I'm Gorai. I lead the northern demons.


Gorai (ゴライ) was the infamous Lord of the Northern Lands who came to the horoka shrine near Izayoi's mansion to steal the demon mask and invaded Shinonome Village as he interrupted Datara and Tsugumi's wedding ceremony, forced Datara to wear the demon mask and drove Tsugumi to seal Datara and kill her half-god child during 1000 AD (Heian jidai). He is briefly mentioned by Sara at Yamasachi Village, and appears at Mount Mansetsu after abducting and forcing the villagers from Susuki Plains Village to build a fortress by using the Demon Blood Binding Spell. He is later encountered at another demon fortress north of Sakata Village. He is last seen with Datara at Tempest Tower, where the final battle against the two takes place, they're at the top of the tower.

Powers and abilities[]

When he gets the Kamuitama, after Datara put the demon mask on, it has failed by Tsugumi.

  • Enhanced Strength: Gorai is strong enough.
  • Poison: Gorai have to kill someone.


  • Battle axe: Gorai has a huge Ono version of battle axe.


"(laughing evil) I found it. It's mine at last."

"Hmm. You're stronger than I thought. But I did not come here to fight. Farewell, for now."

Gorai: "Datara! That's enough! Datara. I have your child."
Datara: "What is it that you, Gorai?"
Gorai: "We you to become our king! The king of demons! Put on this demon mask, Datara. And give your Kamuitama to us."
Datara: "Very well. I accept your wishes. Recall your troops."
Gorai: "(laughing deviously) Datara, your Kamuitama is now mine!"
―Gorai and Datara[src]

Gorai: "Why, you! You measly human... How dare you!"
Tsugumi: "I'm not going to let this village, my child, or Datara fall into the hands of a demon!"
―Gorai and Tsugumi[src]

"Hmph. That was way too easy. All talk and no action."

"Who knows? But I don't plan on fighting you, that's for sure. If the Vessel of Kamui is here, then you must be on your way to see Datara. If that's so, you should go. If you climb over Mount Mansetsu, you should find Datara's shrine."

"I don't care whether you go to Mount Mansetsu or return to Susuki Plains. Do as you please."

"Well done, Sen. And to you people, as well. I thank you for everything as I had planned. Thanks to you, the greatest wish of the demons has been fulfilled. We have come for you, God of Demons..."

"Here so soon? Hmph, Monk Sen turned out to be useless."

"Don’t make me laugh. Once I have the Kamui, not even Naraku can stand in my way."

"H-how dare you insult me!? As long as Datara has the demon mask, he will remain my slave!"
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  • The same rulers in the two lands of Japan as Tōga of the west and Kirinmaru of the east.
  • Gorai didn't transform into his true form like Tōga, Sesshōmaru, Sesshōmaru's mother, and Kirinmaru.
  • At the top of the Tempest Tower, Gorai is the still alive as Datara defeated, he still be revived, and if Gorai is defeated, so does Datara.
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