The Dream Gazing Trap is the eighth episode of Hanyō no Yashahime.


  1. The half-demon princesses succeed in tracking down Yotsume. However, using one of the Rainbow Pearls given to him by Kyūki, Yotsume increases his strength and traps Towa, Moroha, and Takechiyo in a dream-like state, where he is able to look into their memories.
  2. Setsuna, incapable of sleeping, is unaffected, and she quickly defeats Yotsume.
  3. Kyūki recovers the Rainbow Pearl, and, using its power, increases her own strength as well. Kyūki battles the half-demon princesses and is ultimately defeated by Towa's Sōryūha.
  4. As Kyūki laid defeated, Riku arrived and stole her Rainbow Pearl.


Setsuna and Moroha continued to follow Yotsume. Moroha asks Setsuna how far is Yotsume going to go. While chasing Yotsume, Setsuna and Moroha jump over a frozen Takechiyo. Takechiyo breaks free from the ice and yells at Setsuna and Moroha that they're rude as he can't believe they just jump over him like that. Towa appears and hugs Takechiyo. Towa tells Takechiyo to give her a lift as she begs him. Takechiyo tries to get out of Towa's embrace. Towa tells Takechiyo that it's impossible for her to catch up to Setsuna and Moroha. Takechiyo manages to get out of Towa's embrace and asks her why should he. Towa gives Takechiyo some gummy candy. Takechiyo eats the gummy candy and says it's super tasty and wonders what it is. Towa tells Takechiyo that it's Rock Paper Scissor Gummies as she holds up the bag. Towa tells Takechiyo that she has a lot more. Takechiyo transforms and tells Towa to hold on tight as she rides on him to follow Setsuna and Moroha. Jyūbei is fishing in the river when Riku appears on a boat. Riku asks Jyūbei that he was night fishing and he's got taste. Jyūbei tells Riku if it isn't him and he didn't need to come all this way here as he puts his items down and walks towards Riku.

Jyūbei tells Riku that he can call on Takechiyo anytime to get business done then helps Riku get off his boat. Riku tells Jyūbei that he met her. Jyūbei asks Riku who he met. Riku tells Jyūbei that it's Sesshōmaru's daughter and he believes her name was Towa and he likes her as she's got something he and Jyūbei don't. Jyūbei tells Riku that Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha can probably defeat the Four Perils for him. Riku walks forward a bit and tells Jyūbei that he never liked the Four Perils as they lacked taste. Jyūbei tells Riku that he for one cannot thank him enough for his patronage then takes out his Green Rainbow Pearl. Riku tells Jyūbei to have the remaining Four Perils defeated as he's decided that he'll be taking their Rainbow Pearls then flicks his earring to fill Jyūbei's bag with a large sum of gold his services. Jyūbei tells Riku that he understood but with his powers he could easily destroy the Four Perils without having to put a bounty on them. Riku tells Jyūbei to come on as like he said he hates the Four Perils and it's his policy to only kill the ones he loves as he starts to fish then catches one. Riku tells Jyūbei that he'll get the 'Hanyō Princesses' and their 3 Rainbow Pearls and he just wonders if he can wait until he has all 7 Rainbow Pearls. Yotsume flies to Kyūki's mountain hideout and transforms into his human form. Yotsume wonders how could this be as there's no way he can deal with all three fercious girls at once. Yotsume repeatedly calls out to Kyūki as tries to enter the cave but stopped by a barrier. Yotsume asks Kyūki why did she throw him away like this. Kyūki tells Yotsume that he's a fool. Yotsume calls out to Kyūki as he bows down to her. Kyūki asks Yotsume did he not notice the 'Hanyō Princesses' are close behind him. Yotsume becomes surprised and apologizes to Kyūki. Kyūki's Purple Rainbow Pearl appears before Yotsume. Yotsume looks up and asks Kyūki if that's a Rainbow Pearl. Kyūki tells Yotsume to use the Purple Rainbow Pearl and find out Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha's weaknesses and use his power to the fullest. Yotsume questions Kyūki about his power. Kyūki tells Yotsume that it's his Dream Gazing spell. Yotsume realizes it. Kyūki tells Yotsume to make sure he also look into Towa's Reiwa world. Yotsume tells Kyūki 'thank you' for allowing him to use the Purple Rainbow Pearl's demon energy. Yotsume accepts the Purple Rainbow Pearl, which merged his owl and human form together and gave him a fifth eye on his forehead. Moroha says so this is Kyūki's fortress. Yotsume looks to see Setsuna and Moroha had arrived. Moroha tells Yotsume thanks for showing them here.

