Jakotsumaru of the Red Bone Palace is the fifth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


  1. Now stuck in the Feudal Era, Towa accompanies Setsuna on a mission to slay a demon that removes the bones of its victims.
  2. In order to pay off her debts to the demon corpse dealer Jyūbei, Moroha goes to gather the head of the recently slain Tōkotsu, one of the Four Perils, and is told to track down Tōkotsu's son, Jakotsumaru.
  3. Towa and Setsuna reunite with Moroha, as it turns out that Jakotsumaru is the one they're all searching for.
  4. The half-demon princesses battle Jakotsumaru, and his partially-revived father Tōkotsu. They make quick work of Tōkotsu and Jakotsumaru, but cannot recover their bodies, so they receive no bounty.


At night on a bridge, a bandit murders a traveler as he begs for his life to be spared. The bandit takes the deceased travelers money. Jakotsumaru appears and tells the bandit what sturdy bone structure. The bandit notices Jakotsumaru and asks does he mean him. Jakotsumaru asks the bandit that all alone this late at night. The bandit tells Jakotsumaru that this isn't the Gojo Bridge and asks doesn't he think it's a bit dangerous for him. Jakotsumaru tells the bandit that he's the one who's in danger here before he holds up his fan. The bandit becomes cautious. Jakotsumaru jumps towards the bandit and lightning comes out of his fan as he uses it to remove his skeleton from his body. The Sacred Tree stops glowing. Setsuna's violin and Moroha's bag falls on Moroha, surprising Towa and Setsuna. Setsuna takes her violin. Towa asks Moroha if she's all good. Moroha does answer. Towa realizes this is the Feudal Era. Kohaku and Hisui calls out to Setsuna. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha look to see Kohaku, Hisui, Kaede, and Kirara arrive. Kohaku tells Setsuna that he's glad she's safe. Setsuna tells Kohaku and Hisui that she has managed to return. Towa looks at the Sacred Tree and thinks to herself that if they defeated Root Head and how are they getting back to the Modern era. Towa says maybe this wasn't a good idea. Yotsume, in his owl form, sits on the Sacred Tree as he watches the scene. Yotsume calls out to Kyūki through her crystal ball. Kyūki calls out to Yotsume, who tells Kyūki that Moroha the one who defeated Tōkotsu has returned to the lands. The crystal ball shows Moroha. Kyūki realizes it is Moroha and wonders that Tōkotsu was defeated by a child. Kyūki calls out to Yotsume and asks him how is Jakotsumaru doing. Yotsume tells Kyūki that Jakotsumaru is eagerly gathering bones in order to revive Tōkotsu. Kyūki tells Yotsume to tell Jakotsumaru to take his revenge and about Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. Yotsume complies. Kyūki smirks.

In the village, Moroha says there we go as she places her big bag in front of Kaede. Moroha asks Kaede can she look after her stuff. Kaede agrees and asks Moroha where was she going. Moroha tells Kaede that she's going to go sell items to the corpse dealer as she puts on a small backpack. Moroha tells Kaede 'see ya' as she'll be back before she leaves. Kaede says Moroha's just like Kagome running around everywhere. Outside a hut, demon slayers are looking at demon corpses. Kohaku is searched through some scrolls and books with Towa and Setsuna watching. Towa asks Kohaku did he find anything. Kohaku questions Towa about the Dream Butterfly as it doesn't like it's an apparition. Setsuna asks Kohaku could the Dream Butterfly be like a shikigami or a puppet. Kohaku tells Setsuna perhaps as he finds the information on the Dream Butterfly. Kohaku says according to a book, the Dream Butterfly could be inhabiting Mount Musubi. Towa questions about Mount Musubi. Towa tells Setsuna that let's try going to Mount Musubi. Setsuna asks Kohaku if there are any slaying jobs available. Towa becomes confused. Kohaku tells Setsuna as a matter of fact he does as he was going to ask Hisui but. Towa becomes annoyed as she calls out to Setsuna. Kohaku and Setsuna look at Towa. Setsuna tells Towa that she walks her own path and if she wants to hunt bugs then do it on her own. Towa becomes surprised then annoyed at Setsuna again.

