Onigumo's Memory Restored is the seventieth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Musō is drawn to the cave where Onigumo laid, claiming that he had been there before.
  2. Musō regains his memory and it is revealed that he is actually Onigumo, the bandit who fed his soul to demons and became Naraku.
  3. Naraku was unable to harm Kikyō while he still had the human heart of Onigumo, who desired Kikyō, which is why he expelled Musō from his body; Naraku attempts to slay Kikyō now that he no longer has a human heart, but was unable to do so.


Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar on Musō and rips him to pieces. Kikyō soon comes upon the apprentice of Musō the priest who was killed by Musō the demon. He tells her the demon had a spider-mark on its back and Kikyō decides to investigate. Naraku sees this in Kanna's mirror and releases Kagura who he has been holding chained in the area beneath the castle since her betrayal. He tells her to go find Inuyasha and tell him Musō is headed towards Kaede's village. Slowly Musō has put himself back together, and Inuyasha is worried about Kagome being there when Musō seems indestructible. Musō makes his way to the cave where Onigumo once lived and was cared for by Kikyō, and Kaede and Kagome go to investigate it, while Inuyasha and the others go in search of Naraku. Kagura catches up with them and does as Naraku asked her, she tells them where Musō is. Inside the cave Musō remembers who he really is... Onigumo. He sees Kagome as he emerges from the cave and demands to know why Kagome looks so much like Kikyō. Inuyasha arrives just in time and severs Musō's arm. Soon Musō's body reshapes itself into a scorpion like creature and impales Inuyasha. Meanwhile, Naraku goes to check up on Kikyō when suddenly his arm begins to react strangely.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Differences from the manga

  • In the manga it is the Saimyōshō that lead Musō to Onigumo's cave, while in the anime he finds it on his own.
  • In the manga it is Kagome who asks Kagura if she told Naraku about Inuyasha turning into a human on the new moon, whereas in the anime it is Miroku.
  • In the anime Inuyasha tells Kagome to go through the Bone-Eater's Well back to her own time to keep her safe from Musō, and in the manga he simply tells her to stay back with Sango while he goes after Musō.
  • In the manga Kaede has gone to investigate Onigumo's cave by herself, while in the anime Kagome accompanies her to the cave.
  • In the anime, Naraku goes to confront Kikyō and chokes her, hoping to kill her, and his hand turns into that of another demon. In the manga, Naraku's hand does transform into a demon's hand, but it does so while he is at his castle; he doesn't confront Kikyō in the manga.


  • Although InuYasha meets Onigumo face to face for the first time, we still never see his true face, since the one he wears now is not his own.
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