Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma is the thirty-second episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Naraku, still posing as Kagewaki Hitomi, encounters Kikyō, shocked to find out that she is alive.
  2. Naraku's miasma lures Inuyasha's group to a mountain where demons are battling.
  3. It turns out that Naraku sealed the demons in the mountain, absorbing the victor's body and making it his own; Naraku flies off with Kikyō.


Kikyō takes care of injured soldiers who are very enthusiastic about her help, but since she treats warriors on each side. One of the soldiers tells Kikyō that their friend is waking up. Kikyō notices something is wrong with the injured soldier and goes to him and notices a bothersome imp appear on his head before expelling it with a touch of her finger. One of the soldiers asks Kikyō what's the matter. Kikyō tells the soldier it nothing and his friend is fine and he should be up by tomorrow.

Suddenly castle soldiers appear and says they're looking for a priestess named Kikyō. The ruler asks Kikyō is she the one who tends to injured soldiers in war regardless of which side they fought and uses strange powers to bring even those near death back to life. Kikyō says she has no strange powers but only knowledge of healing. The ruler says Kikyō can tell them more at the castle and to come with them.

As the group of soldiers are taking Kikyō to the castle, they tell her about Kagewaki, master of the Hitomi Clan, has been in delicate health since birth and since he recently became head of the clan after his father passed away, his condition has steadily weakened and won't let any physicians near him not even his vassals.

When Kikyō arrives at the castle, the guards doesn't want to let her through, but she ignores the guards as she senses a shroud of evil. However, Kikyō knows that something is wrong here and finds a man that is the lord and senses no life in him as if he is dead from the neck down. There, Naraku, who borrowed Kagewaki's flesh, is shocked and astonished and surprised to see Kikyō "alive", whom he thought was dead, because she knows nothing of their resuscitation.

The guards came and asks 'Kagewaki' to forgive them as Kikyō refuses to stay away and she claims to cure his illness and forced herself. 'Kagewaki' tells the guards to be silent and leave, which they complied. Kikyō moves forward to 'Kagewaki' before kneeling down. 'Kagewaki' asks Kikyō what was her name, who says her name is Kikyō. Naraku thinks to himself that Kikyō is alive, the woman he set up 50 years ago and died taking the Sacred Jewel with her is still alive then questions what's going on.

In a nearby village, villagers noticed that all of the plants they grew have all withered even though they had plenty of rain this past month. The villagers suddenly noticed that it started to rain but it's red like blood then looked up to see demon parts falling from the sky as they ran. Inuyasha and his group arrives at the village, where the villagers say that parts of demons fell from the sky together with blood, destroying their fields and making many villagers sick. Miroku expects that much and says there must be a source of a very strong miasma nearby then he'll help. Inuyasha asks what's the point in helping the villagers and do they have time for it as they have to find Naraku. They have a flashback of Kagome striking Naraku with her arrow. Miroku says the arrow that Kagome shot should have caused a very deep wound, and as strong as he maybe, Naraku would be out of commission for a while besides he has already received payment so they must help.

Kagome asks Miroku when did he receive the payment. Inuyasha complains to Miroku that he didn't have to take it and he doesn't get payment until after you do something. Miroku says after you do the work, they pay less. Kagome notices something is wrong with Sango, who sees a mountain in the distance that she believes is the source of the miasma is at the base of the mountain and she also suspects that Naraku is behind it, confusing Miroku. At the castle, the lord asks Kikyō about Kagewaki's illness. Kikyō says it beyond her skills. The lord suspects it is no ordinary illness, so even Kikyō will abandon Kagewaki. Kikyō says she is merely a priestess and bows as she asks to leave the castle before she notices the castle soldiers pointing spears at her. The lord tells Kikyō that Kagewaki has forbidden her to leave and they will have her stay for awhile. Naraku lays down as he thinks to himself that Kikyō is supposed to have died and can wait to kill her until after he discover her true self as tonight his wishes will be fulfilled since he has found an interesting woman.

The group is climbing the mountain, Shippō notices because of the miasma not even a blade of grass grows here. Inuyasha says they're almost there and asks what's going on in this mountain before they noticed a cave. Sango, still frail, collapses as she still hasn't fully recovered. Inuyasha tells Sango and Kagome to wait outside since it's only a demon slaying and no sense in everyone going in there then asks Miroku if he's going, who agrees. Miroku notices that Shippō isn't bothered by the miasma tells him to watch over Sango and Kagome. Shippō agrees but tells Inuyasha and Miroku to be careful as the miasma is very strong.

