Three-Sided Battle to the Death is the seventy-first episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Inuyasha continues his fight with Musō and continually destroys his body, only to have the demon regenerate each time; Miroku notes that each time his body is destroyed, the flesh forms around the spider shaped scar on his back.
  2. Naraku tracks down Musō and attempts to re-absorb him into his body, saying that he was released too early; Musō reveals that he despises Naraku for using his body to kill the very woman that Musō gave his soul up for.
  3. Inuyasha finds the two of them and attacks Naraku, Musō attacks Naraku as well, piercing him with one of his arms; the others think that Musō has killed Naraku, but Naraku instead uses this opportunity to re-absorb Musō back into his body.
  4. Naraku reveals that he is indeed a hanyō, but unlike other hanyō he chooses his time of powerlessness himself, and whenever he does so he reconstructs his body, making himself more powerful.


Musō, while in scorpion form, impales Inuyasha as he throws him to the ground. Musō asks Inuyasha what's the matter and if he can't move. Inuyasha gets up and rips Musō's scorpion tail from his chest as he tells him to 'shut up' before he lunges at Musō again. Musō's demonic hand grabs Inuyasha's neck as Inuyasha is trying to escape. Miroku, Shippō, Kaede, Sango, and Kagome look at the scene worried. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Musō calls out to Inuyasha and tells him this time he'll shred him into bits before he uses his other tentacle to impale Inuyasha's chest again. Kagome calls out to Inuyasha. Musō tells Inuyasha to now come. Inuyasha tells Musō to not act cocky before he uses his Wind Scar on him, destroying Musō. Inuyasha is kneeling as he rips Musō's demonic hand from his neck and throws it on the ground. Musō's parts start to piece themselves back together. Inuyasha stands up in pain as he realizes that Musō isn't dead yet. Musō's parts continues to piece themselves back together. Kaede says this will never end. Miroku notices that when Inuyasha unleashed his Wind Scar, Musō regenerates by pulling all his parts to his human back that has a spider mark on it. Musō transforms into a scorpion again but with spikes. Sango says Musō's transforming again. Kaede asks Musō's body made of. Miroku says Naraku is basically a collection of demons bonded into one by Onigumo the bandit and if Musō was created from his flesh. Sango questions at the same time several of those demons were released. Kagura watches nearby as she thinks to herself that Musō is different from them and is he something special even to Naraku. Miroku thinks to himself why is Musō able to regenerate and is he immortal. Inuyasha prepares to fight Musō again. Musō tells Inuyasha that he told him it's useless. Inuyasha becomes annoyed as he charges at Musō again. Musō uses his demonic hand to hit Inuyasha to the ground but Inuyasha quickly recovers as he dodges Musō's attack. Musō uses his tentacle again to attack Inuyasha again as Inuyasha fell on the ground. Shippō and Kagome become worried.

