The Silver-Scale Curse is the twenty-seventh episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 3rd episode of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. 14 years ago, Zero put a spell known as the Silver Scale Curse on Rin. Sesshōmaru and Jaken rush her to the Goshinboku, where the Spirit of the Tree of Ages tells Jaken to use the Yume no Kochō to slow the spread of the curse.
  2. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha finally find Bokusenō, with the help of Riku. Bokusenō tells the girls that the Kyūyōkon Root can be found at Mount Musubi.
  3. Zero has successfully collected all seven Rainbow Pearls, but finds that the half-demon princesses' memories are projected in the pearls that they previously possessed, thus becoming intertwined with her own demon energy, much to her fury.


In the forest, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are walking through. Towa notices a butterfly land on her head. Towa asks Moroha what's the point of bringing them way out here. Moroha tells Towa that they're here to tend to her business as they're seeing Bokusenō to get the Kyūyōkon Root. Towa asks Setsuna and Moroha what exactly is this Kyūyōkon Root. Setsuna tells Towa that she's not really sure but it must be essential to make her new sword. Setsuna asks Moroha was she sure she got the right information this time. Moroha tells Setsuna that Jyūbei messed up before but he's sure this time as Bokusenō should be somewhere deep in this forest. Towa tells Moroha that it sure doesn't look like it and she guesses they still have a long way to go. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to let's go before she walks forward. Towa tells Setsuna to come on as she walks forward. Setsuna agrees with Towa as she follows her. Setsuna senses a presence before she continues to walk forward. Within the Tree of Ages, the Dream Butterfly gives dreams to the slumbering Rin. Sesshōmaru and Jaken watch Rin as the Dream Butterfly leaves. Sesshōmaru realizes that Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are heading over to Bokusenō. Jaken asks Sesshōmaru does he think Setsuna will be able to master the Yukari no Tachikiri. Sesshōmaru questions Jaken who knows. Jaken questions Sesshōmaru about who knows as surely he can't be. Sesshōmaru tells Jaken to let's go before he walks away. Jaken complies with Sesshōmaru as he walks after him for a moment then looks back at Rin. Jaken thinks to himself that if he recalls that Rin must've been 18 years old back then. In the flashback, Rin sees the Grim Comet in the sky. Sesshōmaru flies towards the Grim Comet and and uses his Bakusaiga to split the Comet fragment into two, and an unknown Comet demon comes out of it. Inuyasha uses the Meidō Zangetsuha as the demons were sucked in and they both completely disappear. Rin prayed to keep Towa and Setsuna safe. When suddenly, Rin was confronted by Zero in disguise. Zero asks Rin was she waiting for Sesshōmaru. Rin asks Zero who was she. Zero tells Rin to call her 'Otsuyu' as she is someone who despises hanyō children and their human parents. Rin questions Zero about hanyōs and humans. Zero confirms it with Rin as she's talking about the twin girls and hanyōs are the cause of all misfortunes and if she lets the hanyō twins roam free disaster will befall her brother Kirinmaru and it will lead to his demise. Zero transforms back into her normal appearance. Zero tells Rin that it would be easy to kill her here and now but that would play into the hands of humans who seek to be loved during her short and fleeting life just like Izayoi once did as those who are loved are fated to end in beauty as she can't stand it. Zero places the the Silver Scale Curse on Rin. Rin notices the the Silver Scale Curse on her neck. Zero tells Rin that it's the Silver Scale Curse and now she'll be covered in ugly silver scales and slowly rot away alive. Sesshōmaru and Jaken appear as Sesshōmaru attempts to attack Zero with his Bakusaiga. Zero asks Sesshōmaru if he wants Rin to die. Sesshōmaru stops his attack on Zero. Rin calls out to Sesshōmaru and Jaken. Jaken asks Rin was she okay. Jaken questions Zero and wonders what did she just do to Rin. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that it's a little too late. Sesshōmaru prepares to fight Zero with his Bakusaiga. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that she wouldn't do that and if he kills her then Rin dies as well. Zero forged a link with Rin on the red thread of fate. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that she and Rin now share the same thread of fate and the only way to lift the silver scale curse is to kill her but if he does then Rin will die too. Rin calls out to Sesshōmaru. Zero asks Sesshomaru what will happen if Rin's left like this and ugly silver scales will begin to cover her entire body as it's horrible and wonders can he still continue to love Rin. Sesshōmaru asks Zero what is it she wants. Zero asks Sesshōmaru where are the hanyo twins and tell her where they are and she will lift the curse. Sesshōmaru tells Zero to not be ridiculous. Jaken questions Zero that if they tell her where Towa and Setsuna then she'll lift Rin's curse and in that case he'll but was cut off. Rin runs over to Jaken and tells him 'no'. Jaken becomes surprised at Rin. Rin grabs Sesshōmaru's Bakusaiga. Sesshōmaru becomes surprised at Rin. Jaken asks Rin what was she doing. Rin places the blade of Bakusaiga near her neck. Rin tells Sesshōmaru to let her be the one to die as she can't stand the thought of Towa and Setsuna dying because of her. Sesshōmaru calls out to Rin. Rin tells Sesshōmaru that she has not yet had the chance to hold Towa and Setsuna but even so her love for them rivals that of his as she will do anything for them. Sesshōmaru stares silently at Rin before he looks back at Zero. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that humans are such interesting creatures before she retreats. Zero tells Sesshōmaru that she will give him some time to think over it and she shall return once more after Kirinmaru awakens as she expects a good answer. Rin notices that she's burning up before she falls down. Sesshōmaru picks Rin up. Jaken asks Rin was she in pain. Rin loses consciousness. Jaken tells Sesshōmaru that the silver scale curse is moving through Rin quickly and they must take action and realizes that he has a plan and for them to seal her inside the Tree of Ages as the problem is Inuyasha and Kagome as they'll probably go after Kirinmaru and try to take down Zero too but then Rin will die. Sesshōmaru and Jaken rides on A-Un to the Sacred Tree. Sesshomaru looks down at Rin as he continues to hold her. At Kirinmaru's ship, Sesshōmaru enters and stands near Kirinmaru and Zero. Sesshōmaru tells Kirinmaru that it's been a while. Kirinmaru remains silent. Sesshōmaru asks Kirinmaru will he slay Inuyasha. Zero asks Sesshōmaru could it be that he's going to lend a hand. Sesshōmaru remains silent. Kirinmaru tells Sesshōmaru very well and to come with him. Later at the village, Kirinmaru runs to attack Inuyasha and Kagome. Sesshōmaru runs ahead of Kirinmaru and begins to extract the Black Pearl from Inuyasha’s right eye. Kagome calls out to Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru completely extracts the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye. Inuyasha falls to the ground as he clutches his right eye. Kagome goes to Inuyasha and asks if he was okay. Inuyasha tells Kagome 'yeah'. Sesshōmaru holds the Black Pearl up and both Inuyasha and Kagome are drawn in. Inuyasha repeatedly calls out to Kagome as they are sealed inside the Black Pearl. Kirinmaru asks Sesshōmaru if he helped Inuyasha and Kagome. Sesshōmaru asked Kirinmaru what was he talking about. Jaken continues to look at the slumbering Rin. Later at night, Zero tells Homaru to burn the entire forest and erase Towa and Setsuna from the face of this world. Towa and Setsuna tried to escape the forest as Towa tells Setsuna this way. Towa let's go of Setsuna's hand. Setsuna calls out to Towa as she falls down. Towa calls out to Setsuna. In the Sacred Tree, Jaken runs towards Rin and tells her that he's sorry as Zero found Towa and Setsuna and burned down the Sealed Forest but no need to worry as he will make sure Setsuna is taken to a safe place and he's lost track of Towa at the moment but he'll find her right away and but was cut off. Jaken becomes surprised at the silver scale curse on Rin's neck. Jaken says the scales are spreading and wonders why. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages arrives and tells Jaken to stop the silver scale curse he must freeze Rin's time permanently. Jaken asks the Spirit of the Tree of Ages where did she hide Towa. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages tells Jaken that Towa traveled across time and was sent to the other world but the more pressing matter is to stop the silver scale curse and use the Dream Butterfly to bring dreams to Rin. Jaken questions the Spirit of the Tree of Ages about binging Rin dreams. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages tells Jaken that Dream Butterfly chrysalis and attach it to someone who is close to Rin and grow the Dream Butterfly as she gives it to him. Jaken looks at the Spirit of the Tree of Ages. