Ghosts and spirits aren't like monsters. We can't just take out our swords and start ordering them around. Ghosts are different and much more dangerous.

Inuyasha about ghosts and angry spirits.[src]

A ghost is the disembodied soul or spirit of a deceased person that can, under certain circumstances, appear as a visible manifestation to the living, and in even rarer circumstances, physically interact with the living world. According to Myōga, when a ghost cannot find peace because of negative emotions (e.g. jealousy or hatred) then that ghost becomes an evil spirit or poltergeist. In Secret of the Divine Jewel, a spirit of a woman in Sakata Village that looks sad.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invisibility: Ghosts normally remain invisible to the living, but they may reveal themselves under certain circumstances. However, the ghost can be seen by priests, and priestesses' spiritual powers, monks' Buddhist Powers, and even gods' Kamuitama.[1]
  • Intangibility: Without a physical body, spirits are able to phase through objects and normally are without a physical presence.
  • Possession: Ghosts can possess humans like certain demons do.
  • Telekinesis: Poltergeist are able to move objects with their minds and cause massive destruction to their environment.
  • Flight: Ghosts are able to freely hover and fly through the air.


  • Kanna's mirror: Kanna's mirror had the ability to steal other's souls and imprison them within its glass.
  • Shinidamachū: These creatures could collect the souls of others and thus it serves to reason that they could do so for spirits as well.
  • Soul Piper: The Soul Piper was a neutral demonic entity that either eased a child's spirit to the hereafter of the heaven or dragged their angry spirit to the depths of hell.
  • Tenseiga: The yōkai sword Tenseiga had powers in the netherworld and could inflict harm onto spiritual entities.
  • Kikujūmonji: The replica of the sword with the demonic energy blade can absorb demon energy.
  • Mound: As they place a mound, Hiyoshi and Tsukiuo will never feel to be haunted anymore.[1]

Known Ghosts

Other Ghosts

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