Battle on the New Moon, Part 2 is the thirty-fifth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 11th episode of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. A thoroughly powerless Towa finds herself at the mercy of Zero and Nanahoshi, who attempts to strengthen his extraordinary powers by feeding on the Half-Demon Princess' enduring sadness and unpredictability by using an Eternity Bug on her, giving Zero a greater advantage.
  2. Setsuna, still human, trusts that Hisui and the other demon-slayers to take care of the snow demons who are after her.
  3. Moroha continues her efforts in completing the job her parents began and restore Takechiyo to his rightful place in the Raccoon-Dog Clan as well as finally pay off her entire debt to Jyūbei the Corpse Dealer.


Deep within the Sacred Tree of Ages, again tinted with a reddish hue, Sesshōmaru and Jaken watch over Rin whose body is gradually being covered with several more silver-scales than ever since the Dream Butterfly was cut off from her and Setsuna. This worries Jaken greatly for the sake of his lord and master. Although still weak, Rin manages to open her eyes and pleads for Sesshōmaru to let her see their twin daughters one last time before she dies. As her husband is about to exit the Sacred Tree's core, Rin informs him that she can tell that Towa is crying. Once outside, Jaken reminds his master that tonight is a new moon, and that Towa and Setsuna's demon powers have been neutralized. At the inn, where the fully human Setsuna continues to finally sleep, Yukinoyudo the Snow-Demon continues to edge closer with the intent of settling an old score.

Meanwhile, back on Mamidaira Island, Hacheimon has disguised himself as the rogue raccoon-dog demon Shōgen and uses a captured Moroha to enter the castle with ease. Moroha manages to reclaim her shortbow and arrows, only to encounter the scroll containing the bewitched guardian spirit Full Moon Raccoon Dog that her mother had sealed away. The quarter-demon attempts to end him with a sacred arrow, but it mocks her low level of spiritual power and is unharmed.

Moroha gives Takechiyo the two letters that Miroku had written explaining the instructions on how to defeat Shōgen by utilizing his own World Reversal technique against him. She attacks with another Crimson Backlash Wave at its lowest speed, but is again countered by said technique from Shōgen. It is then that she realizes that she and Takechiyo are to use it together. They blast the rogue raccoon-dog demon far back on the island, finally releasing the Full Moon Raccoon Dog guardian spirit from his mind control spell. Takechiyo presents Moroha with the one royru to finally pay off her master's debt, but Moroha declines, saying that being a bounty hunter is her life now.

As the sun rises, Setsuna's demonic powers are restored and she heads out to protect her fellow demon-slayers on their way home. Meanwhile, Towa has started to succumb to Nanahoshi's eternity bug and her magnetic eyes finally begins to shed tears, revealing that she has now started to break due to Zero's persistence on bringing forth the darkness from the depths of Towa's spirit.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The silver-scale curse cast on Rin by Zero has shown to have progressed since Sesshōmaru cut the Dream Butterfly with Tenseiga.
  • This is the first time Rin has spoken to Sesshōmaru since being sealed to the Tree of Ages for fourteen years.
  • Jaken has revealed to know the New Moon's effect on Towa and Setsuna.
  • After the defeat of Full Moon Raccoon Dog, and during the battle with Shōgen Mamiana, the standard battle theme from InuYasha series is back.
  • Moroha and Tackechiyo both agree that working for Jyūbei the Corpse Dealer is more fun; Moroha refusing to finally pay off her debut and Takechiyo leaving the clan in the hands of his younger brother.


  • It took four years for the Silver Scale Curse to start to progress on Rin as she was sealed in the Sacred Tree of Ages. And yet in a short time, various scales appeared on her since Sesshōmaru cut the Dream Butterfly, despite Rin remaining within the Tree.
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