Shippō says he can't watch and wonders if there's anything they can do. Kaede notices Inuyasha is getting tired as it is to be expected from using the Wind Scar so many times. Sango knows Inuyasha has also withstood Musō's vicious attacks but he can't much more of them. Inuyasha starts panting in exhausted. Musō tells Inuyasha to look at himself and asks if he's had enough already. Shippō tells Inuyasha to use the Backlash Wave to blow Musō to bits. Inuyasha kneels and tells Shippō to 'shut up' as if he thought it would work he would've used it a long ago. Shippō wonders if Inuyasha can't use the Backlash Wave. Sango says the Backlash Wave utilizes the enemy's demonic aura but Musō doesn't have that so it's useless. Inuyasha stands up as Musō moves closer him. Sango prepares to help Inuyasha but is stopped by Miroku. Miroku advises to Inuyasha that the Wind Scar is the answer. Sango calls out to Miroku. Miroku tells Inuyasha to the Wind Scar one more time to blow Musō away. Inuyasha says no need to tell him that as he charges at Musō again. Musō charges at Inuyasha as well. Inuyasha uses the his Wind Scar on Musō, destroying him to pieces. Inuyasha says well then becomes annoyed when Musō is putting himself back together again. Inuyasha says even if he keeps at it it would be hopeless. Miroku calls out to Inuyasha as he moves goes to be next to him before he tells him that Musō's tentacles accumulate towards the spider marks. Inuyasha questions about the marks. Miroku tells Inuyasha to look as he can see the spider scar as Musō gathers his parts towards the scar to regenerate and the scar was pulsating and most probably that is where his heart is. Inuyasha says he gets it as it's worth a try to aim for it. Musō completely regenerates back into a scorpion as he tells Inuyasha that it's useless as he's starting to breathe pretty hard. Inuyasha thinks to himself the track of the Wind Scar that leads to Musō then he'll use it to make sure it strikes straight on into his heart as he prepares to use the Wind Scar. Musō yells at Inuyasha to die before he charges at him again. Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar again to aim precisely at Musō's heart (his spider mark) as he tells the Wind Scar to 'go'. Kagura uses her feather to fly towards the scene and uses her Dance of Blades. Inuyasha notices Kagura. Kagura's Dance of Blades deflects Inuyasha's Wind Scar to save Musō, who is still destroyed to pieces. Miroku asks Inuyasha did the Wind Scar work. Inuyasha tells Miroku 'no' as Kagura used her Dance of Blades to divert his Wind Scar from striking Musō's heart. Inuyasha and Miroku look to see Kagura flying away. Miroku says it's now clear at least that Musō's weakness is his heart. Inuyasha becomes annoyed as Musō's not going to hide it either. The Saimyōshō notice that Inuyasha has recognized Musō's weak point and therefore fly away with him.

Inuyasha tells Miroku for them to after the Saimyōshō and Musō before running after them. Miroku tells Sango to protect Kagome and the others before leaving with Inuyasha. Sango tells Miroku she's understood. Shippō tells Miroku to not worry as he'll protect them. Kaede wonders why would the Bandit Onigumo come alive now. Kagome says she's doesn't think Musō is just another one of Naraku's creations. Sango agrees as Musō has Onigumo's heart. Kagome questions that doesn't they find it strange. Shippō becomes confused. Kagome asks why would Naraku let Musō out. Inuyasha thinks to himself that Naraku tried to rid of Onigumo's heart because still has feelings for Kikyō then he would try to destroy her dead spirit as for Naraku, Onigumo was a liability and wonders if that's why he he casted Onigumo out of his body. Kagome says that Naraku using Kagura and the poisonous insects to protect Musō and wonders what's going on. Shippō says Naraku's created other incarnations before then casted them out after using them. Sango wonders does it still mean that Naraku still needs Onigumo. The Saimyōshō take Musō to nearby forest as Musō regenerates in a lake and first gets angry with Inuyasha as he almost killed him. Musō wonders where he was and where was this place as the Saimyōshō surrounded him. Musō hears a noise and turns around to see Naraku mostly wearing a baboon pelt. Naraku calls Musō 'Onigumo' at first but decides to call him 'Musō' instead and tells him imagine confronting each other like this face to face. Musō asks Naraku if he was 'Naraku'. Naraku only laughs. Musō stands up and asks Naraku if he was 'Naraku' again. Naraku asks Musō did he enjoy the outside world after 50 years' absence. Musō questions about 50 years and asks Naraku did he say 50 years. Naraku orders Musō to come back inside his body once more. Musō tells Naraku he has to be joking. Naraku says to Musō he doesn't think he wants him inside himself any longer than necessary, however, he was released too early. Musō questions about being released too early and asks Naraku how dare he say that after keeping him locked up for 50 years. Naraku tells Musō it must have felt like a second to him. Musō angrily tells Naraku that he remembers now as he was the one who killed Kikyō 50 years ago. Naraku tells Musō that it was his twisted greed summoned the demons and those same demons which devoured his flesh wanted to kill Kikyō. Musō says to Naraku it was his desire not the demons. Naraku says to Musō that wasn't him as he's 'Naraku' and he should know that by now. Musō tells Naraku to 'shut up' as all he wanted was to make Kikyō his woman then remembers Kikyō being fatally wounded then becomes angry.

