Takechiyo's Request is the thirty-first episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 7th episode of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. Takechiyo gives Moroha a job in his homeland, Mamidaira Island, where they run into Hachiemon.
  2. Before leaving for a demon-slaying mission with Setsuna and his nephew Hisui, Kohaku trains Towa and tells her that she never retreats in battle, as if she habors deep regret from running away from something in her past. Towa decides not take this to heart and resolves to never use her own twin sister as an excuse for her weaknesses ever again but to become stronger on her own.


Towa narrates soon after she and Setsuna were born Kirinmaru's sister Zero placed the Silver Scale Curse on their mother Rin as it's a curse that makes the bearer rot away alive and furthermore Zero is bound to their mother by the threads of fate making it impossible to undo the curse or defeat her and to save their mother they must track down Zero and sever their fate before they can defeat her and they don't have time to waste standing around as it's a feudal fairy tail of Hanyō no Yashahime and they'll keep moving forward through the hurdles of destiny. In a rocky area, Towa is sitting on a rock as she plays the Star-Slicer Flute while Setsuna stands on a large rock as she plays her violin. Suddenly a rock bullet comes toward Towa and Setsuna, making them stop playing their instruments and dodge the attack. A Rock fiend appears and tells Towa and Setsuna that they must be the daughters of Sesshōmaru and if he sends them to their doom then he will be recognized as a great demon. Towa tells Setsuna that the rock fiend finally showed up. Setsuna tells Towa to not let her guard down. The rock fiend tries to attack Towa and Setsuna with rock bullets. Towa and Setsuna dodged the attacks. Towa transforms the Star-Slicer Flute into the Zanseiken. Towa and Setsuna charge at the rock fiend. The rock fiend tries to attack Towa and Setsuna, who managed to dodge it. The rock fiend tries to attack Towa but she dodges it. Towa calls out to Setsuna. The rock fiend becomes confused. Setsuna charges at the rock fiend and uses her Yukari no Tachikiri to cut it in half. Towa tells Setsuna that she did it. Setsuna tells Towa not yet. The rock fiend split into 2. The rock fiends tell Towa and Setsuna here they come as they charge at them. Setsuna uses her Cyclone Burst on the two rock fiend. The rock fiends become surprised. Towa attacks the rock fiends with the Zanseiken. The rock fiends fall to the ground. The rock fiends curse. Setsuna tells the rock fiends it's over. The rock fiends notices Towa pointing the Zanseiken at them. Towa asks the rock fiends do they surrender. The rock fiends tell Towa that they surrender and to just don't kill them. Towa tells the rock fiends okay as she decides to spare them. Setsuna tells Towa no. The rock fiends merge before it goes after Towa. Setsuna calls out to Towa. Towa uses the Zanseiken to create a barrier to protect herself from the rock fiend. The rock fiend begins to glow and tells Towa that she's going to perish with it. Setsuna calls out to Towa. The rock fiend explodes. Towa moves away before Setsuna appears near her. Setsuna calls out to Towa. Towa turns to Setsuna. Setsuna tells Towa that maybe she should return to the other world. Towa becomes confused. Setsuna tells Towa that she will save Rin by herself and she can deal with Kirinmaru on her own. Towa tries to talk to Setsuna. Towa and Setsuna notice 3 small rock fiends. The 3 rock fiends tells Towa and Setsuna that they'll pay for that as they're gonna go and grab their boss and to not dare run away in the meantime before they quickly leave. Towa asks Setsuna there are more rock fiends. Setsuna tells Towa that slaying the demons that cause mischief in the village at the base of this mountain and they can't leave here until they complete the job that they've undertaken. Towa tells Setsuna that's right. At Shikabaneya, Takechiyo sits on the roof as he reads a letter that Takamaru gives him. Takechiyo tells Takamaru that it's finally happening but still he doesn't know if he can do this by himself. Takamaru makes a sound. Takechiyo asks Takamaru that he's telling him to find some help and he sees. In a cave, a group of demons gather. One of the demons asks have they ever heard the story