Demon Spirit of the Sea is the twenty-sixth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 2nd episode of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. Looking for information on Bokusenō, Setsuna and Moroha seek out a Sea Snake Woman.
  2. Towa, worried about Setsuna, rallies the demon slayers to her aid.
  3. Setsuna uses the unique abilities of her Yukari no Tachikiri and appeases the snake-demon to return to the seas with her human lover.


Setsuna narrates that Towa Higurashi and her as between them hanyō twins 2 different worlds exist at the same time and human and demon, light and shadow, feudal era and present day, peacefulness and war, joy and sorrow, dreams and reality, one moment and eternity, and finally love and hate as it's a feudal fairy tail of Hanyō no Yashahime and they'll keep moving forward through the hurdles of destiny. In a swamp, Mimisenri appears from the water when Riku arrives. Mimisenri tells Riku that he's heard the rumors and wonders that he betrayed Kirinmaru. Riku tells Mimisenri that he's got to hand it to him as his ears are as sharp as always. Mimisenri tells Riku that even he cannot evade Kirinmaru. Riku tells Mimisenri that he has no intention of running but now that he gets to enjoy his own freedom as he's thinking of doing whatever he pleases. Mimisenri asks Riku does he mean Sesshōmaru's daughters and if he gets to involved he'll get burned. Riku tells Mimisenri there's that too but he must hurry and collect the Rainbow Pearls. The Statues questions Riku about the Rainbow Pearls as they've seen the blue one in a forest to the east and wonders didn't Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha go toe-to-toe with Kirinmaru as he was going easy on them and they'll tell him if he gives them something in return. Mimisenri tells Riku that's what the statues are saying. Riku tells Mimisenri that he sees. At a beach, Towa wonders which way Setsuna and Moroha went as Setsuna said something about looking for a Kyūyōkon but she didn't have to leave her behind. Towa looks to see villagers working on their boats on the sand and kids playing. The wind starts to blow. Towa notices a girl receiving help from her mother and brothers. In a flashback at sunset, Setsuna repeatedly calls out to Towa. Towa wakes up and sees Setsuna before she tearfully hugs her. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna tells Towa that she's slept long enough and let's go. Towa becomes confused. Setsuna breaks away from Towa and tells her that they must find Kyūyōkon Root and on her feet as she stands up. Moroha is asleep. Towa says the least Setsuna could do is let her enjoy the moment. Towa watches the family for a moment before goes towards them. Towa asks the family can they tell her what's going on. Setsuna is flying on Kirara and wonders about the Kyūyōkon Root. In the flashback, Tōtōsai tells Setsuna by the way to tell Towa that she cannot infuse demon power into a weapon made by humans and she should go and obtain a Kyūyōkon Root. Towa's hair starts to turn back to normal. Setsuna questions Tōtōsai about a Kyūyōkon Root. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna that it's what Towa needs to have a fighting chance against the great demon Kirinmaru as only fools fight without suitable weapons and it wouldn't matter how many lives she has. Tōtōsai jumps on to Mō-Mō. Setsuna asks Tōtōsai where must they go to obtain the Kyūyōkon Root. Tōtōsai tells Setsuna to try asking Bokusenō before he leaves on Mō-Mō. Setsuna says she can't let Towa continue fighting with the broken Kikujūmonji as she continues to travel on Kirara. At Shikabaneya, Jyūbei examines Moroha's bounty. Moroha questions Jyūbei about her bounty as she brought down a lot more besides these. Jyūbei picks up a demon skull and looks at Moroha. Moroha eagerly waits for her bounty. Jyūbei gives Moroha her bounty. Moroha becomes disappointed and asks Jyūbei that's all. Jyūbei tells Moroha that she knew the demons were nothing but small fry and brought them anyway. Moroha tells Jyūbei that she guesses it's better than nothing as she put