Naraku decided to play with Musō's feelings by revealing that Kikyō had been resurrected and looking exactly the same as before. Musō becomes interested. Naraku tells Musō that Kikyō's not exactly the same as before. Musō questions that Kikyō is alive. Naraku laughs before he asks Musō does he want Kikyō. Musō asks Naraku where is Kikyō. Naraku tells Musō he cannot grant his wish and orders him to come back to him before he uses his tentacles to capture him. Musō dodges Naraku's tentacles before he runs away. Musō tells Naraku he'll never go back to him as he continues to run away then says this time he'll make Kikyō his woman. Naraku catches up to Musō and tells him to give up as he attempts to grab him with his tentacles again. Musō transforms and deflects Naraku's tentacles. Musō becomes annoyed and tells Naraku to just go away and leave him alone. Naraku tells Musō he cannot before he uses his tentacles again to try to grab Musō but is blocked. Musō tries to attack Naraku with his tentacle but Naraku easily dodges them. Kagura secretly watches Naraku and Musō battle each other from behind a tree and thinks to herself that Musō is trying to escape from Naraku's clutches and is he planning to defy him. Musō continues to stop Naraku from absorbing him as Naraku chases him. Kagura thinks to herself as she gets it that Naraku doesn't control Musō's life and that's the difference between him and her. Naraku uses his tentacles to pierce Musō on a tree and tells him he will return to his body. Inuyasha asks Naraku what's going on. Naraku looks to see Inuyasha has appeared. Naraku calls out to Inuyasha. Inuyasha tells Naraku he has no use for Onigumo's human heart and so he dug him out of his flesh and cast him out and wonders why was he trying to take him back. Naraku says to Inuyasha that he thought Musō would be able to kill him but he was wrong and that's why he's taking him back and that's all. Inuyasha tells Naraku that he doesn't think so as something very precious got mixed in and was accidentally released with Musō and otherwise he wouldn't try to take back Onigumo's heart which he purposely threw out. Naraku questions Inuyasha he actually use that brain of his sometimes before he released his tentacles from Musō, who was now on the ground. Naraku asks Inuyasha what will he do now. Inuyasha tells Naraku he can destroy Musō anytime and he'll take care of him first as he takes out his Tessaiga and lunges at him. Naraku dodges and blocks Inuyasha's attack. Musō wakes up as the holes from his back heal then stands up as he watches Naraku and Inuyasha battle each other. Musō smirks before he runs away with Kagura watching him. Kagura thinks to herself is Musō serious. Inuyasha becomes annoyed as he and Naraku continued to battle each other. Inuyasha tells Naraku to die. Naraku asks Kagura what was she doing and orders her to go after Musō. Kagura becomes surprised. Naraku ordered Kagura to not let Musō get away.