about the legendary priestess who purified the Sacred Jewel. Another demon says it's such a horrifying tale. One of the demons asks doesn't it agree. A small demon confirms it and says it sounds scary. The mask demon says the word is the priestess has a daughter and lately she's been popping up again. The small demon becomes interested. One of the mask demons says the daughter calls herself Moroha the Demon Killer. The small demon says it sees. One of the mask demons says they say Moroha's a shihanyō. Another mask demon says then Moroha should be easy to beat. The small demon becomes annoyed. One of the mask demons says it heard that Moroha's father is the hanyō Inuyasha the one who brought down Naraku. The small demon questions really. One of the mask demons says Moroha sounds like trouble. Another mask demon says that's too scary. The third mask demon says it'd hate to die from being purified. The small demon agrees. One of the mask demons asks the small demon it thinks so too. The small demon becomes annoyed before it reveals to be Moroha. Moroha tells the masks demons to give her a break as she doesn't have that kind of spirit power. The 4 mask demons assemble together in surprise. The 4 mask demons asks Moroha who was she and to not tell them she's. Moroha introduces herself. The 4 mask demons become scared and say Moroha's going to purify them before they disappeared in a portal. Moroha calls out to the 4 masks demons. Moroha walks out of the cave and says good grief as she was wondering why business has been slow lately and this is the reason and she only need one more ryou to pay off her debt to Jyūbei. Takechiyo calls out to Moroha. Moroha notices a transformed Takechiyo near her. Takechiyo tells Moroha that he has a job request for her before he untransforms. Moroha questions Takechiyo about a job from him and he'd better pay her this time. Takechiyo tells Moroha that he'll pay her one ryou. Moroha questions Takechiyo about one ryou as she can pay off her entire debt and wonders what kind of job is it. Takechiyo tells Moroha that she'll be his bodyguard. Moroha questions Takechiyo about a bodyguard. Near Zero's Mansion, Riku and Rion are walking towards it. Riku tells Rion that he's counting on her. Riku and Rion arrive at Zero's Mansion. Riku tells Rion that he can't show himself before Zero. Rion goes towards Zero's Mansion. Riku hides behind a tree and says maybe seeing Rion's face will help change Zero's mind. In the mansion, Rion walks in and calls out to Zero and it's been a long time as it's her. Rion walks further in and notices a small mirror. The small mirror suddenly reveals the face of Zero. Zero calls out to Rion in confusion. Rion tells Zero it's been a while. Zero communicates with Rion through her staff as she sits in the fogged forest and the Rainbow Pearl swirling around her. Zero asks Rion how did she get out of the barrier around Mount Musubi. Rion tells Zero that she was rescued by Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. Zero questions Rion about rescuing her. Rion tells Zero that Setsuna used her Yukari no Tachikiri to sever the fate that kept her tied to Mount Musubi. Zero questions Rion that Setsuna severed her fate and she's found herself a blade that could withstand her Blood Blade and she must hurry. Rion tells Zero that she presented the Kyūyōkon and the Zanseikan to Towa. Zero asks Rion does she intend to bring Kirinmaru down. Rion confirms this with Zero and tells her that Kirinmaru is trying to use the Windmill of Time to travel beyond space and time and if he succeeds the world will cease to exist. A scene of Kirinmaru sleeping on his chair is seen. Rion tells Zero that she must stop Kirinmaru no matter what. Zero asks Rion that she still cares for the world of the living even after death. Rion asks Zero can she help her to stop Kirinmaru. Zero tells Rion that she's already severed her ties with Kirinmaru but since her dear niece requests it she shall keep it in mind. Rion smiles. Zero tells Rion that her body may be a puppet but it was still nice to see her one last time. Rion calls out to Zero. Zero tells Rion that she's figured out a way to survive until the very end. Zero immediately senses Riku is nearby. Zero tells Rion to give Riku this message as the next time they meet will be when Towa to whom he is so enamored with dies. Rion calls out to