Moroha prepares to shoot an arrow at Yotsume and asks him what's this as it looks like he's gotten a makeover. Yotsume tells Moroha to shut up as he flies forward. Moroha tells Yotsume that he won't get away. Moroha uses her Heavenly Arrow Barrage on Yotsume, pinning him to the mountain. Moroha tells Yotsume all right as she got him as she'll send him to the afterlife with her Kurikaramaru. Moroha jumps forward and takes out her Kurikaramaru as she tries to use Crimson Dragon Wave then realizes something. Yotsume calls Moroha an idiot before he uses his fifth eye on her. Moroha becomes confused. Setsuna calls out to Moroha. Moroha notices their something wrong with her strength as she falls down on the ground. Moroha thinks to herself that she can't move. Setsuna runs to Moroha as she calls out to her and wonders if she's okay. Moroha tells Setsuna to not let her guard down as Yotsume's pretty dangerous before she passes out. Setsuna looks at Yotsume. Yotsume tells Setsuna that she's next before he tries to use his fifth eye's power on her. Setsuna grabs Moroha as she dodges Yotsume's attack. Towa continues to fly on Takechiyo as they're still in the forest area. Towa tells Takechiyo to fly faster. Takechiyo tells Towa that he's already flying pretty fast. Towa tells Takechiyo to go fast and stick out his tongue as she pulls out more Rock Paper Scissor Gummies. Towa feeds Takechiyo more Rock Paper Scissor Gummies. Takechiyo says delicious. Towa tells Takechiyo that it's Rock Paper Scissor Gummies pineapple flavor and keep it on his tongue and it'll change flavor. Takechiyo tells Towa that he's fired up now. Towa tells Takechiyo that he can do it as she also has chocolate candy too. Takechiyo tells Towa here he goes as he flies faster. Yotsume tells Setsuna to this as he continues to use his fifth eye's power. Setsuna continues to dodge Yotsume's attack before she hides behind a small boulder and sets Moroha down. Yotsume tells Setsuna that it's useless if she hides and to come on out. Setsuna comes out of hiding as she jumps to the sky. Yotsume tells Setsuna to take this as he uses his fifth eye's power on Setsuna. Setsuna stands on a rock and realizes nothing happened to her. Yotsume becomes surprised and questions that Setsuna doesn't dream. Takechiyo and Towa arrive in the mountain area. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna tells Towa to stay back. Yotsume says Towa is here and tells her to take this before uses his fifth eye's powers on her and Takechiyo. Towa wonders what is this power. Takechiyo questions that he can't move before he untransforms. Takechiyo and Towa start to fall before they are caught by Setsuna and taken behind the boulder with Moroha. Setsuna places Takechiyo on Moroha. Setsuna places Towa down as she shakes her and repeatedly tells her to wake up. Towa wakes up and calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna calls out to Towa. Towa tells Setsuna that she's sorry before she falls asleep. Sestuna calls out to Towa. Yotsume tells Setsuna to time to show him the future as he starts to his Dream Gazing spell to look at Takechiyo's, Towa's, and Moroha's dreams. Setsuna tells Takechiyo, Towa, and Moroha that they're all handfuls.

