The Mysterious Lecherous Monk is the ninety-third episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. As Inuyasha and the others continue their journey, they come upon a village whose inhabitants claim to have been scammed by Miroku a day before; his friends eventually realize that this is impossible, because Miroku had been with them the entire time, meaning someone must have been impersonating him.
  2. Miroku soon deduces who has been impersonating him, saying that it is someone who knows him well.
  3. Hachiemon proves to be the culprit, claiming that he only impersonated Miroku because he was dying of hunger; he promises to never do so again.


Miroku is shown to be up to his old tricks again, seeming to have left the group. He offers sutras for various purposes to villagers, and gains the attention for the eligible ladies of the village.


However, the next scene shows him with Inuyasha and the others, arriving at the same village; they're hoping to find an inn for the night. Almost immediately, women swarm around Miroku, overwhelming him with attention. Sango is not too surprised by this. Moments later, the rest of the villagers arrive and chase the group out, angry with Miroku. The group questions Miroku on what he's done, but Miroku claims to have never been to the village before. Ironically, Miroku is then shown again, performing an exorcism in exchange for a meal.


The next day, Inuyasha's group arrives at the same village, where Miroku is immediately tied up. Like the last village they are angry with him, but this time because the sutras he gave them turned into leaves. However, in addition, the group learns that this only occurred yesterday; this improbability mixed with the leaves has Miroku laughing as he knows who is impersonating him. They arrive at the next village, where Miroku's imposter has been sent to calm a weasel demon. It turns out Hachi was impersonating Miroku to avoid starving; Miroku saves him and scares the weasel demon into behaving.

After Hachi explains that indifference is the best way to attract women, Miroku has him change back into his form; they run in a circle and rush off, confusing Sango, who runs after them.

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  • The game device that Shippō holds during conversation at night has a similar appearance as Game Boy Advance in real life.
  • If the scene of Miroku and Hachi (disguised as Miroku) is slowed and watched frame by frame, the left one is shown to be Miroku.
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