Zero. Zero stops communicating with Rion through her staff. Riku continues to wait when Rion appears. Riku greets Rion. Rion stays silent. Riku becomes concerned. Rion reluctantly gives Zero's message to Riku, Riku becomes surprised and asks Rion if Zero said that. Rion tells Riku that Zero is just like her as time has stopped for her and she hasn't been able to move on for several hundred years and they must save her. Zero walks away with the Rainbow Pearls swirling around her before she looks back and disappears in the fog. Riku agrees with Rion and tells her to let's hurry to Towa's side. In the rocky area, Towa is sitting on a rock as she plays the Star-Slicer Flute before she stops. Towa wonders to herself does Setsuna hate being with her as they've been together for a while but she still doesn't treat her as her sister. Nearby, Setsuna trains with her Yukari no Tachikiri. In a flashback, Setsuna points her Yukari no Tachikiri at Riku. Riku tells Setsuna that she doesn't have what it takes to protect Towa on her own as she's not using her new naginata to its full potential at all. A scene of Sesshōmaru meeting Towa, Setsuna, Moroha, and Rion at Mount Musubi is shown. Setsuna thinks to herself that not at this rate. In a forest, Kohaku is looking at the Sacred tree. Hisui appears and calls out to Kohaku. Kohaku asks Hisui did Gyokuto already tell him. Hisui confirms this with Kohaku and questions him something about a request from the leader of the demon slayers in the north. Kohaku tells Hisui that their leader is the one who trained him to become demon slayer. A scene of Gyokuto giving the Northern Demon Slayer leader the demon slayer weapon is shown. Hisui asks Kohaku that he had a period of training too. Kohaku confirms this with Hisui. Hisui asks Kohaku what kind of request is it. Kohaku tells Hisui it's going to be a large-scale extermination. Hisui asks Kohaku what should they do about Setsuna and Towa as they seem to be having a hard time with their current mission. Kohaku tells Hisui that he'd like to take Towa and Setsuna with them if they could but. In the sky, Moroha is riding on a transformed Takechiyo. Takechiyo tells Moroha on the opposite side of Mount Hakone is Mamidaira Island. Moroha asks Takechiyo is that the place where he was born and raised. Takechiyo confirms this with Moroha. Moroha tells Takechiyo who would've thought that he's the young lord of the Mamidaira the prestigious raccoon dog demon clan. Takechiyo tells Moroha that it's ex young lord. Moroha tells Takechiyo that she knows and wonders he's saying that he was chased out due to some family feud and to leave it to her as she'll bring down the evil elders and restore him to his position as the young lord. In the rocky area, Towa is standing on a rock as she plays the Star-Slicer Flute before she stops. Towa becomes confused and wonders to herself is that. Towa quickly dodges the Hiraikotsu and becomes confused. Hisui catches the Hiraikotsu and apologizes to Towa. Towa tells Hisui come on as that was dangerous. Hisui tells Towa that he wanted to confirm what Kohaku told him as he said she doesn't know when to back down that he should test her and see it for himself. Towa tells Hisui even though she should run from the Hiraikotsu. Kohaku tells Towa no as she just dodged it. Towa notices Kohaku flying on Kirara. Kohaku tells Towa that she refuses to run yet leaves herself open for an attack. Hisui tells Towa so Kohaku says. Towa becomes confused. In the rock area, Hisui and Setsuna are talking. Hisui asks Setsuna that she's unable to see the thread of fate. Setsuna confirms this with Hisui and tells him it seems she still lacks awareness and until she masters the Yukari no Tachikiri she cannot save her mother Rin. Hisui tells Setsuna to master a weapon it's necessary to build trust with that weapon. Setsuna questions Hisui about building trust with a weapon. Hisui tells Setsuna that's what Sango said to trust Hiraikotsu and to strengthen his bond with it and that's not something that can be done overnight. A scene where Sango is giving the Hiraikotsu to Hisui with Kohaku and others watching is shown. Hisui asks Setsuna that she intends to continue being a demon slayer with them then she can work on building the Yukari no Tachikiri through her battles. Setsuna looks at the Yukari no Tachikiri and says strengthen her bond with it.