Setsuna thinks to herself that Yotsume's peeking inside Takechiyo's, Towa's, and Moroha's heads to look for a weakness and if so. Setsuna says rise before she stands up and uses her Cyclone Burst on Takechiyo Towa, and Moroha then on Yotsume. In Moroha's mind, Jyūbei is standing out of Shikabaneya with Miroku and a baby Takechiyo. Jyūbei asks Miroku that he's leaving Takechiyo with him. Miroku nods. Jyūbei asks Miroku what did Hachiemon say. Miroku only nods. Jyūbei tells Miroku that he sees but if he leaves Takechiyo here then he'll have to put him to work and he can't treat him like he did before. Miroku nods before he leaves Takechiyo with Jyūbei. Moroha realizes that this is a dream and wonders why was she having a dream like this and whose dream is this. In Takehiyo's mind, Sesshōmaru and Kirinamru arrive at the village. Takechiyo wonders where is this. Kagome holds a baby Moroha close to her as she tells her that she's such a good child. Inuyasha calls to Kagome as he tells her that Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru are here. Kagome nods as she tells Inuyasha 'okay'. Inuyasha pulls out his Tessaiga out. Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru approach up the village stairs. Kagome gives Moroha the Beni of Izayoi as she tells her that it is a keepsake from Inuyasha's mother as she sheds a tear and tells Moroha that she and Inuyasha decided that if they had a girl that they would give this to her. Kagome kisses Moroha's forehead. Moroha looks at the Beni. Kagome gives Moroha to Hachiemon and tells him to take care of her. Hachiemon leaves off with Moroha. Inuyasha and Kagome watch as Hachiemon leaves with Moroha before Kirinmaru and Sesshōmaru arrived. Takechiyo realizes that's Kirinmaru over there. In Towa's mind, the Dream Butterfly is flying. Towa questions the butterfly and wonders if she's become a butterfly. The Dream Butterfly flies towards Setsuna, who is standing under a light, and lands on her head before it starts to take her dreams. The flowers and grass around Setsuna fades away. The Dream Butterfly flies away from Setsuna. Towa says poor thing as this is how Setsuna's getting her dreams taken away. Setsuna points her Kanemitsu no Tomoe at Yotsume and asks him was he prepared. Yotsume asks Setsuna why doesn't she have any dreams. Setsuna tells Yotsume that she's not so weak that she has to depend on dreams. Setsuna uses Scourge of Swallows on Yotsume, incinerating him. The Purple Rainbow Pearl appears and flies away. Setsuna questions if that's a Rainbow Pearl as Yotsume was using that as she watches the Purple Rainbow Pearl flies into the cave. Moroha calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna asks Moroha that she's woken up before she jumps towards her.

In the cave, the Purple Rainbow Pearl returns to Kyūki's possession. Kyūki looks at her crystal as she says that Yotsume was completely useless but the Dream Gazing spell is still in effect and wonders what kind of dream will Towa have. In Towa's mind, the Sacred Tree of Ages appears. Towa realizes that's the Sacred Tree of Ages. The Dream Butterfly lands on the Sacred Tree of Ages as it disappears into it. Spirit of the Tree of Ages tells the Dream Butterfly that it has returned. The Dream Butterfly flies towards an adult Rin in a deep sleep and imprisoned. Towa recognizes that voice and realizes the Spirit of the Tree of Ages is speaking. The Dream Butterfly stops near the sleeping Rin. Towa wonders who Rin is. The Dream Butterfly gives Setsuna's memories to Rin. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages says 'the poor soul' and not being able to sleep is harrowing but so too is ceaseless slumber. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages asks Towa doesn't she agree as she calls her the 'daughter of Sesshōmaru'. Towa wakes up before she sits and looks around for a moment. Takechiyo and Moroha are awake. Moroha tells Towa 'finally'. Setsuna looks at Towa and tells her that she's awake. Takechiyo tells Towa that it's great she woke up. Towa says that dream just now and wonders where Yotsume is. Moroha tells Towa 'surprise, surprise' as Setsuna has already slain Yotsume. Towa looks at Yotsume's remains. Moroha tells Towa that Yotsume's been burned without a trace of him left. Towa stands up and becomes disappointed as she tells Setsuna that they were supposed to get information out of Yotsume. Moroha tells Towa that she knows as it's horrible. Setsuna says they were in a situation where they had no such luxury. Takechiyo tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that this not the time to be fighting as the real show starts now as they're about to charge into one of the Four Perils' Fortress. Setsuna tells Takechiyo 'yes'. Towa tells Takechiyo that she knows. Moroha says this time she'll be sure to collect the bounty.