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages tells Jaken that if he uses the Butterfly to keep giving Rin sleep and dreams then she will continue to sleep and dream and that will stop her time and also slow down the curse down. Jaken tells the Spirit of the Tree of Ages that he understood as he accepts the Dream Butterfly chrysalis. In the Burned Forest, Setsuna is sitting down. Jaken calls out to Rin. Setsuna sees A-Un landing near her. Jaken secretly hides on A-Un. Jaken tells Setsuna to hop on. Setsuna rides on A-Un to the Hanyō Hidden Village as the Dream Butterfly chrysalis is in her neck. The silver scale curse disappears from Rin. Outside the Sacred Tree, Jaken hurries to Sesshōmaru who is waiting. Jaken tells Sesshōmaru sorry to keep him waiting. Sesshōmaru asks Jaken what was he doing. Jaken nervously tells Sesshōmaru that he was using the toilet. Sesshōmaru tells Jaken to let's go before he flies away. Jaken tells Sesshōmaru to wait for him. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are walking through a field. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that they finally made it out. Towa tells Setsuna and Moroha that she thought it was going to go on forever. Setsuna senses something behind her. Towa asks Moroha are they getting any closer to Bokusenō. Towa notices that Setsuna isn't following her and Moroha. Towa asks Setsuna what's wrong. Setsuna tells Towa and Moroha that she seems to have left her violin somewhere and to go on without her as she'll catch up. Moroha complies with Setsuna as she's tired and let's take a break around there. Towa agrees with Moroha as she tells her to wait up. Setsuna tells the Onis to come on out as she was just thinking about testing the sharpness of her Yukari no Tachikiri. The 3 Onis appear from the ground and question Setsuna that she's the daughter of Sesshōmaru as they've heard about her as they say she's a hanyō and even if she's only a hanyō being Sesshōmaru's daughter makes her worth defeating. Setsuna becomes serious. The 3 Onis tells Setsuna that she's perfect prey for them before they go to attack her. Setsuna dodges one of the Onis attacks before she is knocked into a tree by one of them. Setsuna questions what's with this power. Setsuna dodges the 3 Onis attacks before she tries to attack one of them with her Yukari no Tachikiri but is blocked. Setsuna is pushed back in the field before she uses her Scourge of Swallows on one of the 3 Onis. Two of the Onis call out to the injured one. The injured Oni says his eyes. The two Onis are concerned for the injured one as they curse Setsuna. One of the Onis says his eyes are so itchy and wonders if there's a bug in it as his aura grows and the green Rainbow Pearl glows. Setsuna questions about the Rainbow Pearl. The 3 Onis charge at Setsuna as they tell her to die. Riku kills the 3 Onis with his sword earring before it goes back to him and reverts back into its original form. Riku grabs the Green Rainbow Pearl by manipulating water. Setsuna asks Riku what was his real target. Riku asks Setsuna that she knew he was following her. Setsuna tells Riku that earring of his gives out strange wavelengths and wonders was he after the Rainbow Pearls and not them. Riku tells Setsuna that she's awfully fussy and wonders if he said he's here because he wanted to help them. Setsuna questions Riku that he wanted to help them. Riku tells Setsuna that he doesn't care what happens to her personally but he'd hate to see Towa cry because of it. Setsuna tells Riku it's Towa that he's after and he's in league with Kirinmaru and to stop hanging around her. Riku questions Setsuna about being in league with Kirinmaru as he can't deny that part but he will never admit to it. Setsuna tells Riku that his words ring hollow to her. Riku appears behind Setsuna and tells her in that case let him tell her in words she'll understand. Setsuna points her Yukari no Tachikiri at Riku. Riku tells Setsuna that she doesn't have what it takes to protect Towa on her own as she's not using her new naginata to its full potential at all. Setsuna asks Riku what's his point. Riku moves away from Setsuna and tells her that he's taking it upon himself to be the bodyguard and he may be an nuisance to her but he can't be dealing with her every time they meet and wonders to try to look the other way. Setsuna questions Riku about looking the other way and she suppose she can trust him for wanting to protect Towa. Riku tells Setsuna that's all he ask for and this is just a small token of his appreciation before he leaves. A note appears when Riku leaves. Setsuna grabs the note and reads it before she becomes surprised.