Later, Takechiyo and Moroha arrive at his home near Mount Hakone and Mamiana Island as Takechiyo is exhausted. Moroha tells Takechiyo the air is fresh out here as she stretches for a moment. Takechiyo tells Moroha that they've flown quite a ways. Moroha becomes amazed and asks Takechiyo that's Mamiana Island. Takechiyo tells Moroha that mountain on top of the island is where the Mamidaira Clan's castle and the Full Moon Raccoon Dog Tower are located. Moroha questions Takechiyo about the Full Moon Raccoon Dog Tower then notices a transformed Hachiemon and Takamaru coming. Hachiemon repeatedly calls out to Takechiyo. Moroha asks Takechiyo who's Hachiemon. When Hachiemon and Takamaru appears near Takechiyo and Moroha, Hachiemon untransforms. Takechiyo introduces Hachiemon as his elder and Takamaru as his vassal to Moroha. Hachiemon tells Takechiyo it's wonderful that he has returned. Takechiyo tells Hachiemon it's been a long time. Hachiemon asks Takechiyo could Moroha be. Takechiyo tells Hachiemon that he hired Moroha to help them out. Takechiyo introduces Moroha to Hachiemon and Takamaru. Moroha greets Hachiemon and Takamaru. Hachiemon becomes surprised. Moroha becomes confused. Hachiemon tells Moroha it's been a long time. Takechiyo, Takamaru, and Moroha become confused. Hachiemon tells Moroha that Inuyasha and Kagome entrusted her to him when she was still an infant as it was him who took her to the fortress of the Wolf Demon Tribe. Moroha asks Hachiemon really and wonders does that mean he knows her mom and dad. Hachiemon confirms this with Moroha and tells her that they lost such fine people. Moroha questions Hachiemon that Inuyasha and Kagome are dead. Hachiemon tells Moroha that he didn't actually see it with his own eyes but Inuyasha and Kagome were talking about Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru and considering that he hasn't seen them ever since. A flashback of Inuyasha and Kagome preparing for Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru is shown. Moroha wonders what she saw back there was the afterlife as she remembers seeing Inuyasha and Kagome in the Border of the Afterlife. Moroha becomes sad for a moment and asks Hachiemon what's the matter with them. Takechiyo asks Moroha was she okay. Hachiemon tells Takechiyo that he must say he made the right choice to hire Moroha as their helper. Hachiemon explains that evil Full Moon Raccoon Dog was originally sealed away by Kagome's arrow. Takechiyo asks Hachiemon really. Moroha questions Hachiemon about Kagome's arrow. Hachiemon tells Takechiyo with Moroha the daughter of Kagome on their side there's nothing to fear as victory is theirs. Moroha tells Hachiemon that she has to live up to his expectations. Takechiyo tells Moroha that they're counting on her. Moroha tells Hachiemon and Takechiyo to leave it to her. Takamaru becomes excited. In the rocky area, Hisui, Setsuna, and Kirara sit down as they watch Kohaku and Towa in a training session. Kohaku tells Towa to let's go for another round as he swings his Kusarigama. Towa agrees with Kohaku. Kohaku tells Towa to come at him. Towa charges at Kohaku with the Zanseiken. Kohaku tries to attack Towa with the Kusarigama but Towa dodges it. The Kusarigama reflects to Towa again. Towa deflects the attack with the Zanseiken. Kohaku charges at Towa with the Kusarigama. Kohaku tells Towa to dodge. Towa blocks Kohaku's attack with the Zanseiken and tries to charge forward. Kohaku points the end of the Kusarigama at Towa's stomach. Setsuna notices something. Towa tells Kohaku that she gives up. Kohaku tells Towa that he told her to dodge. Towa backs away and tells Kohaku trying to fight against a sickle and chain is harder than she thought. Kohaku tells Towa that's not it. Towa becomes confused. Kohaku tells Towa that she's not good at dodging because she doesn't consider running as an option. Towa asks Kohaku does he think so. Kohaku tells Towa that she's ashamed to run away as he doesn't know what happened in the past but deep in her heart she harbors regret for running away. Towa questions Kohaku about deep in her heart and regret for running away. Kohaku explains to Towa when he was a child he traveled with many people and only two never backed away from anyone and that was Sesshōmaru and Kikyō and they always stood tall with dignity and they were impeccable. In the flashbacks, scenes of Kohaku traveling with Sesshōmaru, Jaken, A-Un, and Rin and Kikyō are shown. Kohaku tells Towa when he watches her it looks so reckless that he worries and as the daughter of Sesshōmaru her life will be threatened far more than usual so in that case don't worry as it's okay to run away. Towa becomes surprised. Kohaku tells Towa that he'll only be taking Setsuna on this upcoming expedition. Towa becomes sad. Kohaku tells Towa for now focus on the work here. Towa agrees with Kohaku and tells him to look out for Setsuna before she bows. Later, Towa and Setsuna watch Kohaku and Hisui fly away on Kirara. At night, Hachiemon, Takechiyo, and Moroha secretly hide behind rocks as they watch