Kohaku's Lost Memory is the forty-ninth episode of episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Sango and the others encounter a still amnesiac Kohaku whose kind demeanor shows that he is seemingly free from Naraku's grasp.
  2. Kagura appears with a hoard of demons and attacks the group, with the hope of taking Kohaku's Shikon no Tama shard.
  3. Kohaku proves that he is in fact still under Naraku's control, when Naraku subconsciously demands that Kohaku kill Kagome, who is alone with Kohaku.


As Inuyasha and the others search the ruins of one of Naraku's old castles, Sango finds the graves of her fellow demon slayers. Miroku moves them away from Naraku's castle and gives them a burial in non-defiled soil. As Sango prays at the grave, she vows that someday she and Kohaku will guard their tombs.

Meanwhile, an amnesiac Kohaku skillfully chops up wood for an elderly couple. The couple found him in the woods shortly after Lord Hitomi Kagewaki's castle mysteriously disappeared. That night, Kohaku leaves the elderly couple after he is attacked by Naraku's poisonous insects. Kohaku runs into the woods and is attacked by a huge demon working for Naraku. But he is saved by Sango (the group came running when Kagome sensed a jewel shard), who kills the demon with her boomerang.

Sango is overjoyed to be reunited with her brother. Later that night, Sango and Kohaku bond and Kohaku learns a little about himself. Kohaku falls asleep and Sango slips away. Inuyasha confronts Sango and tells her that this has to be one of Naraku's traps. Overhearing this, Kohaku runs away to save Sango the trouble he'll undoubtedly cause.

Suddenly, Inuyasha and the others are attacked by Kagura and a swarm of Naraku's demons. Sango and Kagome soon discover that Kohaku is missing and chase after him, while Inuyasha deals with Kagura, who Naraku sent to retrieve Kohaku's shard.

As Kohaku is running, he finds himself surrounded by Naraku's poisonous insects. Sango saves him in the nick of time and has Kagome take him to safety, Kagome and Kohaku soon find a cave to hide in. In the cave, Kohaku remembers hearing Naraku ordering him to kill Kagome! He enters a trance and prepares to attack Kagome.

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