When the Grim Comet Falls is the forty-forth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime, and the twentieth episode of the second season titled "The Second Act."


  1. Osamu Kirin and the Half-Demon Princesses pull out all the stops to try and obliterate the Grim Comet whole in the modern era.
  2. Inuyasha and his gang are fending off increasing hordes of demons, with Sango demonstrating the greater destructive power of her Black Hiraikotsu.
  3. Rion draws in the supreme mystical powers from within Mount Musubi to call upon an ancient power that can suppress Kirinmaru.


In the modern era, the Half-Demon Princesses and Osamu Kirin try their best to obliterate the Grim Comet, but it is far too vast and powerful. Osamu Kirin plunges right into its heart and discovers its true self as a pale blue glowing substance. Once declaring that he eradiate all demons, Kirinmaru's additional incarnation manages to use his mighty demonic powers to make the Comet follow him all the way to the feudal era in order to fulfill Kirinmaru's wish in destroying it. Osamu Kirin finally meets his other half in the flesh and shows the Beast King images of the modern world certain that Rion would love them. As hordes of demons keep appearing the attack, Priestess Kaede is still able to hold her own against them for awhile with Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi and Shippō as back up. Miroku manages to purify several hordes with his immensely stronger Buddhist/spiritual powers as Sango exterminates another with her Black Hiraikotsu, which is strong enough to purify evil demonic energies as it has been infused with Kin'u's own developing Buddhist powers. Having finally reached Mount Musubi, Rion asks for it to infuse her with the vast mystical strength of the Kyūyōkon Root. Riku gives her the apple seed her kept since his first meeting with Towa, which grows into an apple tree that leaves one glowing green apple that Rion takes with her. Still within the Sacred Tree of Ages, a worried Rin is wiping her Sesshōmaru's brow as she prays for Towa and Setsuna's safety. Back in the modern era, the Half-Demon Princesses realize that since Osamu Kirin intends to wipe out all demons, which means that Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha are in danger. They ask the Sacred Tree of Ages to open the gateway to the past, but it does not answer.

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