The Collapse of the Windmill of Time is the forty-second episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the eighteenth episode of the second season titled "The Second Act".


  1. The Half-Demon Princesses meet Sesshōmaru's mother who informs of how to cross time. Recognizing the Zanseiken as belonging to the almighty God of Stars, the daiyōkai female is concerned for her eldest twin granddaughter.
  2. Elsewhere, Kirinmaru abducts his own daughter and flies in pursuit of the Half-Demon Princesses, determined to cross space and time by any means necessary.


The Half-Demon Princesses meet Sesshōmaru's noble dog-demon mother at her mansion, who tells them that they can go the Windmill of Time and the doorway of time should open for them. To test them further, she summons Meidomaru of the Wrath of the Underworld. Near Mount Musubi, Kirinmaru uses his Bakuseiken to replenish his undead daughter's haku so she can move again. The rogue Beast King informs Rion and Riku about his dream to travel to the modern era and "save" humanity by destroying the Grim Comet. Rion refuses as accomplishing such a feat would bring about the Degenerate Age in the feudal era. Her father assures her that he has started procuring a new body for her- Towa!

The Half-Demon Princess have trouble holding off Meidomaru as he is connected to multiple threads of fate due the grudges belonging to the many demons he had absorbed. With her new longbow given to her by her parents, Moroha's enhanced sacred arrow now enables her to break the enemy's weapon and weaken them greatly, allowing his threads of fate to be seen by Towa. She uses the Zanseiken to absorb his demonic energies, which her grandmother recognizes as belonging to the God of Stars, and Setsuna cuts his threads of fate. Rion is shocked at what she has done to Towa, and Riku furiously engages in battle with Kirinmaru, stating that he would gladly sacrifice his artificial life for Towa. Using her late aunt's staff, Rion holds her father off, but accidentally runs Riku through with it, deeply devastating her. Kirinmaru abducts his own daughter and drugs her, flying off in pursuit of the Half-Demon Princesses.

Having passed their grandmother's test, the Half-Demon Princesses are told of the curse placed on Zanseiken and that its owner will eventually inhabit Towa's body should her kon be further drained. Towa vows to master the Zanseiken, to which her grandmother says that she can do she sees fit. Akuru presents his pinwheel to Towa, who opens a time portal in one of the Windmill of Time's gears to return to the modern era. Close at hand, Kirinmaru calls to Osamu Kirin to lead him to the future as hordes of demons come from the Windmill of Time. Within the Sacred Tree of Ages, Rin senses that something big has occurred. As they travel through the rainbow corridor, Towa vows that after destroying the Grim Comet, she will uphold the promise she had made to Rin about returning safe and sound.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Rion battles against her father for the first time.
  • Sesshōmaru's mother meets her twin granddaughters and step-granddaughter for the very first time.
  • It is shown that Kagome and Inuyasha's present for their daughter has indeed further boosted and perfected the purifying/destroying effects of her Sacred Arrow, causing it to destroy the enemy's weapon and greatly weaken them with a greater burst of spiritual energy; something that Kagome's spiritually-infused longbow is incapable of.
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