Naraku reabsorbs Musō into his body

Kagura uses one of her feather ornaments to fly after Musō, who continues to run away. Kagura thinks to herself that Musō and herself were both created from Naraku's flesh as she acts according to Naraku's wishes but he is escaping. Kagura notices that Musō has stopped running. Still angry at Naraku for his imprisonment, Musō decides to turn around and goes back. Kagura bewilderedly watches Musō as she says that guy. Inuyasha tells Naraku on guard as they continued to battle each other. Miroku calls out to Inuyasha, who arrives at the scene, as he stands next to him. Inuyasha tells Miroku that he's late. Miroku questions Inuyasha why is Naraku here. Inuyasha tells Miroku that Naraku's trying to take Musō back. Inuyasha questions Naraku that he thinks releasing Musō made him weak. Naraku uses his tentacles to attack Inuyasha, who deflects them, as Miroku dodges. Inuyasha uses his Wind Scar on Naraku but Naraku dodges it. Naraku tells Inuyasha to not underestimate him as he's nothing. Musō impales Naraku in the chest with his tentacle. Naraku looks at Musō. Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagura become surprised. Musō smirks and laughs a little bit. Inuyasha calls out to Musō. Miroku questions Musō about killing Naraku. Kagura thinks to herself that Musō as he killed Naraku. Musō laughs before he calls Naraku a 'fool' and he didn't think he would let him go. Naraku smirked as Musō becomes suspicious. Naraku goes towards Musō as he starts to absorb him back into his body. Musō says his arm is being absorbed. Naraku tells Musō that he saved him the trouble as he needs him to come back to him now. Musō becomes annoyed. Naraku begins to absorb him back into his body. Musō realizes that his body won't listen to him as he continues to get absorbed then tells Naraku repeatedly to let him go. Kagura thinks to herself if that would be her fate as well if she were to defy Naraku again. Musō screams for Naraku to let him see Kikyō. Inuyasha and Miroku watch as Naraku continued to absorb Musō into his body. Musō repeatedly scream for Kikyō. Naraku says this bitterness and greed and tells Musō he must give it up as Kikyō is just him made of clay and bones and her soul is just a phantom of the past before completely absorbs Musō. Inuyasha says Naraku has absorbed Musō. Naraku laughs before he tells Inuyasha that he needs Onigumo as a link for his body and his guess was quite accurate. Inuyasha questions the link. Miroku steps forward a bit and asks Naraku once more he's swallowed Onigumo's heart does that make him a hanyō. Naraku says to Miroku why ask him that. Miroku tells Naraku awhile back the barrier around his castle weakened and Inuyasha, Kōga, and anyone with a keen no could find it and that wasn't on purpose. Inuyasha looks at Miroku and thinks to himself what is he trying to find out. Naraku questions Miroku that he thinks that even he has periods of weakness like all hanyōs. Miroku tells Naraku he knows that his powers had weakened that time. Inuyasha and Kagura become surprised. Naraku tells Miroku when that occurs is a hanyō's deepest secret and asks Inuyasha what about his. Inuyasha asks Naraku what. Naraku asks Inuyasha does he like other hanyōs lose his powers and hide in fear of his enemies during such times. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Miroku thinks to himself that judging from what Naraku just said Kagura hasn't told him that Inuyasha's night of weakness is during the new moon. Naraku calls out to Miroku and tells him he surmised he has periods when he cannot move however he can choose his time by his own will. The Saimyōshō appear. Miroku becomes surprised. Inuyasha tells Naraku as if he can do such a thing. Naraku tells Inuyasha he was borne from a human and a demon and he is vastly different and ask Kagura doesn't she agree. Kagura becomes surprised as she remembered when Naraku's weakness came then thinks to herself that his appearance that time as it looked like he was reconstructing his body. Naraku says during that time he experiments and what is strong he makes stronger and what is weak he cast out and become even stronger. Miroku thinks to himself that Naraku can construct his own body. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Naraku says there's no mistake he is a hanyō right now but he doesn't lose his powers and cower in fear like some other pitiful hanyōs. Inuyasha becomes annoyed and tells Naraku he sure rambled on and on and he'll make sure he will shut up now. Inuyasha lunges at Naraku with his Tessaiga to attack him. Naraku blocked Inuyasha's attack with his barrier. Inuyasha becomes confused as it's a barrier then says it won't hold him back. Inuyasha uses his Wind Scar on Naraku. Naraku blocked Inuyasha's Wind Scar with his barrier. Miroku says the Wind Scar doesn't work and Naraku's barriers haven't been as strong as this. Naraku says to Inuyasha that he told him as he continues to grow in power. Naraku starts disappear with Kagura in a cloud of miasma. Miroku tells Inuyasha to get back as it's miasma. Naraku and Kagura leave along with the Saimyōshō. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Miroku says it seems Naraku was speaking the truth. Inuyasha says he turns into a weak human on the night of the new moon but Naraku's different. Miroku confirms it and if Naraku is able to reconstruct himself and get stronger as this is very bad.