At his ship, Kirinmaru sees that Setsuna's come back to life as he picks up a grape. Kirinmaru wonders how as he was sure the Tenseiga was destroyed and could Towa the girl Riku is interested in be responsible as Tōga's blood runs through the daughters of Sesshōmaru and they continue to amuse him before he eats the grape. At sunset, Setsuna walks towards Towa and Moroha, who are waiting for her. Moroha asks Setsuna what took her so long as she got tired of waiting. Setsuna tells Moroha that it's nothing and to not worry about it. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna that it is weird and wonders where's Bokusenō. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's been misinformed again. Moroha becomes confused. Setsuna shows Towa and Setsuna the note. Moroha smiles. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha run to Bokusenō's location. Moroha asks Setsuna was she sure Bokusenō is living in a place like this. Towa says she doesn't see a single person in sight. Moroha calls out to Bokusenō. Bokusenō says what a disgrace and wonders who would've thought he'd be called a human. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha look around before they noticed a face coming from a tree. Bokusenō introduces himself to Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha and wonders how dare they lump him together with tailless monkeys. Towa apologizes to Bokusenō. Moroha tells Bokusenō that it's nice to meet him and introduces herself. Bokusenō tells Moroha that she's the shihanyō daughter of Inuyasha. Moroha confirms this with Bokusenō and introduces Towa and Setsuna as the daughters of Sesshōmaru as she hugs them. Setsuna becomes annoyed. Bokusenō tells Moroha 'yes' as he's heard about Towa and Setsuna. Bokusenō asks Setsuna was that the Yukari no Tachikiri. Setsuna breaks away from the hug. Bokusenō tells Setsuna that Yukari no Tachikiri's build is made of lapis lazuli crystals as it must be Tōtōsai's work and wonders now she wants to ask him about the Kyūyōkon Root as he's not sure he likes that. Moroha tells Bokusenō that Tōtōsai told them that he's amazing and wonders is it true that the Tenseiga's sheath was created from him. Bokusenō confirms this with Moroha and tells her not just Tenseiga but the Tessaiga's sheath as well. Moroha tells Bokusenō that's awesome and seeing how amazing he is they have a favor to ask. At a Mansion, Zero is levitating her Orange, Silver, Gold, and Red Rainbow Pearls. Zero says she's collect four so far. Riku appears and gives Zero the Green, Blue, and Purple Rainbow Pearls. Riku tells Zero that here are the remaining three Rainbow Pearls. Zero calls out to Riku. Riku tells Zero that he traveled all over the country to collect the Green, Blue, and Purple Rainbow Pearls. Zero tells Riku 'good work' as she can now restore her demon powers. Riku asks Zero once she becomes a great demon again and if she so desire the Degenerate Age can begin and she could even defeat Sesshōmaru. Zero tells Riku to spare the pleasantries as the ones she wish to kill are Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. Riku nervously agrees with Zero and tells her it was in poor taste for him to say that. In the forest, Moroha tells Bokusenō that she knows he'd be able to produce a Kyūyōkon Root as she begs him. Towa and Setsuna become nervous and annoyed at Moroha's behavior. Bokusenō says like he'd ever tell a hanyō or a shihanyō. Moroha questions Bokusenō about telling them as she thought the Kyūyōkon Root was made from his root. Bokusenō tells Moroha to not be ridiculous as the Kyūyōkon Root is dug up from a demon spirit tree which stands on Mount Musubi. Moroha questions Bokusenō about Mount Musubi. Towa questions Setsuna that it's the same Mount Musubi where the Dream Butterfly is said to live. Bokusenō explains to Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that it is written as Sanreizan the mountain where spirits are born and read as Mount Musubi. Towa realizes that the Dream Butterfly was a type of spirit. Moroha questions Bokusenō that the Kyūyōkon