming weak after losing her full-demon transformation. Moroha calls out to Towa. Moroha flies across in attempt to save Towa but Kirinmaru comes along stopping her and uses his Bakuseiken to cut through the massive demon energy spirit of Tōga. Upon Kirinmaru slicing Moroha’s huge demonic energy, Moroha loses her Beniyasha form and falls straight to the ground of the gigantic pothole along with Towa. Kirinmaru looks over at Setsuna’s body laying on the ground and says he shall carve her name onto his heart and he will never forget her before he flies off. Kirinmaru tells Towa and Moroha that he awaits the next time they can meet. Moroha wakes up with Kirara in front of her and calls out to her. Moroha says she's sorry Setsuna but it looks like she and Towa lost. Towa weakly makes her way towards Setsuna’s body, calling out her name. Towa looks at Setsuna’s body and repeatedly apologizes to her while heavily crying. Towa narrates that this world is full of the weak but the ones who are truly weak are the ones who couldn’t protect what they wanted to protect most. Towa lays her head on Setsuna’s body as she continues to cry. Towa narrates and that’s what she would call her and how could she be so weak. A scene of Sesshōmaru’s Mokomoko is shown flying by. Towa looks up with tears running down her face to see Sesshōmaru standing in front of her. Setsuna’s body is laid in between Towa and Sesshōmaru. Towa calls out to Sesshōmaru. Sesshōmaru takes out his Tenseiga. The scene shows Sesshōmaru talking to Towa inaudibly. Towa’s eyes widens at Sesshōmaru’s words. The rain pauses mid-scene and shows Sesshōmaru holding out his Tenseiga to Towa. Sesshōmaru asks Towa if she will try using this as he holds out his Tenseiga to her. Towa respectfully takes the Tenseiga from Sesshōmaru’s grasp with both hands. The falling rain unpauses and a scene is shown of Setsuna’s face smiling with her eyes closed. The final scene shows Towa standing up in the middle of the huge pothole, holding the Tenseiga close to her with Sesshōmaru already gone.

Sesshōmaru stands near Towa and Setsuna. Towa stands up and looks down at Setsuna. Towa unsheathes the broken Tenseiga and holds it up. Sesshōmaru tells Towa that whether Setsuna can be brought back or not depends on her. Moroha and Kirara watch Towa. Moroha asks Towa just what does she intend to do. Towa nods at Moroha and tells her that she has to try as she's the only one who can do this. Towa begins to infuse her demon energy into an Energy Blade on the broken Tenseiga then notices the Dream Butterfly flying from Setsuna. In the Sacred Tree, the Dream Butterfly returns and placed the dreams onto the slumbering Rin. Towa questions the Dream Butterfly. The Dream Butterfly flies away. Towa wonders why did the Dream Butterfly. Sesshōmaru tells Towa to not get distracted by trivial thoughts. Rain and thunder appears in the sky. Towa continues to infuse her demon energy with the Tenseiga. Moroha says wait a minute and wonders is Towa trying to bring back Setsuna with the broken Tenseiga and a demon energy blade at that. Tōtōsai arrives on Mō-Mō with Jaken. Totosai wonders who's wielding the broken Tenseiga and is it Sesshōmaru's daughter and it looks like the other one is already dead so now she's trying to revive her. Jaken calls out to Sesshōmaru as he falls and lands near him. Jaken asks Sesshōmaru will Towa be able to wield the Tenseiga. Sesshōmaru stays silent. Tōtōsai asks who is the one that broke his Tenseiga. Tōtōsai and Mō-Mō land on the ground. Moroha asks Tōtōsai who was he. Tōtōsai questions Moroha that she doesn't know him before he hits her on the head with his hammer. Moroha groans in pain and asks Tōtōsai was he the swordsmith. Tōtōsai tells Moroha that he heard about her from Myōga as she must be Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter. Moroha tells Tōtōsai that they call her the Demon Killer. Jaken introduces himself to Moroha and she may address him hereafter as 'Master Jaken'. Moroha becomes bored and calls Jaken the little demon. Jaken becomes annoyed and asks Moroha who was she calling 'little demon' as it's 'Master' before he hits her on the head with the Staff of Two Heads. Moroha groans in pain. Moroha asks Tōtōsai can he restore the Tenseiga to its original state. Tōtōsai asks Moroha what does she think she's speaking to as he hits her with his hammer again. Moroha falls back in pain. Tōtōsai says if he has 3 days he can make Tenseiga as good as new. Moroha asks Tōtōsai really. Tōtōsai tells Moroha to never mind that. Tōtōsai picks up the broken piece of Tenseiga and says poor thing as look at what they did to it. Jaken questions Tōtōsai about 3 days as by then it will be too late. Jaken looks at Setsuna and says Tenseiga can only bring her back if used within the next hour. Moroha becomes shocked as she stands up. Tōtōsai says it may be a stopgap measure but Towa's demon energy blade is the only chance