Later in a nearby village, Kohaku, Hisui, Towa, Setsuna, Kirara, and some villagers observe a few human corpses without bones. Towa becomes surprised as she wonders what is this. Kohaku says the bones have been pulled out as he examines a corpse. Setsuna says it must be an apparition. The villagers says this is about the tenth victim now as they've heard that the demon looks like a beautiful boy. The villagers asks if they could ask the demon slayers to take care of this. Kohaku tells the villagers to leave it to the them. Hisui asks Kohaku why won't he let him handle this job. Kohaku tells Hisui that the problem is his Hiraikotsu as Sango once went up against a bone-eating demon. Hisui questions Kohaku that Sango did. A flashback of Sango battling the Bone Demon and her father is scene. Kohaku tells Hisui that Sango mentioned that Hiraikotsu is practically food for bone-eating demons. Setsuna asks the villagers if the apparition appears near the river at night. The villagers confirms it. Setsuna tells the villagers that she will slay it. Towa happily tells Setsuna that let's do their best. Kohaku asks Towa that she's going to help them. Towa tells Kohaku 'yeah' and to leave it to her. Kohaku says that he's that Towa and Setsuna get along and they're Sesshōmaru's daughters. Setsuna tells Kohaku that she and Towa are complete strangers. Towa tells Setsuna that's not nice as she's doing this for her. Setsuna tells Towa to shut up and stop following her around. Kohaku gets Towa and Setsuna to stop arguing and tells them that if they run into trouble then make sure to let them know as that's why he's having Kirara tag along. Kirara jumps onto Setsuna's shoulder, who smiles. Hisui asks Setsuna will she be fine on her own. Setsuna pets Kirara on the head. Setsuna tells Hisui that she has Kirara. Towa tells Hisui that she will be with Setsuna too. Setsuna becomes annoyed. Kirara lands on the ground and transforms before Towa and Setsuna sit on her. Towa becomes impressed as she tells Kirara that she's awesome. Setsuna tells Kirara to let's go. Kirara flies off into the air. Setsuna tells Towa to not touch her and to not grab onto her. Towa tells Setsuna that she'd fall off.

At Shikabaneya, Moroha gives Jyūbei Mistress Three-Eyes' head and Hitōkon's corpse. Moroha tells Jyūbei how's that as she had a pretty hard time with Mistress Three-Eyes. Jyūbei holds Mistress Three-Eyes' head and Hitōkon's corpse as he asks Moroha where had she vanished to these past few days and wonders if she's planning on turning tail. Moroha tells Jyūbei of course not. Jyūbei tells Moroha to remember that she's on a short leash as she still has a debt to pay as he places Mistress Three-Eyes' head down. Moroha tells Jyūbei to no need to remind her as she'll pay it back soon. Jyūbei tells Moroha to not forget her promise as he's the one shouldering her debt. Moroha tells Jyūbei 'yeah, yeah'. Jyūbei tells Moroha the Hitōkon and the flea demon will be 6 mon as he starts to hand her payment. Moroha questions Jyubei about 6 mon as that's the toll to cross the Sanzu River then wonders about the flea demon. Myōga appears from Mistress Three-Eyes' head and jumps onto Moroha's head. Myōga tells Moroha long time no see and wonders how could she be so horrible as to sell him off before takes some of her blood. Moroha tells Myōga that she didn't see him there before she squashes him off with her hand. Jyūbei questions Moroha that she isn't selling Myōga then it's 5 mon then as he takes 1 mon away. Moroha tells Jyūbei 'oh come on' as when she brought him Tōkotsu that he gave her a bag of silver. A flashback of Moroha carting Tōkotsu's corpse away is scene. Jyūbei remembers the headless Tōkotsu and tells Moroha this and that are a world of difference and if she had Tōkotsu's head he would've given her a bag of gold. Jyūbei pulls out a bag of gold as he shows Moroha, who becomes amazed. Jyūbei tells Moroha that the bag of silver was actually a deposit. Moroha asks Jyūbei 'really'. Jyūbei tells Moroha that if she doesn't bring him Tōkotsu's head then she'll have to pay back the deposit as he puts up the bag of gold. Jyūbei asks Takechiyo was he here. Takechiyo appears in a puff of smoke and asks Jyūbei what is it. Jyūbei tells Takechiyo that he can't let Moroha escape and to follow her around and to make sure she slays Tōkotsu. Takechiyo tells Jyubei that he's got it. Jyūbei tells Moroha that he's sure Jakotsumaru has been gathering bones in order to revive Tōkotsu and she needs to slay him before that happens or she'll have more trouble on her hands. Moroha asks Jyūbei would he happen to know where Jakotsumaru is. Takechiyo tells Moroha that he'll take her there but she better be thankful. Moroha tells Takechiyo 'yeah, yeah' as she places her Kurikaramaru on her.

