The Dream Gazing Trap is the eighth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


Towa is determined to hunt down Yotsume to force him to reveal what he knows. Unfortunately, he succeeds in trapping her and Moroha in their own dreams using the great mystical powers of another Rainbow Pearl in order to find out their greatest flaws and weaknesses. Meanwhile, the Spirit of the Sacred Tree of Ages reappears before Setsuna, and reveals to the demon-slaying half-demon the sleeping form of Rin inside its trunk.


Riku pays a visit to Jyūbei, who gives him a large sum of gold for his services and reveals that he intends to use Towa, Setsuna and Moroha in his plan to defeat the remaining three Perils so that he can obtain all seven Rainbow Pearls and gain untold demonic power. Meanwhile, the three girls follow Yotsume to Kyūki's hideout. Kyūki uses the Purple Rainbow Pearl to empower Yotsume, who uses his power to put Towa, Moroha and Takechiyo to sleep. In their dreams, it is revealed that Moroha was given away at Kagome's urgent request as a baby and entrusted to Hachiemon when the two were about to confront both Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru, Takechiyo was entrusted as a baby to Jyūbei by Miroku for unknown reasons and that the Dream Butterfly carried Setsuna's memories to the Sacred Tree of Ages, where the adult Rin is imprisoned. Setsuna, being incapable of sleep, resists to Yotsume's powers and destroy him. Kyuki reclaims the pearl and confronts the three girls, stealing Towa and Moroha's energy due to them still being under influence of Yotsume's spell.

As Setsuna fights Kyūki alone, Moroha reminds Towa about her natural ability to steal demonic energy and Towa uses it to fight and defeat Kyūki with the Sōryūha attack she inherited from her dog-demon father. After the battle, Riku arrives to obtain the purple Rainbow Pearl, and Jyūbei later introduces him to the girls as his and Takechiyo's employer, rewarding them for Kyūki's defeat with part of the gold he received from Riku.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • It is revealed that Kagome had sent Moroha away as a baby to Hachi the Racoon-Dog for her infant daughter's safety while she and Inuyasha readied themselves to battle Sesshōmaru and Lord Kirinmaru. These events are explored more fully in Episode Fifteen.
  • Miroku entrusted Takechiyo to Jyūbei's care for currently unknown reasons.
  • Kyūki is the second of the Four Perils to die after her companion Tōkotsu.
  • This is the first time Towa has seen her mother who is in the Sacred Tree of Ages. However, she is not aware of their family relations.


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