Onigumo's Memory Restored is the seventieth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Musō is drawn to the cave where Onigumo laid, claiming that he had been there before.
  2. Musō regains his memory and it is revealed that he is actually Onigumo, the bandit who fed his soul to demons and became Naraku.
  3. Naraku was unable to harm Kikyō while he still had the human heart of Onigumo, who desired Kikyō, which is why he expelled Musō from his body; Naraku attempts to slay Kikyō now that he no longer has a human heart, but was unable to do so.



Musō attacks

Musō tries to pull Kagome towards him when Inuyasha uses his Tessaiga to cut the tentacles. As more Saimyōshō appeared, Inuyasha tells Kagome to run. The Saimyōshō go to Musō and join together to give him another new arm. Musō tries to attacks Inuyasha as he said not to interfere. Inuyasha deflected Musō's attack with his Tessaiga. Musō tries to go after Kagome but Inuyasha stops him and asks why is he after her, confusing Musō.

Musō used his tentacles and pushed Inuyasha away before he went after Kagome again. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar on Musō to free Kagome and rips him to pieces, seemingly destroying him. Shippō wonders why Musō was after Kagome and Miroku suspects that he was an incarnation of Naraku as he had a spider scar on his back. Kagome says that Musō couldn't survived an attack from the Wind Scar. Kaede appears and calls out to Inuyasha and asks what's going on. Inuyasha told Kaede that she was too late and the battle was over remains skeptical as he has concerns about Musō.

As Kikyō takes care of the wounded soldiers at the temple, she soon comes upon the apprentice of Musō who tells her that his master was killed and his face was stolen by a faceless demon who had spider mark on his back. Kikyō tells one of the soldiers to help the apprentice as she quickly suspects it is an incarnation of Naraku and wonders what he's up to. Naraku watches Kikyō through Kanna's mirror and has a flashback of her saying he could never kill her because of Onigumo's heart before leaving from a room.

In the castle basement, Kagura is still chained up in the dungeon for punishment from leaving the castle without permission and wonders how long is Naraku intending to keep her there. Naraku suddenly appears in Kagura's presence and asks if she wants to be released. Kagura once again promised complete devotion to Naraku and won't run away anymore if he would free her from the prison. Naraku tells Kagura to follow Musō, confusing her. Naraku explains that Musō was her younger brother before releasing her from the chains. Kagura becomes curious of Musō being Naraku's new incarnation. Naraku orders Kagura to go find Inuyasha and his group and inform him about Musō's location, confusing Kagura. Naraku laughs to himself as he knows Musō is heading towards Onigumo's cave.

Later, the remains of Musō's body reforms after being struck by the Wind Scar as he begins to wonder who Inuyasha was and who he was as a spider mark on his back appeared. Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippō, and Sango persuade Kagome to go home in the Modern era to be safer until they know what Naraku is up to. A samurai hears rustling in the bushes and notices Musō appearing from them and asks who he is. Musō takes interests in the samurai's clothes and armor before he kills him for it. As Musō wanders, he notices a cave and it feels familiar before he walks towards it. Kagome on the Bone-Eater's Well with Kaede as she wonders if it's better to go back to the Modern era. Kagome consults with Kaede again on what to do and learns that she suspects that Musō might do something with Onigumo and his cave must have something to do with the situation. Kaede goes to the cave alone, while Kagome goes back home. Musō makes his way to the cave and becomes curious as he enters in then he lies down exactly on the spot where there is no grass and where Onigumo was 50 years ago.

While Inuyasha and the others are walking, Shippō asks Inuyasha where are they going. Inuyasha explains that they are now on their way to Naraku's castle then Shippō asks if he knows where it is, who doesn't know. Inuyasha is very irritated because of Shippō's concerns and says they're tracing the path Musō took. Sango asks if they should take go the villages that Musō pillaged, Miroku suggests they should go to where the bandit were slaughtered.

Then Kagura appears them on Naraku's orders and reveals to them that Musō is now heading towards Onigumo's cave, shocking them. As Kagura prepares to leave, Miroku asks her if she was sent by Naraku, which she confirms. Miroku takes the opportunity and asks if Kagura told Naraku that Inuyasha loses his demonic powers once a month on the night of the new moon. Inuyasha cuts Miroku off. Kagura pretends not to know anything, which Miroku and Sango conclude that she is not completely obeying Naraku. Inuyasha says Kagura is not their ally before they head off to Onigumo's cave. As Kagura is flying, she wonders about Naraku as she has a flashback of him telling her to inform Inuyasha and his group about Musō's location and keep watch over him then begins to suspects that unlike herself Musō might not be under Naraku's control.