her bounty away. Moroha asks Jyūbei by the way does he know anything about Bokusenō. Jyūbei questions Moroha about Bokusenō as he's heard that somewhere but he's forgotten. Moroha tells Jyūbei that she sees. Jyūbei tells Moroha that next time bring something more worthy of a bounty as he walks away. Moroha tells Jyūbei that she'd love to if she could but she's already made up her mind to go search for Bokusenō. Jyūbei tells Moroha come to think of it there may be a demon who can tell her about Bokusenō. Moroha asks Jyūbei really and to tell her. Jyubei tells Moroha to wait and never mind as it's impossible. Moroha tells Jyūbei that she's the Demon Killer and what kind of demon is it. Jyūbei tells Moroha that this one's serious trouble as no one knows what it really looks like. Moroha asks Jyūbei why is that. Jyūbei tells Moroha that he'll tell her why as anyone who has looked into its eyes has. Moroha becomes nervous. The mother tells Towa that women must cover their hair when they're near the ocean. The daughter tells Towa otherwise they say something terrible will happen. Towa becomes confused and notices an old woman appeared. The old woman tells Towa that there is a demon known as the Sea Snake Woman in the waters of this regions. Towa questions the old woman about the Sea Snake Woman. The old woman tells Towa that originally it's said the Sea Snake Woman was a demon spirit named Watatsumi no Tamahi who protected the waters here and she saved many who were thrown in the sea when their boats had overturned which occurs quite often in this area but one day she suddenly started attacking people especially women as she must have a resentment towards long beautiful hair. Towa questions the old woman about long beautiful hair. Towa remembers Setsuna's hair and calls out to her. In a field, Setsuna talks with 2 village men. The 2 village men question Setsuna about Bokusenō as they never heard of it. Setsuna tells the 2 village men that she sees and thanks them. The 2 village men leave. Moroha calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna looks to see Moroha riding on Takechiyo. Moroha tells Setsuna that she got a lead on where Bokusenō is. At a beach, Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha sit on a log. Setsuna asks Moroha this demon would know how to find Bokusenō. Moroha confirms this with Setsuna as that's what Jyubei said as she'll capture it for sure and make a tidy sum to boot. Setsuna tells Moroha the demon sounds like trouble and not only do they not know what it looks like but wonders they're also not supposed to look at it. Moroha tells Setsuna exactly and wonders how was she supposed to kill the demon without looking but she just doesn't know. A nun struggles to carry to 2 large and heavy bags. Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha notice the nun struggling. Moroha runs over to the nun and asks her was she okay. The nun tells Moroha that she's all right and sorry. Moroha picks up a bag and realizes it's heavy before she carries it. Moroha gets closer to the nun and tells her the bag is way too heavy for her and she'll carry it to her house. Setsuna appears near the nun and Moroha. Moroha tells Setsuna to carry one of the bags. Setsuna asks Moroha what. The nun tells Setsuna thank her very much. When Setsuna and Moroha carry the bags, the nun becomes interested in Setsuna as they walk back to her hut. In the hut, Setsuna and Moroha place the bags down. Moroha tells the nun there they go and wonders is this spot okay. The nun tells Setsuna and Moroha 'yes' as they've been so helpful and thanks them. Moroha tells the nun 'okay' as they've got to get going. Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha start to leave. The nun tells Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha to wait and if they wouldn't mind. Setsuna and Moroha become confused. The nun makes Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha food. Takechiyo and Moroha eat the food while Setsuna doesn't. Moroha tells the nun that all they did was carry her stuff as she sure wasn't expecting a fine meal like this. The nun tells Moroha that it's nothing. Takechiyo tells the nun that if she's not going to eat this then he'll take this as he takes some of her food. Moroha tells the nun that it must be rough living all alone in a place like this. Setsuna asks the nun why does she live at the top of such a high cliff. The nun says it is part of her training and also because she loves the view of the ocean from here as she has a beautiful memory from the past that she cannot forget. Moroha tells the nun that she envies her as she doesn't have a single beautiful memory like that as she continues to eat. The nun tells Moroha by the way that Setsuna has very long and beautiful hair. Setsuna and Moroha become surprised. Outside the Demon Slayer’s place, Kohaku and Hisui are talking with Towa. Kohaku questions Towa about the Sea Snake Woman as he's heard of her before. Hisui asks Kohaku what kind of demon is the Sea Snake Woman. Kohaku tells Hisui and Towa when the Sea Snake Woman sees a woman with long beautiful hair she hunts her down and puts a curse on her. Towa tells Kohaku that she's worried about Setsuna. Kohaku tells Towa that Setsuna didn't mention where she was going. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Kirara appears and goes towards Towa. Towa asks Kirara does she know where Setsuna is as she picks up her and pets her. Takechiyo and Moroha are done eating. Moroha says she's so full. Takechiyo says him too. The nun tells Setsuna that she has such beautiful hair as she walks near her. The nun grabs Setsuna's hair and releases it from her hairband. Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha move away from the nun. Setsuna looks at her hair for a moment. The nun becomes surprised that Setsuna wasn't a human. Moroha tells the nun that's what she'd like to ask her as she prepares to take out her Kurikaramaru. Setsuna tells the nun to not tell her that she's. The nun reveals herself to be the Sea Snake Woman. Setsuna and Moroha becomes surprised. Setsuna closes her eyes and tells Moroha to not look at the Sea Snake Woman. Setsuna grabs Moroha before they run away. Moroha tells Setsuna 'no way' and wonders is the Sea Snake Woman the demon who can tell them about Bokusenō. At a seaside cliff, Riku is using his ability to manipulated the water from the sea and he uses his Hydro-Cryokinesis on it. The Sea Snake Woman destroys the hut as Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha fall to the ground. The Sea Snake Woman gets in the sea as she makes a large waterspout. Moroha tells the Sea Snake Woman that she's the bounty she heard about and she'll make sure to take her down as she takes out her Kurikaramaru. Setsuna notices the Sea Snake Woman's eyes and tells Moroha to not look at her as they turn around. Takechiyo asks Moroha was she stupid as how many times must Setsuna tell her not to look. Moroha becomes annoyed and tells Takechiyo to shut up and wonders what does he suggest they do. The Sea Snake Woman says she cannot forgive women with long hair as the large waterspout disappears. Hisui and Towa ride on Kirara's back in the sky. Hisui asks Towa what makes her think Setsuna is in danger. Towa tells Hisui that she doesn't know but she has a bad feeling. Towa thinks to herself that she doesn't want to put Setsuna in any more danger. Setsuna and Moroha roll a transformed Takechiyo away. Takechiyo tells Setsuna and Moroha that he's not a wheel as he feels dizzy. Moroha tells Takechiyo to hang in there. Setsuna tells Takechiyo to not look at the Sea Snake Woman. Takechiyo asks Setsuna and Moroha how can he when he's spinning like this. Setsuna and Moroha stop rolling Takechiyo as they hide behind him. The Sea Snake Woman tells Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha to hurry and hide themselves and set their eyes on her. Takechiyo tells the Sea Snake Woman that he couldn't even if he wanted to. Moroha tells Setsuna if they stay like this then they won't be able to do anything. Setsuna tells Moroha that she knows that. The Sea Snake Woman tells Takechiyo, Setsuna, and Moroha that they may not be humans but they're