Totosai's Rigid Training is the seventy-second episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Inuyasha seeks out Tōtōsai to gain the necessary training to break through Naraku's barrier.
  2. At Tōtōsai's home, Inuyasha meets a young lynx demon named Bunza who is also seeking Tōtōsai's training, to help save his tribe from a terrible demon named Nanafushi.
  3. Inuyasha ultimately helps Bunza and his tribe destroy Nanafushi.
  4. Tōtōsai reveals that the "training" he had Inuyasha and Bunza do was only to prepare a bath for him, because he was too lazy to do it himself.


Inuyasha goes to Tōtōsai to learn how to break Naraku's barrier. He finds there that a young demon of the lynx tribe named Bunza is trying to become an apprentice for the very same reason: to break a barrier that the enemy of his tribe has built around them, trapping them away from their hunting grounds. Inuyasha and Bunza think that the tasks that they have been assigned are training, but in fact Tōtōsai simply wants them to prepare a bath for him. As a lynx messenger comes and tells Bunza that his father tried to attack their enemy, Nanafushi, Bunza rushes off to his father's aid. Inuyasha then accompanies Bunza to try and help the lynx tribe to get rid of Nanafushi, the giant mantis. He breaks the barrier with his wind scar and kills the demon. Finally he leaves Tōtōsai before he learns anything new, outraged upon learning Totosai's true intentions, but Tōtōsai tells Myōga to pass on the method for breaking barriers to Inuyasha.

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