Mayonaka the Visitor is the thirty-third episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 9th episode of the second season titled "The Second Act".


  1. As Towa continues her travels with Riku and Rion, the demon slayers continue to assist the Gokoku villagers in putting a stop to the Flame-Bulls relentless attacks. Will Setsuna alone be able to help put Mayonaka's troubled spirit to rest?
  2. With Moroha asleep from an entire night, will the bitter fued in the Raccoon-Dog Tribe show further discord?


Following their encounter with Kirinmaru, Towa, Riku, and Rion come to a stream where Riku washes his injured eyes. The water fails to heal them, however, leaving Riku blind. He claims that this is a good thing as Kirinmaru will no longer be able to see exactly where they are anymore though his eyes. Though a guilt ridden Towa expresses her sadness over this, Riku tells her not to worry as he is still able to sense her presence through the sent of flowers that she resonates. Rion, recognizing it from her travels around the world, identifies the sent as that of lavender. Towa realizes that they are smelling the hand cream she keeps in her pocket for refreshing dried skin. Riku utilizes Towa's lavender-scented hand cream to "fix" his damaged eyes, which turn them from dark green to a light lavender. Though still largely blind, Riku's eyes are healed enough to where he is able to see Towa, much to her joy. This joy quickly turns to fluster when Riku reveals that she is now the only person he can see, causing her to blush in shock. Rion chastises Riku for "teasing" a young lady like Towa, which he apologizes for.

At Mamidaira Island, Moroha is easily beaten by the two rouge raccoon-dogs, despite her bragging that her evolved Beniyasha form was now "new and improved." Takechiyo and Hachi take shelter in a cave as Moroha sleeps from the use of her late paternal grandmother's shell rouge once more.

Still continuing their expedition in Gokoku Village, the demon slayers try to find a way to stop the Flame Bulls and finally appease their master Mayonaka the "demon god" deity. Setsuna ends up learning Mayonaka's full story, that he is just a deity who had been deceived by the villagers and even the headman's daughter Oharu, whom he had fallen for. Wanting to help him move on from his sorrow, Setsuna utilizes her Yukari no Tachikiri to cut Mayonaka's light golden thread of destiny from his treasured possession, the Blessing of the Five Grains. Once she does so, the shrine crumples to reveal Oharu's dead body (who had been used as a sacrifice) which shocks Mayonaka that she was being used as a yorishiro for the Blessing of the Five Grains. Finally understanding everything, he hugs his human lover and leaves with her spirit to heaven. As the demon slayers depart, Setsuna begins to get a strange senstation and wonders what it could be.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • When the Lavender hand cream was applied to his eyelids, Riku regained his sight; albeit his eye color now being lavender instead of green.
  • Setsuna utilizes her Yukari no Tachikiri a second time to cut one's unseen threads of destiny which, in the case of Mayonaka, were a light golden with several strands as it was red for Rion and Kirinmaru's strands.
  • When Riku tells Towa she is the only person he can see after using her hand cream, Towa is seen to be blushing much stronger than she was in Secret of the Rainbow Pearls. This could imply that her reciprocation of his feeling has grown since then.
  • As Oharu and Mahiruma goes to heaven, is similar to Secret of the Divine Jewel, after Tsugumi is free from the Demon Blood Binding Spell and Datara was free as the demon mask was broken from Gorai's control, he, his wife, and the infant child have reunited and going to heaven.
  • At the end, Setsuna finally begins to feel the gradual effects of a new moon begining to influence her human blood over of her dog demon side, which every half-demon feels on the night he or she temporarily has their respective demonic abilities neutralized, with Shiori losing her bat demon hair color, eye color and powers on a rare solar eclipse.
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