Mamidaira Island Castle. Moroha asks Hachiemon and Takechiyo is that the castle and wonders what's that thing floating over there. Hachiemon tells Moroha that is a surveillance eyeball. Moroha asks Hachiemon what happens if the surveillance eyeball spots them. Hachiemon tells Moroha the enemy will attack at once. Takechiyo tells Hachiemon and Moroha that they should plan some sort of strategy then come back. The surveillance eyeball looks around. Hachiemon asks Takechiyo and Moroha shall they do that. Moroha tells Hachiemon and Takechiyo no as at times like this they just roll the dice and hope for the best and charge. Moroha runs forward but freezes when the surveillance eyeball places a bright light on her. Moroha becomes surprised and wonders what is this as she can't move. The cast alarm goes off. Hachiemon becomes cautious. Takechiyo calls out to Moroha. The guards appeared from the castle and say intruders and engage. Moroha becomes surprised. In the rocky area, Towa and Setsuna stand together on a boulder. Towa plays the Star-Slicer Flute. Setsuna tells Towa that tomorrow morning she will set out for the land of snow located near the northern sea. Towa stops playing the Star-Slicer Flute and tells Setsuna got it as she'll stay put to not cause any trouble. Setsuna tells Towa to not do anything reckless. Towa tells Setsuna that her too. Setsuna tells Towa it's okay to let go of her hand. Towa becomes confused. Towa and Setsuna notice a giant rock fiend coming towards them. The 3 small rock fiends tell Towa and Setsuna time to pay for what they did to their comrade. The 3 small rock fiends tell the giant rock fiend to show Towa and Setsuna. The giant rock fiend stands near the 3 small rock fiends. Towa and Setsuna become surprised. The giant rock fiend asks Towa and Setsuna that they're the Hanyō Princesses. Towa tells Setsuna looks like the big boss has finally shown up. Setsuna agrees with Towa. The 3 small rock fiends climb on top of the giant rock fiend. The 3 small rock fiends tell Towa and Setsuna that they're going to fight too and let's rock before they merged with the giant rock fiend. Towa transforms the Star-Slicer Flute into the Zanseiken. Setsuna prepares her Yukari no Tachikiri. The giant rock fiend charges at Towa and Setsuna before it tries to attack them. Towa and Setsuna dodge. The giant rock fiend goes to attack Towa, who prepares to block it. Setsuna calls out to Towa and tells her to dodge. Setsuna uses her Scourge of Swallows on the giant rock fiend's attack. Towa becomes surprised. Setsuna charges at the giant rock fiend and strikes it with her Yukari no Tachikiri. Towa strikes the giant rock fiend with the Zanseiken and prepares to strike again until she sees it red eyes. The giant rock fiend attacks Towa, making her fall to the ground. Setsuna calls out to Towa. The giant rock fiend attacks Setsuna, making her fall to the ground. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Towa stands up as the giant rock fiend reassembles. Towa says it's true as it's so true. The giant rock fiend begins to glow and tells Towa and Setsuna that it'll burn them down. Towa says she's such a before the Zanseiken begins to glow. The giant rock fiend becomes confused as the Zanseiken is taking its demon energy. Setsuna calls out to Towa. Towa uses the Twin Azure Dragon Wave on the giant rock fiend, destroying it. Setsuna stands up and calls out to Towa. Towa thinks to herself that she's always using Setsuna as an excuse for her own weakness and she's so naive. Riku and Rion secretly watch Towa defeat the giant rock fiend. Rion calls out to Towa. Riku says Towa is not a protector as she is someone to be protected.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • Towa and Setsuna are now the second half-demon twins to play musical instruments; the first being identical half-demon twins Roku and Dai in the Fire on the Mystic Island movie. Coincidentally, one twin is playing a woodwind instrument, while the other twin plays a string instrument.
  • Rion mentions that Zero's time had stopped for her much like herself. This may be due to the fact that Zero has never been able to truly move on from Tōga's demise.
  • Moroha meets Hachiemon for the first time since she was taken to the Wolf Demon Tribe. This is also Hachi's first appearance in the present timeline.
  • Towa still holds regret in her heart, which prevents her from evading attacks.
  • The rock demon Towa and Setsuna fight at the beginning says a similar word to the "gesh" Ginkotsu says. Also, the way he tries to kill Towa looks very similar to the way Ginkotsu tried to kill Kōga and how he ended up dying.
  • Setsuna's childhood memories of her time with Towa seem to have somewhat returned to her since Sesshōmaru had destroyed her Dream Butterfly as she assured Towa that it was okay to let go of her hand.


  • When at point range of Kohaku's weapon, the red strands of Towa's hair were miscolored silver-white like the rest of her hair she inherited from Sesshōmaru.
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