Nanahoshi's Mini Galaxy is the thirty-second episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 8th episode of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. Moroha is captured and imprisoned by the raccoon dogs on Mamidaira Island, but she escapes and faces off against the Full Moon Raccoon Dog.
  2. Setsuna and the demon slayers head north to Gokoku Village for their mission.
  3. Towa is accompanied by Rion and Riku, and the trio are confronted by Kirinmaru.


After the defeat of Rock Fiend, Towa is using the hand cream, when suddenly Towa had glimpsed the childlike demon spirit Akuru before Riku and Rion had come to request their assistance in accompanying her as Zero is after her very life and those of Setsuna and Moroha as well. Again disguised as Otsuyu, Zero arrives at Nanahoshi's mansion who uses his miniature galaxy to draw strength from her sorrow, but is shocked to discover that Zero does not possess any such sentiment. She takes his shock as an opportunity to immobilize him with the vast demonic powers of her Rainbow Pearls, from within which her tears and sorrows reside, to set a trap for the Half-Demon Princesses. As Kohaku and his demon-slayers are preparing to set out on their mission to a village that requires their exceptional skills in wiping out a herd of fire bulls that have strayed from following the local deity Mayonaka. Using the lavender-scented hand cream that Towa had given her to soften her dry hands, Setsuna glimpses the childlike demon spirit Akuru too.

Having been caught by the Raccoon-Dog Tribe, Moroha is incarcerated in a dungeon but manages to use a Swiss Army knife to escape. Hiding in the ceiling to try to reclaim her shortbow and arrows, Moroha is stunned to hear that Takechiyo has a younger brother whose father had his forehead scarred by Inuyasha while his comrade, the Full Moon Raccoon Dog, was defeated and and imprisoned in a scroll by nineteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi's sealing arrow, which explains the whole Raccoon-Dog Tribe's fury and hatred towards Moroha. As the quarter-demon girl is chased by angered raccoon-dog demons, she tries to fight them off with her Crimson Dragon Wave attack but it was proven ineffective. Now facing the very foes that her parents had defeated, who are bent on returning the favor, Moroha takes out her rouge to temporarily increase her strength and skills with her new-and-improved Beniyasha form since her battle with Kirinmaru to avenge her beloved half-cousin's recent death. She attacks with her temporarily enhanced Crimson Backlash Wave attack, but her long-lost parents' adversaries do not seem worried in the slightest, which disconcerts her.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The way Nanahoshi takes in one's deep psychological agony and sorrow, and draws strength from it to further replenish himself is identical to the Flower Prince Kaō's way.
  • With the introduction of the 3 new demon slayers, it is revealed that the demon slayers' names are based on numbers (Goro (5), Rokuta (6), Nanasuke (7), Yamata (8) and Kuzu (9)).
  • Towa and Setsuna have been confirmed to have the ability to see Akuru whereas Kirinmaru, Riku and Rion cannot see him.
  • Riku is blinded by Kirinmaru, albeit accidentally.
  • Takechiyo is considered a traitor to the entire Raccoon-Dog Tribe and he has been revealed to have a younger brother named Kikunosuke.
  • Kirinmaru sees that Towa has the Zanseiken.
  • Izayoi's shell rouge is seen for the first time since the first season's finale. It is revealed that since her intense battle with Kirinmaru to avenge Setsuna's recent demise, Moroha is now capable of sustaining her evolved demon form as "Beniyasha" and will no longer faint from overexertion which she refers to as "the new-and-improved Beniyasha."
  • Though the ability to see Akuru is said to be unique to the Dog Demon family, Jaken was able to locate him due to the sound of his pinwheel.


  • As Akuru starts to move the pedals, there's a red line on top right.
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