In the cave, Kyūki looks at her crystal ball as she sees Towa's dream. Kyūki says that Towa's dream was a mixture of dreams but she thinks she understands what's going on and to think the Sacred Tree of Ages was involved in this incident as she continues to hold her Purple Rainbow Pearl and laughs. Moroha calls out to Kyūki. Kyūki looks to see Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha nearby. Towa has her Kikujūmonji out as she activates the Energy Blade. Moroha questions Kyūki about peeking into people's dreams as she's got horrible taste. Kyūki tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that they've come as she calls them 'Hanyō Princesses'. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha become surprised. Kyūki begans to activate her light whip. Kyūki tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that they're reckless creatures as they are Kirinmaru's enemies and she one of the Four Perils shall punish them in Kirinmaru's place. Kyūki repeatedly tries to attack Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha with her light whip but they dodged all the attacks. Moroha questions Kyūki as she, Towa, and Setsuna took care of Tōkotsu so there's only 3 of the Four Perils left and they've even defeated her underlings Fubuki and Yotsume and she's bare-handed and she's a million years too early if she thinks she can take them on now and why doesn't she just give up already. Kyūki tells Moroha how spirited she was however. Kyūki asks Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha did they think she would be done after looking into their dreams. Moroha asks Kyūki what. Kyūki asks Moroha does she think she's lying and to go on use her precious rouge and become Beniyasha. Moroha tells Kyūki that she's mad now and she better not regret this. Moroha pulls out her Beni and starts to apply some of it. Kyūki smirks. Towa tells Moroha to wait. Setsuna tells Moroha that Kyūki's up to something and to not do it. Moroha tells Kyūki that with this rouge she becomes Beniyasha, Destroyer of Lands and tremble before the bloodthirsty dawn and bear witness to her end if she so dare then notices she wasn't transforming when she applied it. Kyūki tells Moroha that she tweaked Yotsume's Dream Gazing a little and she had her Purple Rainbow Pearl absorb her demon energy. Kyūki releases her Purple Rainbow Pearl before it flies up in the air and glows. Towa realizes the Energy Blade from her Kikujūmonji had disappeared. Setsuna steps forward and tells Kyūki that it looks like she's the only one who can face her. Kyūki asks Setsuna how will she fare against her on her own before she tries to attack Setsuna with her light whip. Setsuna repeatedly dodges Kyūki's light whip as Towa and Moroha are blown away. Setsuna repeatedly fend off Kyūki's light whip with her Kanemitsu no Tomoe before her Golden Rainbow Pearl started to glow in her right eye. Kyūki tells Setsuna that she sees as she did say she wasn't so weak to rely on dreams but looks like that wasn't a lie. Kyūki then transforms into her true form as the cave breaks open upon her transformation. Kyūki tells Setsuna to brace herself as she calls 'Hanyō Princess'. Setsuna tells Kyūki that this is her true form before she tries to attack her with Scourge of Swallows. The Purple Rainbow Pearl that Kyūki posesses is inside of her mouth absorbs Setsuna's Scourge of Swallows. Setsuna becomes surprised. Kyūki tells Setsuna that her Purple Rainbow Pearl can gather all the demon energy here. Towa and Moroha hide behind a rock.

