The Blackout is the forty-third episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the nineteenth episode of the second season titled "The Second Act".


  1. The Half-Demon Princesses return to the modern era and try to find Osamu Kirin who has been dealing with demons that descended from the Grim Comet.
  2. Meanwhile, Kirinmaru is still trying to reach the modern era as well and meets some inconvenience.


The Half-Demon Princesses return to the modern era and reunite with Mei, her grandmother and great-grandfather. They inform them of the Grim Comet and leave to find Osamu Kirin. The right arm of the rogue Beast King explains his love for how humanity has evolved on their own and that he wants to ensure their survival as they will remain utterly oblivious to their sudden extinction.

The Half-Demon Princesses go to warn Moe Higurashi of the danger she is in, but she brushes it off and performs as the violinist. Stuck in the rift between the feudal and modern eras, Kirinmaru orders his right arm to lead there. At night, the Half-Demon Princesses and Osamu Kirin prepare to fight as the Grim Comet finally reveals itself.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Towa returns to St. Gabriel Academy for the first time since Episode 4.
  • Julian, the singer of the 6xs band, whom Mei admires so and who was first mentioned in Episode 6, makes his official debut.
  • Demons showing up at the concert is similar to when dried-food demons showed up at the Cultural Festival at the Moroha's mother's middle school in Episode 128 of InuYasha.
  • On the tablet that Osamu is carrying, Yokohame Arona is referenced to Yokohama Arena.
  • The coat Setsuna wears is from Ms. Higurashi and Moroha wearing winter coat belong to her mother.
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