At night, Towa and Setsuna lie in wait for apparition at the bridge where his found his last victim. Towa yawns. Setsuna asks Towa if she's getting bored. Towa tells Setsuna that no not at all as she just got a little sleepy. Setsuna questions Towa about being sleepy. Towa tells Setsuna that's not what she meant then she's sorry. Setsuna becomes annoyed and tells Towa to stop apologizing all the time as it's annoying. Towa tells Setsuna by the way she's never seen the sky so dark at night. Setsuna tells Towa to be quiet. Towa and Setsuna look to see red orbs of light appear with Jakotsumaru and a cow skeleton wheeling a cart full of bones, surprising them. Jakotsumaru and the cow skeleton stop when a pack of wolves appeared. The pack of wolves attempt to attack Jakotsumaru until he pulls out his fan and lightning comes out of it as he removes his skeletons from his bodies. Towa and Setsuna come out of hiding. Setsuna uses her Scourge of Swallows on Jakotsumaru, who becomes surprised and escapes. The cow skeleton and cart of bones crumble. Setsuna grabs Jakotsumaru's kimono as she examines it. Towa asks Setsuna did they get Jakotsumaru. Setsuna tells Towa 'no' as Jakotsumaru escaped. Towa tells Setsuna that's a relief as she doesn't want to kill such a cute child. Setsuna asks Towa why was she still saying such things. Towa and Setsuna notice a trail of red glowing shards of bones. Towa asks Setsuna if those shards of bones keep going. Setsuna tells Towa that Jakotsumaru's at the end of the trail.

At the Red Bone Palace, a transformed Takechiyo drops Moroha off. Moroha tells Takechiyo that she'll be done soon and to wait around in a safe spot. Takechiyo prepares to leave and tells Moroha to not dare run away as he'll be watching her and flies away. Moroha senses 2 beings nearby and was about to pull out her Kurikaramaru until she sees Towa and Setsuna with a flashlight as she covers her face. Towa calls out to Moroha. Moroha uncovers her face and asks Towa and Setsuna if that's them and wonders if they're here to swipe her bounty again. Setsuna asks Moroha if her prey is here as well. Moroha tells Setsuna that she's not telling her as this one's worth a bag of gold. Towa questions Moroha about the bag of gold. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha suddenly notices Myōga on Moroha's shoulder. Myōga tells Moroha that Tōkotsu is one of the Four Perils as his head is worth more than a bag of gold and he's worth at least gold ingot. Moroha asks Myōga will he shut up. Myōga tells Moroha that she's scary and the problem is the remaining Four Perils as they won't be silent for long. Moroha tells Myōga that's true. Moroha thinks to herself that if she gets Towa and Setsuna involved things might work out. Setsuna thinks to herself that Moroha is scheming something. Somewhere else in the Red Bone Palace, Jakotsumaru says to himself that there his father Tokotsu's murderer- Moroha the Demon Killer as his eyes glows red. Later, Myōga, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha go through the Red Bone Palace. Myōga says that starting from his master Tōga himself as he's been serving the family for 3 generations and introduces himself and he must say Moroha's blood is closest to Tōga's and even more delicious than Inuyasha's. Moroha tells Myōga that she doesn't care about all of that and to just tell her about the Four Perils. Myōga says the Four Perils were demons that crossed over from the mainland during the Spring and Autumn Period as they are demon beasts named Konton, Tōtetsu, Kyūki, and Tōkotsu and they were controlled by Kirinmaru, a Beast King like Tōga. Towa and Setsuna become interested. Towa questions Myōga that did he just say Kirinmaru. Myōga confirms it and asks Towa what about Kirinmaru. Setsuna tells Myōga that she, Towa, and Moroha have heard that Kirinmaru is attempting to distort time and swallow this world into a Degenerate Age. Myōga says he finds it hard to believe that such a resplendent Beast King would hold such dark ambitions. Towa and Setsuna look at each other.