As Kaede goes to Onigumo's cave alone, but Kagome soon follows her out of curiosity. Inside the cave, Musō continues to lay on the patch of dead grass where Onigumo once laid and felt some grass with his hand as he felt someone should be here before he had a vision of Kikyō and wonders who she is. Kagome and Kaede appear outside of Onigumo's Cave as Kagome wonders this is where everything began before she and Kaede headed further towards the cave. Musō remembers he wanted Kikyō and he was once here in the cave then he suddenly heard voices outside and stood up. Musō desired Kikyō so much that he sold his soul to the demons and ran towards the entrance of the cave then yelled Kikyō on the outside. Kaede and Kagome sees Musō.

Musō remembers that he is Onigumo and he wanted Kikyō and uses his tentacles and tried to capture Kagome but she moved away. Kaede pulls out her bow and arrow as she remembers Onigumo's aura and couldn't believe he's here before she fired an arrow at him. Musō deflects Kaede's arrow and calls her a hag and tells her not to get in his way as he wants Kagome as she is identical to Kikyō. Kaede finally knew that Musō was the fugitive Onigumo, confusing Kagome. Musō attempts to kill Kaede, however Kagome tells him to stop and that she was the one he wants before running away. Musō demands to know why Kagome looks so much like Kikyō as he tries to capture her, but Inuyasha arrives just in time and severs Musō's arm with Iron Reaver Soul Stealer. Inuyasha calls Kagome a fool and asked why had she returned. Musō isn't pleased to see Inuyasha and asks why is he interfering again, confusing Inuyasha.

Musō says he remembers everything now, that he used to be a bandit and he once stayed in the cave with Kikyō. Inuyasha asks Musō what he was talking about. Kaede tells Inuyasha that Musō is Onigumo, confusing Inuyasha. Musō confirmed that he is Onigumo. Miroku suspects that's why Musō kept stealing people's faces because Onigumo's body even his face was badly burned. Inuyasha questions that Onigumo's heart came out of Naraku's body. Musō said he remembered everything and Kikyō died back then. Inuyasha angrily tells Musō that killed Kikyō. Musō denies this as he said that entire reason he sold his soul was so he would have the Sacred Jewel and a working body to be able to take Kikyō for himself and leave the cave but once he had his new body, nothing went his way as the first thing he did when he left the cave was rip apart the body of the woman he sold his soul for. Kagome suspects that when Naraku was born, Onigumo still had some will. Kaede says that Naraku was created from the hundreds of demons and they had one desire, the death of her sister Kikyō, the shrine priestess.

Musō said the result of that was Kikyō followed Inuyasha in death and the Sacred Jewel burned away along with her corpse then at that moment someone locked him up within a "deep, dark place". Inuyasha tells Musō that was Naraku. Musō falls from the cave and says he doesn't know long he had been asleep but when he awoke, he had been thrown back into the outside world. Miroku thinks to himself that Musō didn't remember anything not even about Naraku before going closer to Musō then asking him if he's been given any orders by Naraku. Musō replies he doesn't take orders from anyone and kills everyone he hates, then burn them away. He insists that he will start with Inuyasha and questions why is he still alive when Kikyō is dead. Inuyasha tells Musō to speak for himself as he was annoyed with him being alive again. Musō says after he kills Inuyasha he will kill Kagome next, shocking Kagome. Inuyasha moves in front of Kagome and tells Musō to not dare touch her and he'll take him on.

As Musō prepares to fight Inuyasha, everyone notices the Saimyōshō suddenly appear. Miroku tells Kaede and Kagome to stay back, which they complied. Inuyasha tells Musō he doesn't know why Naraku let him out but him and Naraku are one and the same before pulling out Tessaiga then says he'll avenge Kikyō right now. Musō tries to use his tentacles on Inuyasha but he cuts them with his Tessaiga so he grabs then lifts him in the air. Shippō says Musō's sliced tentacles closed on Inuyasha's Tessaiga. Miroku says Musō has the ultimate power to regenerate. Inuyasha replies that he doesn't care before releasing himself from Musō's tentacles. Musō tells Inuyasha that the Tessaiga is useless against him, annoying Inuyasha. Miroku says his Wind Tunnel would've taken care of Musō. Kagome questions if Naraku is protecting Onigumo. Miroku replies probably yes as he sent Saimyōshō to prevent him from using his Wind Tunnel. Sango says Musō takes orders from no one. Miroku replies he doesn't understand Naraku's intent. Inuyasha charges at Musō.