no different than them and wonders do they plan to kill her out of fear. Setsuna and Moroha appear from Takechiyo. Setsuna tells the Sea Snake Woman that she's wrong as they're going to slay her because she harms innocent people. The Sea Snake Woman questions Setsuna about harming people and to not make her laugh. The Sea Snake Woman explains to Setsuna and Moroha that she once protected the sea and rescued the people of the region time and time again and even that day the weather suddenly turned bad and the ocean currents along the coast were rougher than usual and there was one boat that could not return to port and was stuck at sea as a fisherman was thrown overboard and he was the man she loved whom she had always watched him from the ocean waters. The flashback shows the fisherman drowning and the Sea Snake Woman saving and she kisses him before bringing him to shore. The Sea Snake Woman explains to Setsuna and Moroha that the fisherman was able to survive the ordeal and she longed to see him once more so she went ashore and went to see him disguised as a sea snake. One of the fishermen notices the disguised Sea Snake Woman and alerts the other fishermen. The other fishermen attacked the disguised Sea Snake Woman. The Sea Snake Woman explains to Setsuna and Moroha that among fishermen it is said that the tail of a sea snake is seen each time a boat capsizes and thus it is a symbol of evil as the fishermen believed everything was the fault of the sea snake and worst of all the one who put an end to her was. The fisherman that the disguised Sea Snake Woman loved “killed” her. Setsuna and Moroha become surprised. The Sea Snake Woman explains to Setsuna and Moroha that she saved the fisherman's life and yet he as it's unforgivable. The "dead" Sea Snake Woman sinks in the sea before she transforms back into her corrupt form. Moroha tells the Sea Snake Woman that's really harsh. The Sea Snake Woman tells Setsuna and Moroha that since that time anyone who looks upon her turned into stone out of sheer terror. Two fishermen are fishing in the sea when the Sea Snake Woman appears and turns them into stone when they tried to run. The Sea Snake Woman tells Setsuna and Moroha that naturally the fisherman too. The fisherman is working when he notices the Sea Snake Woman appear. The fisherman recognizes the Sea Snake Woman and tells her that it can't be and wonders was she. The fisherman reaches out to the Sea Snake Woman before she turns him into stone. Setsuna tells the Sea Snake Woman to tell her one thing and wonders why does she come ashore and attack women with long hair. The Sea Snake Woman tells Setsuna and Moroha that she can never regain her appearance from those days as this is how she will look for all eternity and that is why she cannot stand seeing women who have the same beautiful long hair that she once had. Setsuna and Moroha hide behind Takechiyo again. The Sea Snake Woman attacks Takechiyo with a large waterspout as it moves him away. The Sea Snake Woman tells Setsuna and Moroha that they have nowhere to hide now. Setsuna and Moroha turn away from the Sea Snake Woman. Moroha asks Setsuna what do they do now. The Sea Snake Woman tells Setsuna and Moroha to now gaze upon her. Setsuna tells Moroha to not look into the Sea Snake Woman's eyes no matter what and to let's go before she runs towards the Sea Snake Woman. Moroha becomes surprised at Setsuna. Setsuna closes her eyes and tries to use her Scourge of Swallows on the Sea Snake Woman but misses. Moroha closes her eyes and pulls out her Kurikaramaru before she tries to use her Crimson Dragon Wave on the Sea Snake Woman but misses. The Sea Snake Woman laughs for a moment and asks Setsuna and Moroha where are they aiming. Moroha tells Setsuna this isn't working. The Sea Snake Woman asks Setsuna and Moroha is that all they've got. The Sea Snake Woman notices oil pots coming towards her before they land near her. Setsuna and Moroha see the demon slayers catapulting oil pots at the Sea Snake Woman. Moroha tells Setsuna that it's the demon slayers. The Demon Slayers have masks over their eyes.

