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Ginta (銀太ぎんた, "Plenty of Silver") was a member of the wolf yōkai tribe and second-in-command to Kōga, the leader of the tribe.


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Ginta and Hakkaku were rather sensitive, and sometimes were offended by Kōga's actions or remarks. An example of this was when they shouted at Kōga and accused him of not caring about their feelings. He was not the smartest person and was easily frightened, but was always willing to help and do anything he could to protect Kōga.

Powers & Abilities

Ginta and Hakkaku had an ability known as the 'Throwing Star Attack', though there's nothing special about this move.



Ginta was best friends with Hakkaku, another of Kōga's comrades.


Ginta and Hakkaku are Kōga's two main traveling companions, and his best friends. Ginta is extremely loyal to Kōga, and is always looking out for his best interest; they generally obey his every command as well. Though on one occasion, Ginta and Hakkaku disobeyed him, but because they feared a confrontation would take place between him and Inuyasha's powerful brother, Sesshōmaru.


  • Ginta has dimples.[1]
  • There is an error in the English dub of episode 77 The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang where Ginta and Hakkaku swap voice actors after Rōyakan is wounded.

Media appearances




InuYasha The Final Act


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