Somewhere else in the Red Bone Palace, Jakotsumaru is trying to resurrect Tōkotsu, who is eating bones. Jakotsumaru says 'Father, please wake up. Please, my dear father gracious father'. A skeleton Tōkotsu appears. Jakotsumaru tells Tōkotsu it is the time of his awakening. Moroha says she's sure that she didn't know that Tōkotsu was Kirinmaru's underling. Moroha asks Towa and Setsuna now what. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's planning to rope her and Towa into this. Moroha tells Setsuna in return she'll help her look for the Dream Butterfly. Setsuna rejects Moroha's offer as it's not even worth it. Towa asks Moroha that she's really strong and was Tōkotsu just too weak. Moroha laughs and tells Towa that she doesn't remember slaying Tōkotsu. Towa questions Moroha that she doesn't remember. Moroha says that she doesn't have any memory of what happened during the fight and all she remember is that she took Tōkotsu's Red Rainbow Pearl and when she was carrying his corpse his underlings chased after her so she ran as fast as she could and she didn't know he was worth a bag of silver nor know of his name until Jyūbei told her so. A flashback of the events is seen. Towa tells Moroha that all that luck fell right into her lap. Moroha tells Towa that's one way to put it. Setsuna tells Moroha that means someone else killed Tōkotsu. Moroha tells Setsuna talk about false accusation. Setsuna says that's not all as things are they'll be following the Sacred Tree's request. Towa tells Setsuna 'no'. Setsuna tells Towa that if they defeat the Four Perils then Kirinmaru will emerge and if he emerges then as she walks away. Towa tells Setsuna about Sesshōmaru as they'll have to fight their own father before walks after Setsuna. Myōga asks Moroha that Towa and Setsuna are Sesshōmaru's daughters. Moroha tells Myōga that seems like it then walks forward. Soon Myōga, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha reach a door. Moroha asks what will they do as on the other side is Kirinmaru's underling and one of the Four Perils and the bounty is one gold ingot. Towa and Setsuna look at each other for a moment. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to come on and let's split the bounty 3 ways as they're buddies who traveled together to the modern era and from here on they can help each other out before she opens the door. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha look to see Jakotsumaru sitting down. Jakotsumaru tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha 'welcome' as his father Tōkotsu has been patiently waiting as well. Moroha tells Towa and Setsuna to not let their guard down. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's the one who should be on guard as Jakotsumaru thinks she's the one who killed Tōkotsu. Moroha realizes it. Towa tells Moroha that if she explains how she got the bounty on pure luck then she's sure Jakotsumaru will understand and they can that they'll return the money. Moroha tells Towa to not be stupid and if a bounty hunter returns the bounty then she isn't a bounty hunter anymore before she walks forward and stops near him. Moroha tells Jakotsumaru that if he's out for vengeance then she will just have to strike back before she almost pulls out her Kurikaramaru. Jakotsumaru smirks and stands up. A wall collapses with an army of skeletons as Moroha moves away. Towa and Setsuna become surprised. Tokotsu appears and asks Moroha that she'll strike back as he hasn't even died yet and can't forgive her for stealing his treasured Red Rainbow Pearl but finds it outrageous that she would sell off his body and won't forgive her and calls her a 'wretch'. Moroha tells Tōkotsu to stop it as he's making her sound like a bad person. Towa secretly tells Setsuna that Moroha is the bad person. Setsuna tells Towa 'indeed'. Tōkotsu tells Moroha that he'll take back his Red Rainbow Pearl and separate her head from her body just like she did his before he starts to summon. Towa and Setsuna notice the palace shaking for a moment. Moroha tells Tōkotsu that he's getting shabby as he can't be a member of the Four Perils with just his skull and karma sucks and to give up already before she starts to pull out her Kurikaramaru until Towa interferes. Towa tells Moroha 'no' as she has to apologize and everyone makes mistakes.

