Moroha and Family, Together Again is the thirty-ninth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the fifteenth episode of the second season titled "The Second Act".


  1. The Half-Demon Princesses begin to get acquainted with Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi in the Border of the Afterlife.
  2. Shippō returns and tries to find Moroha.
  3. Jaken and Rin find Sesshōmaru, whose haku is being gradually drained away, and confront Kirinmaru who tries to get the Black Pearl from Takechiyo and reveals his ultimate objective for going to the modern era.


In Tōga's tomb, Towa and Setsuna get to know their half-aunt Kagome, who is surprised and happy to know how her family has been for the next fourteen years through Towa. Inuyasha and Moroha are awkward towards one another, with Moroha sobbing in his arms as he tells her how he and Kagome had never stopped thinking about her. Back in the physical world, Jaken and Rin find a fatally wounded and weakened Sesshōmaru whose haku continues to drained away due to Kirinmaru's Demon Fireball attack that he had taken for his twin daughters and half-niece.

Setsuna wonders how Inuyasha and Kagome were able to recognize Moroha, to which they show the half dog-demon twins the Lake of the Staff of Two Heads. From time to time, they were able to see images of their infant daughter via Jaken's staff. From hearing how Towa had returned Setsuna to life with the broken Tenseiga, Inuyasha realizes that the Tenseiga is their key to finally returning to the physical realm.

Just as Kirinmaru is about to kill Rin, Sesshōmaru still manages to retaliate with a strong burst of greenish demonic energy in spite of his weakened state. The Beast King of the East then explains of how the Grim Comet will return in full five centuries from now and that he intends to prove to Akuru that he is the strongest of all sentient beings. When asked how he can foresee such an apocalypse occurring within the distant future, Kirinmaru reveals that his right arm has become his additional incarnation: Osamu Kirin! This revelation about her homeroom teacher being her archenemy's right-hand man, literally, horrifies Towa.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The picture of Moroha and the Elder Associations that Towa got it from her phone, is like in "The Gateway of the Past".
  • Kagome sees her family for the first time in 18 years since the Inuyasha finale, and her sister-in-law and her niece for the very first time from pictures taken by Towa's smartphone.
    • Kagome reveals that she previously owned a flip-phone.
  • The scars Kirinmaru had gotten from Towa and Setsuna have now been covered by his blue streaks.
  • This marks the first appearance of Shippō in the present timeline. It is revealed that he had been searching for Inuyasha and Kagome for fourteen long years to no avail. He has been working as a mentor to young fox-demons in place of Ms. Kyubi's husband; this is also the first time we see a female fox-demon.
    • Being an adolescent demon with a long lifespan, Shippō's appearance has not changed at all since he last appeared. At one point, he appeared much taller with a high ponytail to further enhance his natural charm which, like with raccoon-dog demons, has no affect on fellow fox-demons.
    • Some of the young fox-demons Shippō was teaching are looking like Ippō, Jippō and Shihō.
  • Inuyasha and Moroha initially regard each other with great hostility, owing to their canine nature.
  • Kagome explains that time passes more slowly in the Border of the Afterlife, that she has not aged a day since. It is noted that Inuyasha has not aged for about sixty-four years, counting the time when he was sealed outside the Sacred Tree of Ages for a half century. Both ways are also similar to the way that Rin doesn't age while sealed inside the Sacred Tree of Ages since the silver-scale curse for 14 years.
  • Towa's previous school was revealed to be Shōyō Middle School.
  • Kagome calls out her signature "Sit" command on her husband; first time seeing him on his back instead of stomach, not wanting to waken Moroha. This also marks the first time Towa and Setsuna witness the effects of the Beads of Subjugation.
  • The other side of the gateway to the Realm of Fire is shown for the first time, as the outside appeared in the original anime's Episode 145.
  • The Grim Comet that was destroyed by Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru fourteen years ago was merely one fragment of its true strength.
  • We discover that the Border of the Afterlife is not limited to merely Tōga's grave site, but also to a wooded area, the Lake of the Staff of Two Heads and the Realm of Fire.
  • This is the first time we see Moroha as a toddler.


  • Kagome says she helped deliver the half-demon twins. However, she was having a conversation with Riku at that time. It was Kaede and Sango who helped with the delivery.
  • When Kagome and Inuyasha see images of baby Moroha, Towa and Setsuna are present when we get a bird's eye view of the moment
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