Root the root of the demon spirit tree it can take in demon energy and store it. Bokusenō confirms this with Moroha and says that is why Kirinmaru fears the Kyūyōkon Root. Towa and Setsuna become surprised. Setsuna questions Bokusenō that Kirinmaru is afraid of the Kyūyōkon Root. Towa questions Bokusenō that the Kyūyōkon Root can be found at Mount Musubi. At Zero's Mansion, Zero walks over to Riku and grabs his face. Zero asks Kirinmaru what does he think as she's collected the Rainbow Pearls as she knows he can see her and that he can hear her. Riku becomes confused and asks Zero what was she talking about. At his ship, Kirinmaru smirks. Riku asks Zero what's going on. Zero asks Riku that he hasn't noticed as although she's sure no one was nice enough to tell him as he was originally a horn cut off from Kirinmaru. Riku confirms this with Zero and tells that he was an abandoned piece of trash. Zero explains to Riku that it all took place 600 years ago in the Heian period. In a flashback, Tōga and Kirinmaru are battling each other before Tōga cuts off one of Kirinmaru's horns. Zero explains to Riku that Kirinmaru was injured during his battle with Tōga and he is the horn that was cut off then and in other words he is a part of Kirinmaru's body and therefore everything he sees and hears goes directly to him. Riku becomes surprised. Zero asks Kirinmaru isn't that right. Kirinmaru tells Zero that he cannot hide anything from her. Zero scornfully tells Riku to not ever show his face in front of her again unless he wants her to kill him that is as she lets go of his face and walks away. Riku is still confused. Zero tells Riku to use that head of his to figure it out. Riku calls out to Zero. Zero tells Riku to not come near her anymore. Riku tells Zero that fate has decided to prevent them from seeing each other again before he leaves. Zero walks forward. In the forest, Setsuna tells Bokusenō that feared even by Kirinmaru. Towa tells Bokusenō about Mount Musubi. Moroha tells Bokusenō since they're on the subject but she guesses he wouldn't know about it. Bokusenō tells Moroha that there is nothing he doesn't know. Moroha laughs before she asks Bokusenō where is Mount Musubi. Bokusenō tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha to go in this direction and they will see the mountain in front of them as he points to a location. Moroha tells Bokusenō 'okay' as she's got it before she thanks him and goodbye. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha start to leave. Towa bows to Bokusenō as she tells him thanks him for all his help before she leaves. Bokusenō questions did he end up telling Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha everything but denies it as he didn't tell them about the barrier at Mount Musubi. Setsuna hears the information Bokusenō said as she continued to walk away. Bokusenō decides to let Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha deal with the barrier when they get there. At night, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha walk towards Mount Musubi. Setsuna warns Towa and Moroha that looks like there's a barrier around Mount Musubi. Moroha tells Setsuna that's no surprise there as if Mount Musubi was easily accessible then Towa would've found it ages ago. Towa agrees with Moroha as she's been looking for Mount Musubi ever since she got to the feudal era. Setsuna walks forward and tells Towa it's not like she asked for it. Towa becomes annoyed and tells Setsuna that she's doing it for her. Towa and Moroha follow after Setsuna. Once alone, Zero is sitting down as she prepares herself to absorb each Rainbow Pearl back into her. Zero levitated the Orange Rainbow Pearl and absorbed it into her eye then she sees a memories of Tōtetsu eating a monk and holding the Orange Rainbow Pearl before she takes it out of her eye. Zero questions about memories of Tōtetsu before she levitates the Orange Rainbow Pearl down. Zero says she remembers the Red Rainbow Pearl was entrusted to Tōkotsu. Zero levitated the Red Rainbow Pearl and absorbed it into her eye