Meanwhile, Kikyō sensing a strong miasma and questions whether to go before deciding to control one of the guardians by means of the soul collectors and commands him to release her from the cell with a bow and arrows. Kagome asks Sango if she is alright since the miasma is getting stronger. Sango says she's fine but asks Kagome how can she put up with the miasma. Kagome replies she can for now. Shippō and Kirara suddenly feels drawn to the cave and suspects that something horrific is going on. Kagome wonders if Inuyasha and Miroku are okay. Inuyasha feels the miasma is getting stronger and walks in that direction then Miroku collapse from it. Inuyasha asks Miroku what is he doing as he says he's hopeless. Miroku says he has undergone training so he has some endurance as an average human wouldn't stand a chance before he and Inuyasha noticed something deeper in the cave and head towards it. Inuyasha and Miroku come to a cave where they see demon remains and demons fighting each other.


Inuyasha questions the demons fighting each other. Miroku suspects hundreds of demons have been fighting and killing each other here and those who lost and their remains thrown in the village. Inuyasha asks why are the demons doing this. Inuyasha and Miroku noticed that the last demon that survived receives the power of all defeated demons. The demon questions why can't he get out of the cave as the last demon standing was supposed to leave here alive. Miroku starts to suspect something isn't right. The demon notices that Inuyasha is nearby and he is only allowed to leave when Inuyasha is dead. Inuyasha is drawn into the battle, much to Miroku's worry. Inuyasha draws out his Tessaiga. Outside, Kagome notices that Inuyasha and Miroku are taking too long and Sango tells her they should follow them. Kagome says to Sango that can't go in. Shippō tells Sango if she goes in her condition she'll die. Kagome tells Sango they should get away from here since it's bad for her health before she notices Kikyō.

Kikyō suspects Inuyasha is inside the cave before she goes in as she passes in front of Kagome, Sango, Shippō, and Kirara without so much as acknowledging them. Shippō asks if that's the priestess, Kikyō. Sango notices Kagome getting her bow and arrows. Shippō asks Kagome if she is going to follow Kikyō. Kagome says yes and tells Shippō to stay with Sango outside. Sango questions Kagome if that woman is Kikyō. Kagome confirms it but she doesn't know why Kikyō is here but something evil is going on inside. Sango tells Kagome to take Kirara with her and be careful. Kagome says she will before heading inside the cave with Kirara.

In the mountain, Kikyō senses the souls of the dead inside her body are trying to get out and wonders if they are drawn by miasma in the cave but she can feel something other than the miasma then questions is it from the man in the castle. Inuyasha continues to fight the demon as he slices it with his Tessaiga before noticing the wound he had made is closing up. Miroku tells Inuyasha about a spell he recognizes made to merge the demons into ever more ferocious ones, known as a Kodoku. But Inuyasha doesn't care as he seems to be able to win. Miroku thinks that this bad unless the spell cast is broken Inuyasha will die before he notices Kikyō appearing behind him.

Inuyasha becomes surprised as he notices Kikyō. Suddenly, in the the dead souls that are keeping Kikyō were beginning to leave her body and enter the demon's body. Kikyō now knows the miasma is from Kodoku before she starts to fall. Inuyasha thinks why. Kagome thinks that Kikyō is here somewhere. Kikyō collapsing on the cave floor. As Naraku is surrounded by Saimyōshō outside, he thinks to himself that will soon come out with his spell he sealed countless demons in the cave will kill each other until only one remain victorious and that one will become his new body. Inuyasha runs to help the unconscious Kikyō, but the Kodoku hits him with his hand, making him fall to the ground. Inuyasha says Kikyō's name.

As Kagome continues to run, the Sacred Jewel shards fall from her neck. Kirara notices this Kagome goes to pick them before she senses that there is another piece of the Shikon Jewel in the area. Miroku notices that the miasma is absorbing Kikyō's souls of the dead and is getting thicker. Kagome and Kirara arrive to see the fight. Kagome asks Miroku if he is alright since he is coughing. Kirara wants to jump into the cave for the fight as each demon is forced to fight by a spell but is stopped by Miroku. Kagome asks Miroku what's going on. Miroku replies the cave is under a Fuko spell and unless they stop Inuyasha, he will become fused with the demon. Kagome becomes confused as she sensed the presence of the Sacred Jewel and wonders if it's a trap then. Miroku says the strength of the miasma must mean that Naraku is involved.