they've got. Towa continues to struggle to utilize Tenseiga's heavenly abilities and calls out to Setsuna. Towa’s grief causes her demon energy to slowly form an energy blade on Tenseiga. Towa's hair starts to turn black as her demon energy drains from her. Moroha says it's not even the New Moon but Towa's hair has turned black and realizes that she's using every ounce of her demon power but can she keep this up and still be okay. Towa's demon energy starts to grow on the broken Tenseiga. Towa thinks to herself that it's starting to grow. Towa's demon energy completely turns the broken Tenseiga into an energy blade. Towa wonders what does she cut. Moroha says all right. Tōtōsai says Towa may have been able to produce a demon energy blade but she probably still isn't able to see the minions of the netherworld. Moroha questions Tōtōsai about the minions of the netherworld. Sesshōmaru continues to watch Towa and Setsuna. Towa thinks to herself that she's sure she's supposed to cut something as when Sesshōmaru brought Zero back to life he cut something with Tenseiga. Towa repeatedly calls out to Setsuna before a crescent moon appears on her forehead and she sees the minions of the netherworld surrounding Setsuna. Towa thinks to herself that she sees something as that must be it as she has to cut those things then notices her energy blade is fading. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Sesshōmaru notices something's wrong. Towa becomes upset as she feels so weak but she needs more demon power. Moroha wonders is Towa not going to make it. Tōtōsai says maybe not. Moroha becomes surprised. Tōtōsai gets off of Mō-Mō and says he must admit that Setsuna's Blood Blade is indeed remarkable. Moroha becomes shocked. Tōtōsai walks over to the broken Kanemitsu no Tomoe and says the Blood Blade Setsuna inherited from Sesshōmaru as not only is it powerful enough to cut physical objects it even has the power to sever all forms of fate in a single stroke as compared to that a weak blade like this could never take all that power. Tōtōsai retrieves the hilt of the broken Kanemitsu no Tomoe and says he guesses he'll offer Setsuna a naginata worthy of such blood to take with her to the afterlife. Tōtōsai calls out to Moroha. Moroha becomes surprised. Tōtōsai tells Moroha that since she's the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome he can leave her to deal with all the evil spirits. Moroha asks Tōtōsai what was he saying at a time like this. Tōtōsai sits down and tells Moroha that he's making the build out of lapis lazuli crystals and ash will bring out hordes of evil spirits who've lived in these parts for ages and they're quite annoying so keep them away. Moroha becomes nervous. Towa tells Setsuna to not go yet as she struggles to provide more demon energy to the Tenseiga. Towa's demon energy completes the broken Tenseiga again. The minions of the Netherworld look at Towa. Sesshōmaru asks Towa what's the matter. Towa looks at Sesshōmaru. Sesshōmaru asks Towa that she can see them and to not hesitate. Towa tells Sesshōmaru that she knows that but her energy and she can't even move anymore. Tōtōsai continues to create a new blade for the naginata. Moroha tells Tōtōsai that this isn't the time to be doing that. Tōtōsai tells Moroha here they come and try not to create a ruckus around here as she'll get in his way. Moroha asks Tōtōsai just what was he. A horde of demons appeared in the sky. Moroha looks around and wonders how many are there. Tōtōsai tells Moroha to make sure she exterminate all of the demons. Kirara transforms. Moroha takes out her bow and arrow and says she guess she has no choice and take this before she shoots a Sacred Arrow at the horde of demons. Moroha purifies multiply demons with her Sacred Arrows. Tōtōsai tells Moroha not bad at all. Moroha purifies more demons with her Sacred Arrows. Towa repeatedly calls out to Setsuna. Towa says she only got one shot and she has to bring the minions of the Netherworld down in one strike. The minions of the Netherworld become scared of Towa. Towa says no matter what she cannot fail. Moroha says one after another as she continues to purify demons with her Sacred Arrows until she runs out. Moroha takes out her Kurikaramaru and attacks the horde of demons. Kirara protects Moroha from some of the demons. Moroha says this is not good. Meanwhile, the netherworld minions start carrying Setsuna away. Towa says no. Jaken calls out to Sesshōmaru. Towa says she won't let the minions of the netherworld take away Setsuna. Moroha says it's no use as they're too late as she continues to attack the horde of demons with her Kurikaramaru. Towa kills the minions of the netherworld with the Energy Blade from the Tenseiga. Towa repeatedly calls out to Setsuna to come back before she passes out as the Energy Blade unactivates. Sesshōmaru catches Towa. Tōtōsai continues to work on the naginata. Moroha tries to hold