Zero's Wish is the thirty-seventh episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the thirteenth episode of the second season titled "The Second Act".


  1. Towa has succumbed to her deepest fury and hatred, intending to destroy Zero! Setsuna comes to stop her with some crucial knowledge.
  2. Meanwhile, Sesshōmaru presents the Black Pearl to Moroha, revealing to the quarter-demon that her parents are alive and well from within.
  3. Kirinmaru pursues Akuru to aquire his pinwheel.


Now that Towa has tapped into the depths of her deepest fury and hatred and has allowed her demonic self to fully awaken, the utterly berserk Half-Demon Princess is set on putting an end to Zero once and for all. Things escalate further as Zero has regained even greater demonic abilities from absorbing all of her seven Rainbow Pearls into her eyes and is set on personally sending Towa to Hell. Meanwhile, Kirinmaru detects Akuru through the sound of its pinwheel and gives chase to him to make use of his extraordinary time-based abilities. As Moroha and Jaken arrive right outside the Sacred Tree of Ages and Bone-Eater's Well, Sesshōmaru hands the Black Pearl over to Moroha, explaining that his younger half-brother and his wife, her parents, are within it.

As Towa is about to cut Zero down, Setsuna arrives to help calm down her twin sister. With a Dream Butterfly she received from Rin, Setsuna and Towa see the truth of what happened in the forest. It turns out Towa never left Setsuna behind in the fire, and following their separation, Setsuna was left inconsolable before Rin and Jaken attached a Dream Butterfly to Setsuna to remove her memories of the fire and Towa to save her from the grief. Towa, who has now returned to her senses, and Setsuna tearfully embrace as they fully rekindle their bond as sisters. Towa thanks Zero for helping her realize the love she had in her life, but Zero, knowing Towa has no more reason to kill her, prepares to take her own life to kill Rin. Setsuna quickly sees a second thread of fate connecting Zero to the spirit of the Great Dog Demon and severs it.

The deep regrets Zero held are revealed to be that she felt responsible for Tōga's death, and with the Rainbow Pearls shattered, Zero sheds tears once more. However, the Great Dog Demon's spirit consoles her and expresses his gratitude. Now at peace and ready to pass on, Zero severs the thread of fate connecting her and Rin and lifts the silver-scale curse she had placed on her before Riku tearfully stabs her. Zero tells Setsuna and Towa that Kirinmaru's hatred of humans of samurai by the orders of Emperor Daigo, but they were no match for him, and half-demons comes from the fact that one such took Rion's life was Sakasa whose going to avenge his master's death. She dies afterwards, hoping to see Kirinmaru in Nirvana. Rin is released of the Sacred Tree of Ages and awakens in Sesshōmaru's arms, glad that her daughters saved Zero.

Back at the Bone-Eater's Well, Moroha, who is determined and hopeful at finally getting to meet her parents ever since she first saw their incarceration in the Border of the Afterlife, is approached by Kirinmaru who promptly takes the Black Pearl from her before issuing her an ultimatum: Find and bring Akuru's pinwheel to him or she will never see her parents again.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This is the final episode to air in the year 2021.
  • It's been shown that Towa is completely aware of what happens when she transforms. A stark contrast from Inuyasha, whom was easily consumed by bloodlust. Though this may have more to do with their upbringing; with Towa having never wished to kill and desire to protect.
  • Zero reveals that she was the true culprit behind the forest fire to Towa.
  • The truth behind Zero's resentment towards half-demons comes from Rion's demise at the hands of a half-demon boy named Sakasa whose master Kirinmaru had killed.
  • Towa and Setsuna reconcile as the latter's memories of her twin sister had finally returned in; this is also the first time we see Setsuna, Riku and Rion shed tears.
  • The demonic aura Towa projects takes on the form of her late grandfather, just like Moroha as Beniyasha did in Sesshōmaru's Daughter.
  • The Windmill of Time turns slightly after Zero's death. This happened once before following her initial demise.
  • Transparent World is played a final time when Rin is finally released from the fatal curse into Sesshōmaru's waiting arms.
  • The full demonic berserk Towa wields a pale blue demonic energy blade as she had done many times before receiving the supremely powerful Zanseiken.
  • The revelation of Setsuna forgetting about Towa is because Rin was the one who took away those painful memories when she used the Dream Butterfly on Setsuna.
  • After being freed, Rin notably has wrinkles under her eyes; likely from the escalating strain the curse had on her.


  • While Towa was about to slash Zero's triple orbs, the pink colored streak fades in a short second and then returns in a further frame.
  • As Towa reverts back into her half-demon self, her eyes are seen to be purple just like Setsuna's instead of having a magnetic color.
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