Goraishi (らい, "Five Thunder Fingers") was Kōga's weapon which he received from his ancestors. It was a powerful heirloom of the Wolf Demon Tribe.


When Kōga entered the wolf demon tribe graveyard, he sought out the tribe's most valued treasure in order to destroy Naraku, the Goraishi. After he selflessly abandoned the treasure in order to save Ginta and Hakkaku from the grave guardian's flames, the claws were bestowed upon him by the spirits of the wolf demon tribe ancestors. The Goraishi literally became a part of Kōga. He was told by his ancestors that the claws would help ward off Midoriko's influence on Kōga's Shikon Jewel shards, but only once. Kōga has used them in battle ever since.

Physical description

The Gorashi is a set of five silver claws that are connected to a wristband through the use of small chains. Each claw has a barb on top of them that runs at the opposite end.

Powers & Abilities

The Goraishi is capable of creating lightning blasts from its fingers that appear to be on par with the Kaze no Kizu.

It is capable of disappearing from Kōga's body whenever he does not need to use it, and can instantly appear whenever it is needed for battle.

Since it houses the spirits of the wolf demon tribe's ancestors, it is able to protect Kōga from the influence that the spirit of Midoriko has over the Shikon Jewel. This power can only be used once, however.[1][2]


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