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Fubuki was a polar bear yōkai under the service of Kyūki, and the Shikyō.


When Towa is imprisoned and Setsuna and Moroha rush to free them, Fubuki blocks their way on the orders of Kyūki. To do this, he created a huge figure of himself that attacks them.

However, his real body is in the castle, where he is quickly discovered by Towa. The still tied Towa attacks him, making Setsuna and Moroha aware of where Fubuki is. Moroha then kills him with a sacred arrow.

Powers and Abilities

Fubuki (Apparition).PNG
  • Giant Demon Puppet: Fubuki was able to create a demon puppet, which is very big and very strong. The puppet was made solely of fog, so direct attacks did not leave any real damage. His real body was in a different place at the same time.
    • Cryokinesis: Using its puppet, Fubuki was able to shoot blasts of snow and ice out of its mouth. This attack was powerful enough to instantly freeze Takechiyo in a block of ice.


  • In his large form he resembles the Oniguma a creature from folklore. Except for the white fur, which clearly identifies him as a polar bear.