"Meeting through an Apple" is the seventh episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Despite Towa integrating into Kohaku's demon-hunting band, Setsuna still leaves her behind on their next mission. Towa strikes off alone, encounters the pirate Riku, and is captured by the deputy shogun's men.

Moroha seeks Kyūki, the second of the Four Perils, and presses Setsuna into battle with Kyūki's henchmen. Events from the premiere are recounted from their perspective.

Kyūki herself also seeks the trio for their Rainbow Pearls, in order to overthrow her own master, Kirinmaru.


It started that Towa waited on top of the branch until she sensed it, the attack is right on schedule.

Meanwhile, Kyūki informs her master, Kirinmaru, of Tōkotsu's and his son's slaying at the hands of Moroha "Beniyasha" and Sesshomaru's twin daughters. Kirinmaru commends Sesshomaru's daughters for their success in slaying quite a formidable warrior that served under him, which he seemed to have forgotten somehow. Kyūki warns him that the Half-Demon Princesses will surely bring him disaster if they do not take immediate action.

After participating in a demon slaying with Kohaku's group, Towa and Setsuna stay the night on Kaede's house. The next day, Setsuna departs for another mission leaving the sleeping Towa behind. Once Towa awakens, she decides to look for the Dream Butterfly at Mount Musubi, but has an encounter with the pirate Riku instead.

Riku presents Towa with the real Kikujūmonji that he stole from the nearby lord before leaving, and Towa is arrested for being mistaken for the real culprit, and is brought before the Lord and Yotsume, leading to the events of the first episode. Setsuna and Moroha are informed of Towa's predicament and decide to rescue her, but they are stopped on their tracks by Fubuki, an ice demon serving under Kyūki. While being confronted by Yotsume and the Lord, Towa notices Fubuki's true body besides her and signals for Moroha to shoot at it, destroying the enemy. Afterwards, Moroha and Setsuna storm the castle to rescue Towa and the three leave to chase after Yotsume.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The episode serves as a prologue for the premiere.
  • The title refers to Towa and Riku's very first encounter.
  • Towa's natural ability to detect demonic energy nearby begins to develop.
  • The names of Kohaku's acolytes are revealed.
  • A fast food restaurant is featured representing Burger King in Towa's dream.
  • The music that Setsuna played on her violin is the song that Asagi sang in the 4th and final film.
  • Kirinmaru makes his official debut, though his face has yet to be revealed as he has donned his dog-shaped mask.


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