Setsuna tells Towa that she's too naive and wonders does the modern era forgives anyone who apologizes. Jakotsumaru says it's rubbish and if apologies solved everything then they wouldn't need a magistrate. Moroha tells Jakotsumaru that she's not apologizing as bounty hunting is her job and she'll have to power her way through. Moroha takes out her Kurikaramaru and uses Crimson Dragon Wave, hitting the army of skeleton and Tōkotsu. Jakotsumaru calls out to Tōkotsu. Setsuna tells Moroha that she'll pave her path as she expect nothing less from her Kanemitsu no Tomoe. Setsuna uses Cyclone Burst on the army of skeleton. Towa calls out to Setsuna. In a flashback, Setsuna tells Towa that she's too naive and wonders does the modern era forgives anyone who apologizes. Towa thinks to herself that Setsuna's right as everything can't be resolved with apologizes before she pulls out her Kikujūmonji. Towa uses her Energy Blade on the army skeleton and calls out to Setsuna and Moroha as she tells them that she'll join in. Towa realizes that if she's dealing with skeletons and she doesn't have to hesitate because they're already dead. Jakotsumaru jumps forward and tells Moroha that he'll rip her bones out as he attacks with his fan. Moroha spits out some purification salt, destroying his hand. Jakotsumaru becomes surprised. Moroha puts away her Kurikaramaru as she tells Jakotsumaru that she had purification salt in her mouth. Jakotsumaru becomes annoyed and asks Moroha why does a demon like her possess spirit powers. Myōga tells Jakotsumaru that he can explain that part. Jakotsumaru wonders who was that and where was Myōga as he looks around for a moment. Myōga tells Jakotsumaru that he's right here as he appears on Moroha's shoulder. Moroha calls out to Myōga, Myōga tells Jakotsumaru that Moroha is the daughter of Kagome the reincarnation of the legendary priestess Kikyō and of course she would possess spirit powers. Jakotsumaru questions to Myōga about Moroha being the daughter of Kikyō's reincarnation and doesn't that make this mostly unrelated. Myōga tells Jakotsumaru to be quiet. Moroha tells Myōga that she's surprised he hasn't run away yet. Myōga tells Moroha that he that'll be happening very soon. Moroha tells Myōga that's right soon. Moroha pulls out her Beni and starts to apply some of it. Myōga says that he'll be able to taste Tōga's blood for the first time in 200 years. Moroha says if she does this and realizes something. Moroha calls out to Towa and Setsuna and tells them that she'll be out for a whole day after this so she's counting on them. Towa asks Moroha what does she mean. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's such a handful. Moroha tells Jakotsumaru with this rouge then applies some rouge. Moroha tells Jakotsumaru that she becomes Beniyasha, Destroyer of Lands and tremble before the bloodthirsty dawn and bear witness to his end if he so dare as she emits a red aura as she transforms. Moroha pulls out her Kurikaramaru. Myōga says the Beni was a gift from Tōga's to his wife Izayoi and when Moroha applies the rouge his memories are revived in her blood as it's the best and can't be beat before he drinks Moroha's blood from her neck. Myōga tells Moroha thank you the meal as he's thrilled before he leaves. Jakotsumaru becomes confused. Tōkotsu tells Jakotsumaru to not let his guard down as his body was separated from him by those devilish claws. Jakotsumaru tells Moroha how dare she as he won't forgive her and jumps forward. Moroha dodges Jakotsumaru's attack and tries to strike him with her Kurikaramaru, who was quickly able to dodge it. Jakotsumaru lunges at Moroha. Moroha uses her Iron Reaver Soul Stealer on Jakotsumaru, killing him and making him disappear.