Kohaku says they made it in time. Hisui and Towa appear as they fly on Kirara. Towa jumps off of Kirara as she calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna and Moroha becomes surprised at Towa running over. Towa hugs Setsuna and asks her why did she go off on her own. Setsuna stops Towa from hugging her and tells her that she cannot let her fight with a broken sword as she becomes annoyed. Towa asks Setsuna what about her and if she dies again she can never be brought back to life. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that this is no time to be arguing. Setsuna tells Towa to listen to her as she must not look at the Sea Snake Woman. Towa tells Setsuna to not worry as she's got this before she puts on sunglasses. Setsuna and Moroha become confused. Moroha asks Towa what is that. Towa tells Setsuna and Moroha that they're mirrored sunglasses. Riku watches the demon slayers fight the Sea Snake Woman from afar. Hisui tries to use his Hiraikotsu on the Sea Snake Woman but blocks it with her snakes. Kohaku tells the demon slayers to fire. The demon slayers catapult more oil pots at the Sea Snake Woman but she destroys them. Kohaku and the other demon slayers become surprised. Nanasuke tells Kohaku that they're out of oil pots. Kohaku tells the demon slayers that he guesses that's it for them. Towa tells Setsuna to stay back as she'll take it from here as it's her job to protect her no matter what as she pulls out her Kikujūmonji and activates her Energy Blade. Towa charges at the Sea Snake Woman and tries to attack her. The Sea Snake Woman tries to drown Towa with the sea. Towa becomes surprised. Setsuna and Moroha call out to Towa. Riku uses his Hydro-Cryokinesis to freeze the surrounding sea into solid ice to save Towa from the Sea Snake Woman. The Sea Snake Woman becomes surprised. Towa becomes surprised that the sea froze and wonders if it's Riku. The Sea Snake Woman realizes that she can't move and in that case before she tries to turn Setsuna and Moroha into stone. Setsuna looks at her Yukari no Tachikiri. In the flashback, Tōtōsai tells Setsuna that it's the Yukari no Tachikiri a naginata that can sever things that cannot be severed as it responds to the Blood Blade that Sesshōmaru entrusted to her and it turned out to be a fine blade and seeing how she dispelled those mediocre demons she's got a ways to go before she masters it but it's all up to her from now on. Setsuna closes her eyes and walks towards the Sea Snake Woman. Moroha calls out to Setsuna before she continues to cover her eyes. Setsuna stops walking. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna calmly focuses with her Yukari no Tachikiri as she sees memories of the fisherman and the Sea Snake Woman. Setsuna gets a vision of a red thread of fate and wonders what it is and what was she supposed to cut it then realizes to not cut it. The Sea Snake Woman breaks free from the frozen sea and destroys it. Towa tries to shield herself from the sea. Setsuna dives into the sea to follow the red thread of fate. Moroha asks Setsuna what does she plan on doing. Setsuna continues to swim after the red threat of fate until she sees the stone body of the fisherman on the sea floor. Setsuna starts to swim back up. Towa tells Setsuna that it's too dangerous to come up now. The Sea Snake Woman continues to use her powers. Setsuna brings the body of the fisherman to the surface. The fisherman tells the Sea Snake Woman that he's found her and how he's missed her. The Sea Snake Woman realizes who the fisherman was. The fisherman tells the Sea Snake Woman to forgive him and he's always been in love with her as he cries. The Sea Snake Woman turns back to her normal form. Towa questions is that the Sea Snake Woman's true appearance as she takes off her sunglasses. Setsuna appears from the sea. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna nods to Towa. The Sea Snake Woman disappears in the sea. Kohaku, Hisui, Rokuta, Nanasuke, and Moroha watch the scene. At sunset, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha leave on Takechiyo. Towa says she feels kind of sorry for the Sea Snake Woman. Setsuna tells Towa that the Sea Snake Woman was originally a kind demon who protected the sea. Towa looks at Setsuna, who immediately looks away from her. Moroha questions Towa and Setsuna what she still doesn't get is why did the sea suddenly freeze over like that then realizes they forgot to ask about Bokusenō. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's right as that was careless of them. Towa tells Setsuna and Moroha that she's sure there'll be a next time. Riku watches Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha leave on Takechiyo from a distance. Riku says he's glad that Towa's safe and now to find a Kyūyōkon Root.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Setsuna does the narration instead of Towa for this episode.
  • Mimisenri makes his appearance in the series since the original series' 127th episode, in which he informed Naraku of the unreachable whereabouts of the "final" fragment of the Sacred Jewel of Foul Souls.
  • The Demon-Snake Spirit evil form resembles the Greek character Medusa, along with the autonomous snakes as her hair. She even turns anyone, who looks into her eyes, into statues of stone.
  • This is the first episode in which Riku is shown wearing his new outfit.
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