A Place (Not) for Towa is the thirty-sixth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the 12th episode of the second season titled "The Second Act".


  1. Plauged by painful recollections of her time in the modern era, Towa struggles to keep her cool as her deep sorrow and hidden loneliness are drained and absorbed by Nanahoshi's miniature galaxy.
  2. Informed by her father Sesshōmaru, Setsuna heads to the Sacred Tree of Ages and converses with her ailing mother for the very first time. But Rin gives her crucial information that stalls Setsuna's resolve in saving her mother from Zero's hold over her.


Having been abducted by Zero and her suffering absorbed by Nanahoshi's miniature galaxy, Towa is forced to recall her troubled childhood memories in the modern era when she was constantly mocked by bullies for her "making Setsuna up" although she wasn't lying. It is during this ordeal that Zero's motives are revealed.

Meanwhile, Sesshōmaru goes to Kohaku to bring Setsuna to the Sacred Tree of Ages, where the hardhearted Half-Demon Princess comes face-to-face with her ailing mother for the first time since her Dream Butterfly was cut down and started the re-progression the Silver Scale Curse upon Rin's body quickly. A weakened Rin informs Setsuna that cutting the thread of fate will not lift the curse but that she must first save Zero from herself. Baffled, Setsuna reminds her mother that Zero is her enemy and that she does not deserve pity from her. Rin, however, assures her youngest twin daughter that the curse is Zero's way of being unable to let go of her regrets and bitterness. She gives Setsuna a glowing yellowish light, was the Dream Butterfly that Setsuna recognizes. Setsuna exits the Sacred Tree of Ages and heads to where her twin sister is with a thread of fate as her guide.

Riku and Rion finally manage arrive to help Towa, only to see that one of the most optimistic and warmhearted of the Half-Demon Princesses has lost her sanity to her deepest fury and hatred, which has resulted in the awakening her innermost demonic self in full swing. However, this is exactly what Zero has been hoping for. Riku then realizes that Zero's way to "survive until the very end" is for Towa to kill her, and tries to hold Towa off but she is far too powerful. Wanting to send Towa to Hell personally, she absorbs all seven of her Rainbow Pearls into her eyes, thus being granted even greater demonic abilities than ever before as a rainbow-colored demonic aura is emitted all around her, which shocks Riku.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Kohaku and Sesshōmaru fight alongside one another for the first time in eighteen years.
  • It is shown that Towa was first thought to be Kagome's daughter until Ms. Higurashi realized that Moroha is the actual daughter of Kagome's in "The Dream Butterfly".
  • Sōta allocated Towa's birthday in the modern era to be the same day she arrived at the Higurashi shrine because they don't when her real birthday is.
  • The two girls in the school uniform that Towa wears are revealed to be from Shōyō Middle School in Episode 39.
  • Nanahoshi dies in this episode; marking his final current physical appearance.
  • Ivy is seen around the Sacred Tree of Ages.
  • Setsuna calls Sesshōmaru "my father" for the first time.
  • This is the first time Rin and Setsuna has ever spoken with each other.
  • Zero finally absorbs all seven of her Rainbow Pearls, therefore gaining access to even reach even greater heights of demonic strength and abilities.
  • This is the second time that Towa has transformed into a full demon, this time under Zero's influence. But this is the first time her eyes turn red with teal irises very similar to Inuyasha and Setsuna's demonic transformation.
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