Towa becomes upset as she calls Jakotsumaru a poor fellow. Setsuna looks at Towa. Tōkotsu becomes enraged and tells Moroha how dare she kill Jakotsumaru and tries to attack her. Moroha is knocked down to the ground and sees Tōkotsu looming over as he tries to attack again. Moroha uses Blades of Blood on Tōkotsu. Tōkotsu exploded and was set ablaze. Towa tells Moroha that she's amazing. Setsuna tells Towa 'no' as it's not really that great. Towa and Setsuna look to see that Moroha had passed out on the ground. Setsuna tells Towa that Moroha's used up her demon energy. Towa asks Setsuna that Moroha lasts about a minute and she can't even make a cup of noodles in that time. Tōkotsu tells Moroha curse her as he appears again. Towa tells Tōkotsu that he's still alive. Setsuna tells Moroha that she's a million years too early to leave the clean up to her before she uses her Scourge of Swallows on Tōkotsu. Tōkotsu explodes before his head is separated from his skeletal body. Towa asks Setsuna is it really okay to slay Tōkotsu as they are the ones in the wrong. Setsuna tells Towa that if she hesitates then those boneless corpses will only increase. Towa tells Setsuna that she sees as if she thinks about it they're far worse than they are and complies. Setsuna tells Tōkotsu to not think ill of them. Setsuna says a chant of 'On meeting an arhat, slay the arhat; on meeting your parents, slay your parents. Know that the light to your path lies there ends'. Towa charges her Energy Blade. Towa tells Tōkotsu to rest in peace before she uses her Energy Blade on him to banish him, destroying his remains in the process. The Red Bone Palace disappears without a trace. A transformed Takechiyo sees from the sky as he communicates with Jyūbei through a conch shell. Takechiyo tells Jyūbei that Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha demolished everything including the Red Bone Palace. Jyūbei questions Takechiyo even Tōkotsu and Jakotsumaru. Takechiyo tells Jyūbei 'yes' and without a trace. Jyūbei tells Takechiyo 'wonderful, hanyō princesses' but no remains means that he can't give a bounty. Takechiyo tells Jyūbei which means the profits goes to them. Jyūbei tells Takechiyo 'exactly' and to come on back. Takechiyo agrees before he leaves. Towa and Setsuna watch Moroha sleep. Towa asks Setsuna what was she whispering earlier. Setsuna tells Towa something that she heard from traveling monk a long time ago and it just crossed her mind. A flashback of Miroku is seen. Towa tells Setsuna that there's nothing left and looks like they can't get a bounty. Setsuna tells Towa that most likely. Setsuna thinks to herself that Moroha a shihanyō with both spirit power and demon power and it's interesting.

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  • Moroha had the purification salt just like Madame Exorcist.
  • From this episode, Inuyasha can be further seen behind Sesshōmaru in the opening.
  • The plot of this episode is essentially the same as the arc with the Bone Demon and her father as it uses scenes that were not adapted in Episode 179 of InuYasha The Final Act.
  • It's revealed that Setsuna had met Miroku at some point, not knowing his relationship to Kohaku as his brother-in-law.
  • It's title on TV to be called "Red Bone Palace Young Bone Circle".


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