Meanwhile at the temple, Kikyō is walking until she sees Saimyōshō then Naraku appearing from one of the trees. Naraku says he wanted to see Kikyō in person. Kikyō asks Naraku what does he want. Naraku says he came to test his power right now. Kikyō explains again that Naraku is a hanyō that harbors Onigumo's heart that has no power to kill her. Naraku replies Kikyō is correct if he still had Onigumo's heart he wouldn't be able to lay a hand on her before moving closer to her then raises his hand. Naraku said even if Kikyō's existence is artificial, annoying Kikyō. Naraku says he knew Kikyō isn't real yet he was unable to reach out take her before tightly wrapping his hand around her neck to strangle her then going on to say she was a woman made out of clay and bones then released her as he laughed. Kikyō takes out her bow and arrow as she prepares to strike Naraku. Naraku and Kikyō notices Naraku's arm suddenly transform into a demon hand before he barely managed to force it back to normal.Naraku turns around to leave. Kikyō asks Naraku what's wrong and wasn't he going to kill her. Naraku stops and tells Kikyō to not be full of herself and it wasn't because he feared her that he didn't kill her as it suits his purpose then says he will not kill her but he will break her then leaves, confusing Kikyō. Naraku thinks to himself that Onigumo isn't completely severed from him yet.

Musō continues to use his tentacles on Inuyasha, who slices them with his Tessaiga before being pushed back and continues to dodge his attacks. Musō asks Inuyasha what the matter before Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar, surprising Musō who is ripped to pieces. Kaede asks if Inuyasha succeeded. Miroku says he isn't sure as Musō has an ability to regenerate. Musō uses one of his tentacles to impale Inuyasha. Sango uses her Hiraikotsu to slice off Musō's tentacle to free Inuyasha. Musō says it doesn't work. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar on Musō again. Inuyasha doesn't believe Musō can keep regenerating. Kagome hopes Inuyasha is right. Kagura, who is secretly watching, thinks to herself Musō said he doesn't take orders from Naraku and questions if he's not under Naraku's control but is a part of him asks if that possible. Musō insults Inuyasha and asks doesn't he understand as it useless since no matter how many times he tries. Miroku says Musō has resurrected himself again. Inuyasha thinks to himself is there a way to destroy Musō. Soon Musō's body reshapes itself into a scorpion like creature, annoying Inuyasha. Musō says he's getting used to his new body before demonic hand to try to grab Inuyasha. Kagome tells Inuyasha that something is above him. Inuyasha at first dodges Musō's scorpion tail before it impales him.

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  • Opening Theme — Owarinai Yume — TV OST Vol. 3
  • Musō’s arm is regenerated again, Inuyasha uses Wind Scar on him — Fierce Fighting (Gekitō) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Monk tells Kikyō about his master’s face being stolen — Shōki — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Musō’s body regenerates — Sign of Unrest (Fuon na Kehai) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Musō takes man’s clothes, Kagome is reluctant to return home — The Hidden Well to the Sengoku Era (Kakushi Ido kara Sengoku Jidai e) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Kagura tells Inuyasha where Onigumo is headed — Tsubaki the Dark Miko (Kuromiko Tsubaki) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Musō remembers Kikyō, he emerges from cave as Kagome arrives — Ryūkotsusei Resurrected (Yomigaeru Ryūkotsusei) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Kaede recognizes the man as Onigumo, Musō demands to know why Kagome looks like Kikyō — Hell Insects, Saimyōshō (Jigoku Mushi Saimyōshō) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Musō recalls how his plan to sell his soul to demons did not work — Trap (Wana) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Inuyasha’s sword is useless against Musō — Fight to the Death (Shitō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Naraku tries to kill Kikyō, but his body involuntarily mutates — Evil Demon, Naraku (Jayō Naraku) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Inuyasha continues fighting Musō and uses Wind Scar — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Musō’s body transforms into a scorpion and stabs Inuyasha — Ryūkotsusei Resurrected (Yomigaeru Ryūkotsusei) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Ending Theme — Every Heart — TV OST Vol. 3

Differences from the manga[]

  • In the manga it is the Saimyōshō that lead Musō to Onigumo's cave, while in the anime he finds it on his own.
  • In the manga it is Kagome who asks Kagura if she told Naraku about Inuyasha turning into a human on the new moon, whereas in the anime it is Miroku.
  • In the anime Inuyasha tells Kagome to go through the Bone-Eater's Well back to her own time to keep her safe from Musō, and in the manga he simply tells her to stay back with Sango while he goes after Musō.
  • In the manga Kaede has gone to investigate Onigumo's cave by herself, while in the anime Kagome accompanies her to the cave.
  • In the anime, Naraku goes to confront Kikyō and chokes her, hoping to kill her, and his hand turns into that of another demon. In the manga, Naraku's hand does transform into a demon's hand, but it does so while he is at his castle; he doesn't confront Kikyō in the manga.


  • Although InuYasha meets Onigumo face to face for the first time, we still never see his true face, since the one he wears now is not his own.