some of the demons back and tells Towa to run. Kirara gets pushed by some of the demons. Jaken becomes surprised at the demons coming towards him. Sesshōmaru lays Towa next to Setsuna as he caresses their faces tenderly. As the horde of demons' turn their attention to a concerned Sesshōmaru and his unconscious Towa and Setsuna. Sesshōmaru calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna wakes up. Tōtōsai completes the newly made and tosses it to Setsuna. Setsuna unleashes a wide burst of her strong demonic energies to eradicate the horde of demons in one mighty swing. Moroha and Kirara come up from the ground and notice Setsuna alive. Moroha calls out to Setsuna. Sesshōmaru places the broken Tenseiga back in its sheath and hands it back to Tōtōsai. Sesshōmaru tells Tōtōsai to take care of the Tenseiga. Tōtōsai accepts the Tenseiga and tells Sesshōmaru 'sure' and leave it to him. Jaken calls out to Sesshōmaru as he goes towards him. Sesshōmaru flies away as Jaken grabs on to his Mokomoko. Tōtōsai says he hasn't seen Sesshōmaru in a while but he's grown more tolerant. Moroha and Kirara appear next to Setsuna. Moroha calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna looks at Moroha. Moroha tearfully tells Setsuna that she's so glad she's come back to life. Setsuna asks Moroha that she was dead and where's Towa. Moroha tells Setsuna to not worry as Towa's just sleeping from using up all her demon power. Setsuna asks Moroha what happened. Moroha falls back on the ground exhausted and tells Setsuna a whole lot as so much went down around here. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna to listen carefully and try not to die anymore as Tenseiga can only bring back a life once. Setsuna asks Tōtōsai what is the naginata. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna that it's the Yukari no Tachikiri a naginata that can sever things that cannot be severed as it responds to the Blood Blade that Sesshōmaru entrusted to her and it turned out to be a fine blade and seeing how she dispelled those mediocre demons she's got a ways to go before she masters it but it's all up to her from now on. Setsuna questions Tōtōsai that it's all up to her. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna by the way to tell Towa that she cannot infuse demon power into a weapon made by humans and she should go and obtain a Kyūyōkon Root. Towa's hair starts to turn back to normal. Setsuna questions Tōtōsai about a Kyūyōkon Root. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna that it's what Towa needs to have a fighting chance against the great demon Kirinmaru as only fools fight without suitable weapons and it wouldn't matter how many lives she has. Setsuna tells Tōtōsai that he's right as his words strike a deep chord. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna that he's saying this for Towa's own good and to just tell her to find a blade that fits her needs before he jumps on to Mō-Mō. Setsuna asks Tōtōsai where must they go to obtain the Kyūyōkon Root. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna to try asking Bokusenō before he leaves on Mō-Mō. Moroha questions Tōtōsai about Bokusenō as she's heard that name before. Tōtōsai says he'll be off. Moroha tells Tōtōsai to wait and wonders what about her as he doesn't have anything for her. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna looks to see Towa is still unconscious. Towa tells Setsuna to come back. Setsuna tells Towa that she's back and enjoy her sleep while she still can. Towa calls out to Setsuna as her hair turns completely back to normal. Moroha whines for Tōtōsai to make something for her too.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Clips from previous episodes were showcased at the beginning.
  • Towa is the third character to wield the Tenseiga to revive someone from the dead.
  • This is the first episode to have ReBorn as the opening theme, and Transparent World as the ending theme.
  • Towa wields the Tenseiga for the first time. The way her innate dog demon powers temporarily disappear had happened to Inuyasha when he was at Mount Hakurei due to its strong spiritual shield purging anything or anyone demonic.
  • No longer having the Red Rainbow Pearl to limit their true strength and effectiveness against evil, Moroha's inherent spiritual powers are now free to further develop properly as well as increase in strength and effectiveness. (For instance, for a time, her sacred arrows could only display a very small amount of spiritual energy that could only wipe out and/or purify one target at a time. From this episode onward, it takes only one of Moroha's sacred arrows for a dozen or several more targets to be fully purified or eradicated all at once).


  • In the narration of Season One, Inuyasha is mentioned as "Sesshōmaru's younger brother" when he is actually his half-brother.
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