Meanwhile at the temple, one of the injured soldiers sense an eerie wind. Kikyō looks to see a cloud of miasma flying away and thinks to herself that it's Naraku and he doesn't have to tell her. One of the wounded soldiers calls out to Kikyō. Kikyō tells the injured soldier not to worry as it's nothing. Back at Kaede's hut, Kagome is finished bandaging up Inuyasha. Kagome becomes confused that Naraku's barrier withstood the Wind Scar. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Miroku says that it's certain that Naraku is becoming stronger and on top of that he's a hanyo but he's different from Inuyasha who loses his powers during the new moon and instead Naraku says he can choose his day. Sango realizes they can't tell when Naraku's powers will be weakened. Miroku confirms it and says if they only knew when Naraku was powerless and thought they would be able to defeat him. Inuyasha asks why is everyone so serious as they know that Naraku have a night of weakness so he'll just have to get stronger than him and just leave it to him. Miroku tells Inuyasha sometimes he's very positive. Inuyasha becomes annoyed. Sango asks Kagome does Inuyasha think he's always positive. Kagome tells Sango she doesn't know. Kagome realizes that she forgot her things. Inuyasha questions Kagome's things. Kagome says by the Bone-Eater's Well and she has to go get them before walks out of the hut and stops to look at the night sky. Inuyasha asks Kagome what's the matter. Kagome says the sky is so beautiful. Inuyasha says there's nothing special about stars. Kagome says in the other world he would never see it this pretty. Inuyasha says really. Kikyō walks with her Shinidamachū as she thinks to herself that she understands now as she is 'Kikyō' and yet not 'Kikyō' and that's why she resisted and asks herself why does her heart yearn so much as she stops and looks at the sky. Kikyō says Inuyasha. Inuyasha and Kagome are talking. Kikyō asks herself which does her heart wish for.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • Opening Theme — Owarinai Yume — TV OST Vol. 3
  • Musō stabs Inuyasha again — Fierce Fighting (Gekitō) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Musō regenerates again, Miroku sees the spider mark — Shōki — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Miroku tells Inuyasha about the spider mark and says that is where his heart is, Kagura blocks Inuyasha’s Wind Scar — Ryūkotsusei Resurrected (Yomigaeru Ryūkotsusei) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Kagome speculates that Naraku got rid of Onigumo for a certain reason — Inuyasha’s Metamorphosis (Hengeshita Inuyasha) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Naraku demands that Musō returns to his body — Evil Demon, Naraku (Jayō Naraku) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Musō tries escaping from Naraku — Hell Insects, Saimyōshō (Jigoku Mushi Saimyōshō) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Inuyasha tries attacking Naraku, who orders Kagura to follow Musō — Naraku’s Treachery (Naraku no Yabō) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Musō stabs Naraku — Inuyasha’s Metamorphosis (Hengeshita Inuyasha) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Naraku traps and absorbs Onigumo’s heart — Attack (Shūgeki) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Miroku asks Naraku if he has a weak time like half-demons — Evil Spirits Desiring the Shikon no Tama (Shikon no Tama o Nerau Chimimōryō) — TV OST Vol. 1
  • Naraku says he experiments during his times of weakness — Ryūkotsusei Resurrected (Yomigaeru Ryūkotsusei) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Kagome heals Inuyasha’s wound — Kagome and Inuyasha II — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Kikyō walks at night — Kikyō’s Heart (Kikyō no Kokoro) — TV OST Vol. 2
  • Ending Theme — Every Heart — TV OST Vol. 3

Differences from the manga[]

  • The fight between Musō and Naraku is slightly extended in the anime, including a brief fight between Inuyasha and Naraku. In the manga, Inuyasha and Miroku don't arrive on the scene until Naraku has already reabsorbed Musō.


  • When Miroku points towards Onigumo's flesh with the spider mark on his back, Inuyasha's wound from being stabbed is gone.
  • When InuYasha fails to destroy Naraku, he realizes he must find a way to strengthen Tessaiga so he can break Naraku's barrier.
  • When Kagome stated she can't see the stars so clearly during her time, this is due to light pollution.