Moroha tells Towa that it's not good. Towa asks Moroha that can she think of something as at this rate Setsuna will. Moroha tells Towa that's right as when she went up against the ghost cat she just absorbed its demon energy without killing Juan. A flashback of Towa absorbing the ghost cat from Juan is seen. Moroha tells Towa that Myōga said she has the power to steal demon energy. Towa tells Moroha that she was so desperate she doesn't really remember what she did. Moroha wipes the rouge from her lips. Moroha tells Towa in other words this is what she has to do before she attacks her with Iron Reaver Soul Stealer. Towa falls to the ground as she becomes annoyed and angry at Moroha. Moroha tells Towa to try transferring the demon energy into the Kikujūmonji. Towa questions Moroha about transferring the demon energy. Towa's Silver Rainbow Pearl glows in her left eye as she was able to use the demon energy from Moroha’s attack to grow the demon energy in her Kikujūmonji. Towa becomes surprised as she says her Energy Blade grew a little. Moroha tells Towa that the more demon energy attacks she takes the more she can reflect it all back tenfold but this only works if she can withstand her opponent's attacks and if she can't withstand it then she'll die. Towa tells Moroha of course. Moroha tells Towa that this is an ability that only she has and to listen as she only has one chance. Moroha whispered to Towa her plan to overcome Kyūki. Towa tells Moroha 'all right' as she'll try it. Kyūki and Setsuna continued to battle each other as Kyūki tries to attack Setsuna with her claw. Towa tells Kyūki over here. Kyūki looks up at the sky to see Towa. Towa jumps from sky as goes to attack Kyūki with her Energy Blade but it doesn't injure Kyūki. Kyūki easily knocked Towa away. Setsuna tells Towa to not push herself. Towa lands on the ground and notices Kyūki's leftover demon energy. Towa stands up as Silver Rainbow Pearl glows in her left eye as she was able to use the demon energy from Kyūki's attack to grow the demon energy in her Kikujūmonji more. Towa says 'all right'. Setsuna questions about Towa's demon blade grew and she sees that she's absorbing the demon energy that she gets hit with and good work. Setsuna realizes that she can't be standing around before she uses her Cyclone Burst on Kyūki. The Purple Rainbow Pearl that Kyūki posesses is inside of her mouth absorbs Setsuna's Cyclone Burst. Setsuna questions again. Kyūki questions Setsuna how many times does she have to tell her that all of their demon energy is being absorbed by the Purple Rainbow Pearl. Moroha watches behind the rock as she tells Towa that she's got one chance and just one. Kyūki opens her mouth more to activate her Purple Rainbow Pearl again. Towa thinks to herself that it's now. Kyūki becomes surprised. Towa jumps then strikes the Purple Rainbow Pearl in Kyūki’s mouth with her Energy Blade and steals the demon energy from it, which it had absorbed a lot of demon energy up to now. Moroha says 'all right'. Setsuna calls out to Towa. Towa continues to absorb demon energy as her Silver Rainbow Pearl.

