The Feudal lord's stronghold (北城, "Kitashiro") is the castle of feudal lord who killed the Shichinintai fifteen years ago. It was located in the northern region near Mount Hakurei. It is a gigantic castle located on a hill with many towers (houses and pagodas connected and surrounded by a wall). It is quite wide and covered by red war flags. It is surrounded by a huge amount of guards.


Fifteen years before Inuyasha awoke from his spell, the Samurai general of this castle hired the Shichinintai to fight on behalf of his lord. They were later ambushed by the armies of all the region's lords due to the Shichinintai being too dangerous to remain alive. The mercenaries were soon captured and beheaded. The lord took Bankotsu's weapon Banryū as a trophy of his victory and kept it inside the castle.

During the storyEdit

After the resurrection of the Shichinintai, Bankotsu sent Kohaku with a letter to the castle lord to worn them that they would attack them. Bankotsu went with his companions to destroy the castle and recover Banryū. While his companions killed the other inhabitants, Bankotsu made his way to the lord's chambers to reclaim Banryū. The lord tried to convince Bankotsu to serve him, but Bankotsu decided to kill him.

The samurai soon retuned to the castle after conscripting villagers to join his army. He attempted to attacked the Shichinintai, but Bankotsu killed the samurai and everyone in his army with his newly recovered weapon.

The castle became a battlefield with Inuyasha's group and Kōga against the Shichinintai. Inuyasha's group had the advantage during the battle. A swarm of saimyōshō soon interfered in the battle after Banryū was damaged by Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu. The Shichinintai then retreated from the battle.

After the Shichinintai left, one of Naraku's puppets fought Inuyasha's group at the now desolate castle.

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