before she becomes surprised to see memories of Inuyasha and Kagome preparing for Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru, Kagome bequeathing the Beni to Moroha, and an visual of Izayoi and takes the Red Pearl out of her eye. Zero holds her eyes and questions why did are Izayoi's memories in the Red Rainbow Pearl and realizes that Moroha kept it in the Beni then wonders as she picks up the Gold Rainbow Pearl. Once absorbing the Gold Rainbow Pearl, Zero then sees memories of Setsuna living in the Hanyō Hidden Village as a child, Setsuna and Moroha meeting for the first time, Setsuna battling Towa in the modern era. Setsuna says anyone who opposes her is an enemy of her. Zero angrily knocks the Rainbow Pearls away along with a candle. Zero says she doesn't believe this as the memories of Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha have been grafted onto her own demon energy as an extra layer of the Rainbow Pearls and curses Sesshōmaru as he sealed away the Rainbow Pearls into Towa and Setsuna's eyes knowing this would happen. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha finally reached Mount Musubi. Setsuna tells Towa and Moroha that she senses an alarming amount of demon energy. Moroha says that's weird as she thought it's called Mount Musubi because spirits are born in the mountain. In the center of Mount Musubi, Rion is slumbering deeply on a pale green scale.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The cause behind Rin's present death-like slumber and Setsuna's curse are revealed to have good intentions, contrary to what Towa believes. It is the precise reason as to why Setsuna cannot dream nor sleep because they have been transferring to her young mother for her own safety from Zero and her fatal curse that has been halting in its tracks, if only temporarily:
    • Zero had cast a silver-scale spell on Rin which would end her life once she was fully encased by the scales.
    • A Dream Butterfly chrysalis was placed on the nape of the right side of Setsuna's neck at the behest of the Sacred Tree of Ages.
  • According to Jaken, Rin was supposedly eighteen at the time Zero fatally cursed her. She wore the exact same purple and lilac kimono that was given to her when she was living with Kaede, but this time Rin also wore brown woven sandals.
  • It is revealed that Rin was already within the Sacred Tree of Ages before Inuyasha and Kagome were sealed within the second Black Pearl by Sesshōmaru. It is revealed that Sesshōmaru not only saved his younger half-brother and his human priestess wife from Kirinmaru, but also to prevent them from going after Kirinmaru and Zero themselves. This was what would have further spread the curse and hasten young Rin's third and final irreversible death.
  • It is revealed that the song Setsuna has been playing on her violin was not out of the blue, but actually her own hidden memory of what Rin had sung fourteen years prior.
  • Two of the demons who challenge Setsuna are identical to the demons who challenged Sesshōmaru after Meidō Zangetsuha was transferred to Tessaiga in Episode 184.
  • Riku's intimate connection and origins directly related to Kirinmaru is revealed: Originally, he was one of the Eastern Beast King's own horns that was cut off six centuries ago by none other than Tōga the Western Best King during one of the demon rivals many, many battles. This makes Riku an incarnation of Kirinmaru similar to the incarnations of Naraku.
  • Since Riku was originally part of Kirinmaru’s body, it also revealed the demon lord can see and hear everything that Riku does. Such a deep and personal connection was how Kirinmaru learned of Setsuna's resurrection.
  • Bokusenō makes his second appearance since the original series.


  • When Sesshōmaru holds Rin as she faints, his sash can be seen in front of Rin.
  • Tōga was erroneously using Tessaiga against Kirinmaru 600 years ago, contradicting the fact that it had had been forged for the purpose of protecting his human wife Izayoi.
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