A transformed Takechiyo is flying Riku to the mountain area. Riku says looks like he made it in time as he sees the battle between Kyūki and Towa. Takechiyo tells Riku that it's unusual for him to personally come observe things. Riku tells Takechiyo that he simply felt like it. Riku thinks to himself that wishes to see Towa’s Azure Dragon Wave attack that he knows she has inherited from Sesshōmaru. When Towa was done taking demon energy from the Purple Rainbow Pearl, she jump away from Kyūki as her Energy Blade has more demon energy. Setsuna becomes impressed. Towa tells Kyūki to take this. Towa goes to strike Kyūki with her Energy Blade. Kyūki thrusts Towa back and takes her Kikujūmonji away from her. Towa falls to the ground in pain. Moroha says 'oh no' as Towa has enough demon energy but she didn't put enough drive behind her swing. Kyūki tells Towa that a laughable attempt even with the demon energy. Setsuna wonders does Towa still not have enough resolve. Towa questions why. Setsuna becomes shocked. Towa repeatedly asked why as she stands up. Kyūki then goes to strike Towa when she was in a vulnerable state. Setsuna tells Towa to watch out before she pushes Towa out of the way and Setsuna takes Kyūki’s hit instead. Setsuna faints for a little bit after she’s been hit by Kyūki. Moroha calls out to Setsuna. Setsuna falls to the ground. Moroha repeatedly calls out to Setsuna as she rushes to her aid. Towa is disappointed that Setsuna risked her own life to save her own. Towa stands up and says 'oh no' as it happened again. In a flashback, Towa and Setsuna were hugging, a flaming tree was going to fall down on Towa. Out of safety, Setsuna pushed Towa away from her so the flaming tree does not hit her as she tells her to look out. Towa says she's always the one being saved even though she's the older sister before she engulfed herself in her own immense demon energy. Kyūki becomes surprised when Towa took back her Kikujūmonji as it cut off her tail. Towa holds her Energy Blade as a blue dragon from her demon energy also intertwined with it. Towa's Silver Rainbow Pearl glows in her left eye again before she strikes Kyūki with her Azure Dragon Wave. The Purple Rainbow Pearl is released from Kyūki's possession as it lays on the ground. Kyūki transforms back into her human form after being defeated by Towa, who is exhausted. Moroha calls out to Setsuna. Towa looks to see that Setsuna is conscious again.

Moroha asks Setsuna what she okay. Setsuna tells Moroha that this is nothing as she just fainted for a little bit. Towa calls out to Setsuna. Towa lands near Setsuna and Moroha before she crawled on all fours to be near her. Towa tells Setsuna 'thank goodness'. Riku stands near Kyūki on the ground. Kyūki regains consciousness and sees that it's Riku. Riku tells Kyūki that was pathetic. Kyūki tries to reach for her Purple Rainbow Pearl with her hand but was stopped by Riku stepping on it. Kyūki calls out to Riku. Riku tells Kyūki that she was defeated by Towa's half-assed Azure Dragon Wave. Riku flicks his earring as it disintegrates Kyūki. Kyūki cursed Riku and then died with her skin melting off. Riku says this is why he hates the Four Perils. In the morning, Towa puts a bandage on Setsuna. Towa tells Setsuna to hold still before she finishes. Setsuna asks Towa what was it. Towa tells Setsuna that they're band-aids. Riku calls out to Towa. Towa realizes that it's Riku and wonders what was he doing here. Riku walks towards Towa until he was in front of her. Takechiyo appears in a puff of smoke in between Riku and Towa. Takechiyo tells Towa to show some respect as this is their highly esteemed client Riku. Riku tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha that he was pleased to make their acquaintance as he calls them 'Hanyō Princesses'. Takechiyo tells Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha good work for defeating Kyūki and gives them their reward of one bag of gold. Moroha takes the bag of gold from Takechiyo as she says she doesn't have to worry about starving to death. Riku tells Towa that he must take his leave. Towa tells Riku to see him around. Riku leaves. Takechiyo tells Towa to not forget their promise as he wants to try that 'chocolate'. Towa tells Takechiyo that's right as she'll bring some next time as it's a promise. Riku thinks to himself that he'll be taking the Purple Rainbow Pearl as he pulls it out and calls Towa 'his dear princess'.

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  • It is revealed that Kagome had sent Moroha away as a baby to Hachi the Racoon-Dog for her infant daughter's safety while she and Inuyasha readied themselves to battle Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru. These events are explored more fully in Farewell Under the Lunar Eclipse.
  • Miroku entrusted Takechiyo to Jyūbei's care for currently unknown reasons.
  • Kyūki is the second of the Four Perils to die after her companion Tōkotsu.
  • This is the first time Towa has seen her mother who is in the Sacred Tree of Ages. However, she is not aware of their family relations.
  • It was the final episode of the English Dub to air in 2020, the following episode of the English Dub did not air until 3 weeks later.


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