This yōkai was a rejected part of Naraku's body.


Naraku detached this yōkai from his body after he escaped a confrontation against Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru at his castle[1] It was in pursuit of a Shikon Jewel shard that was in the possession of an elderly bandit named Kansuke. It crashed through an abandoned temple where he and the priestess Kikyō had taken shelter. Kikyō sensed its presence and thought that it was Naraku before it arrived. It restrained Kikyō with its hair while demanding the Shikon Jewel. Kikyō asked what its relation to Naraku was since its aura was similar to his. It grew angrier after hearing Naraku's name due to being rejected and deformed by him and revealed that it needed the jewel in order to make itself a new body. Kansuke tried to destroy it with a bow and arrow, but the yōkai was able to easily repel it. It angrily grabbed Kansuke with its hair while once again demanding the jewel. Kansuke then attached his jewel shard to an arrow and struck one of its large eyes. This hurt it long enough for Kansuke and Kikyō to be freed. Kikyō shot her sacred arrow at it and the monster burst into flames.[2]


This yōkai despises Naraku for deforming his body after abandoning him. It becomes obsessed with obtaining a new body for itself by using the Shikon no Tama.[2]

Physical description

This yōkai is a giant ball of pink flesh that is covered in green eyes. The back of its body had long black hair.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: This yōkai can travel by flying.
  • Trichokinesis: It is able to freely manipulate the hair on its body. It uses it to restrain Kikyō and Kansuke while attempting to obtain a shard of the Shikon no Tama.
  • Enhanced Strength: It is strong enough to break through the walls of the abandoned temple where Kikyō and Kansuke are taking shelter.


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