Janis, I will pray for your safety. Now, you must go. There is nothing left for you to do in this land.

—God of Habaki[src]

God of Habaki is a god who lives at a small temple in Mount Habaki. He is only able to maintain his existence in the human world through a yorishiro statue.

Throughout the game

The God of Habaki has been taken by a giant centipede, as a nest for almost 30 years. Despite being a God of Iron and Fire, he is blamed by Inuyasha for not being able to protect an American girl Janis, the reincarnation of Datara and Tsugumi's daughter. Before Inuyasha and his friends started to leave and find Datara, he gave Janis the naginata Akanemaru with the hope that she could protect herself without any harm during her journey.

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