The Female Wolf-Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise is the eighty-third episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. A young female wolf demon named Ayame tracks down Kōga so that they can get married like Kōga promised many years before; Kōga has forgotten this promise, however, and insists that he is in love with Kagome.
  2. A Hair Monster emerges from Naraku's castle and first attacks Ayame, then Kōga and Inuyasha's group, to steal their Shikon no Tama shards; the demon has the same scent as Naraku, leading the group to wonder if it is one of his incarnations.
  3. Ayame confronts Kōga and Kagome, believing Kagome to be Kōga's fiancée; Ayame recalls that Kōga promised to marry her on the night of the lunar rainbow.


A young female wolf demon named Ayame seeks out Kōga to force him to keep his promise to marry her. Ayame tells of the night that she was lost in forest as a young girl and was being attacked by enemies or the Northern wolf demon tribe and that it was Kōga who saved her. As Kōga was carrying Ayame on his back to her home, he said to her, "One day, I'll make you my wife", and, moments later, Ayame noted a "lunar rainbow", which was really the effects of moonlight. Kōga, at first, does not remember the night. Meanwhile, a cast off piece of Naraku (a giant hair ball with a big mouth) comes after Kōga and Inuyasha's gang. Kōga, much to Ayame's disgust, saves Kagome, leaving Ayame to feel jealous and dislike Kagome, deeming her "competition".

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  • This episode is canon, however, many scenes have been changed for the anime version to include the anime only character, Ayame.
  • All scenes involving the Northern Wolf Demon Tribe, including flashbacks, and Ayame herself are all anime orignal.
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