Kodoku notices that Kikyō, who isn't human, and moves to absorb her. Inuyasha, enraged, tells Kodoku to not touch Kikyō before slicing his arm off with his Tessaiga. Kodoku makes a new arm and pushes Inuyasha away from going towards Kikyō. Miroku tells Inuyasha to stay calm, but he doesn't want to stay calm as he wants to protect the now unconscious Kikyō. Inuyasha notices Kagome before he goes back to protect Kikyō. Miroku asks Kagome what is she doing as she goes into the cave. Kagome says she going to pull Kikyō up and thinks that if she doesn't Inuyasha will continue to fight for Kikyō's sake as he would never stand by and watch her get slaughtered which makes her a bit jealous. As Kagome reaches Kikyō, she grabs her and asks if she can stand. Kikyō says Kagome is foolish as by coming here, Inuyasha will lose her forever before she stands up on her own. Kagome asks Kikyō what is she saying as Inuyasha is trying so hard to save her.

Kikyo shoots an arrow

Kikyō shoots an arrow

Miroku tells Inuyasha to not kill Koduku, who ignores him. Inuyasha is about to kill the demon when he notices Kikyō shooting an arrow at Tessaiga, turning it back, knowing that if Inuyasha wins the fight, he'll have problems with Naraku. Suddenly the Kodoku is sucked out of the mountain. Miroku says that the spell is broken and the miasma is disintegrating. Inuyasha grabs onto Kagome and asks if she is okay. Kagome says yes but wonders about Kikyō, who is unconscious again. Inuyasha and Kagome notice Naraku. Kodoku attacks Naraku, who is sitting on the top of the mountain, but the attack is absorbed and Naraku absorbs the power of the demon, which could have happened to Inuyasha, had Kikyō not shot the arrow. Inuyasha says since Kagome has destroyed Naraku's body, he needed a new body for himself so that's why he used the Fuko spell.


Naraku says the mountain miasma lured Inuyasha and he entered the cave upon which he had cast his spell then said he could've fused into his body too. Naraku then noticed Kikyō lying unconscious on the ground questions if she is the woman who broke the spell and says thanks to her, he was able to possess a new body. Kagome tells Naraku to not be stupid as the spell was broken so that Kikyō could save Inuyasha. Naraku picks up Kikyō and says it looks like she is the one who followed you in death 50 years ago.

Inuyasha tells Naraku to not touch Kikyō with his filthy hands before he charges at him with his Tessaiga and tries to strike him but Naraku pushes with his barrier before disappearing with her in cloud of miasma. Kagome runs over to Inuyasha concerned. Inuyasha is angry that Naraku took off with Kikyō as he couldn't stop him. Naraku thinks to himself as he didn't understand if Kikyō wanted to save Inuyasha instead of breaking the spell then why didn't she aim the arrow at the demon Kodoku instead she broke the spell and enabled him to possess a new body. Kikyō opens her eyes in Naraku's arms as she is taken away from Inuyasha.

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  • Opening Theme — CHANGE THE WORLD — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō stops imp, soldiers look for Kikyō — Dead Soul (Shinidama) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō at castle, meets the lord — Evil Demon, Naraku (Jayō Naraku) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Flashback to Kagome’s arrow hitting Naraku — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Naraku lies in bed, Inuyasha’s group affected by miasma — Demon Brother Sesshōmaru (Yōkei Sesshōmaru) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Miasma gets stronger, Inuyasha and Miroku find pieces of demons — The Hidden Well to the Sengoku Era (Kakushi Ido kara Sengoku Jidai e) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Demon parts come to life and fight each other — Fang Sword, Tessaiga (Kiba no Ken Tessaiga) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō walks inside mountain — Trap (Wana) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Miroku tells Inuyasha about the creature Kodoku — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kikyō’s souls leave her body — Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimōryō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Creature tries to grab Kikyō, Inuyasha cuts his arm but gets knocked back — Fight to the Death (Shitō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Miasma pool violently flies upward — Demon Brother Sesshōmaru (Yōkei Sesshōmaru) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Naraku flees with Kikyō — Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimōryō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Ending Theme — Fukai Mori — TV OST Vol. 2

Differences from the manga[]

  • The anime omits the joke of Miroku volunteering to be Kagome's guard while Inuyasha enters the cave alone.
  • When Sango asks who Kikyō is, Shippō is the one to explain. The anime has Kagome explain instead.
  • The Shikon Jewel falling off of Kagome's necklace is anime exclusive.
  • In the manga, the demon rips up Naraku's body, revealing that it was a puppet.
  • In the manga, Inuyasha attacks Naraku immediately after Naraku has gotten his new body, but is unable to penetrate the barrier.

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