Grandpa Higurashi (じいちゃん, "Ojji-san") is the paternal grandfather of Kagome and Sōta Higurashi; as well as the father of the late Mr. Higurashi and father-in-law of Ms. Higurashi, and the great-grandfather of Mei Higurashi and Moroha. Grandpa often covered for Kagome's prolonged absences at school with interesting (and often absurd) excuses, which make Kagome's three best friends worry.

His first name remains unknown to this day.


He and his son had fight because of he had fell in love Ms. Higurashi.[3]

In the manga, it is revealed that Kagome's mother is his daughter-in-law who moved to the Higurashi shrine after tragic death in a car accident that claimed the lives of his son and wife.[citation needed]

In the anime version, it is revealed that Kagome and her mother lived in the Higurashi shrine since she was 4 years old after her father died in a car accident.[4][5]

During the story

Grandpa continually tries to inject some education of the history of the family shrine into everyday life – even to the point of discussing the "history of pickles," much to Kagome's dismay.

Grandpa maintains the shrine grounds, buildings, the sacred tree, handles offerings, and the various Shintō religious ceremonies that are required. He tries to bring in some income to pay the bills by selling various religious paraphernalia, such as the Sacred Jewel key chains (日暮神社 四魂の玉 キ一ホルダ一).

He is skilled in handling objects brought to him that need to be blessed, cleansed, or sealed. His abilities save him from death.[5] But Grandpa's powers are clearly overcome by Inuyasha as he breaks through Grandpa's Ofuda – or "written oracles."[6] Although this could be because Inuyasha is only hanyō, it could also be because his charms don't work at all.

He revealed to Kagome how to ultimately destroy the Shikon Jewel by making "the correct wish," but she dismissed him lightly until she learned her destiny as the reincarnation of said Jewel's last possessor.

Well Vanished

Sōta is horrified to see that the Bone-Eater's Well has disappeared, and calls for his mother and grandfather to hurry and come see. Ms. Higurashi and Grandpa Higurashi arrived and they shocked that the Bone-Eater's Well has disappeared. Grandpa Higurashi tells Inuyasha that the Bone-Eater's Well has disappeared and asked to what happened to that side. Inuyasha explains to them "Try not to worry. I promise you, I'm going to find her. Just hang on".[7]

Three days later after the Shikon no Tama disappeared, the well has been reappeared as Kagome was back with Inuyasha and a family reunion as they were worried about her.

Later Life

Three years later, Grandpa attends the graduation at high school with Ms. Higurashi to see Kagome and her friends. After that, they returning home. As Kagome decided to live in the feudal era to get marry Inuyasha, he accepted. He see Sōta returned home from his junior high school.[8]

Hanyō no Yashahime

Eight years later since being separated from his only granddaughter, he had first met with four-year-old Towa, in which that he didn’t know that she's the elder twin daughter of Sesshōmaru, assuming that she was Kagome and Inuyasha's daughter. Ten years later after he and the others are freed from Towa's enemies, they saw the portal to the Sacred Tree of Ages was opened, and meet her twin sister Setsuna and Moroha as Ms. Higurashi realized that the "girl in red" was the daughter of Kagome.

Grandpa was surprised to see Osamu Kirin visit. Osamu asks him that if any of the key-chains representing the Shikon Jewel, to which he had replied that could no recall having such lucky charms as the present timeline was gradually being altered by the drastic changes occurring in ancient past.

As weeks passed, he is seen looking at the Sacred Tree of Ages with grave concern as shadows appearing on its trunk clearly signified imminent calamity. He looked at the sky, sensing that something much worse could be occurring, which implies that he may detect the supreme demonic power of the Grim Comet itself. Beforehand he admitted to his daughter that he could not know what would happen to either Kagome or Towa.



Physical description

Grandpa is an old man of short height with tan skin and black eyes. He has his gray hair tied in a topknot, a goatee at the end of his chin, as well as a mustache that is (seemingly) shaved in the middle. He is identified by his clothing as a traditional Japanese Shintō priest, apparently the current custodian/guardian/caretaker/owner of the Higurashi shrine which has been in the family for generations.

Powers and abilities

  • Lowermost Spiritual Powers: Much unlike his daughter, he does not possess any spiritual abilities of purification or healing of any level whatsoever.
    • Spiritual Affinity & Awareness: An obvious side-effect of his low-level of spiritual power, as Grandpa keeps chants "Beware of the flesh-eating Noh Mask", he sensed that his grandchildren back at the house in the shrine are in danger.[9]
    • Evil Sense: He can detect the presence of evil entities, namely yokai or even the supremely infinite demonic power coming from the Grim Comet itself, even though he cannot not see it being considered "a normal person."
    • Spiritual Insight: Though he lacks the ability to see the future (postcognition), he can clearly feel "ill omens" when the infinitely powerful Sacred Tree of Ages shows the slightest signs of imminent danger, such as shadowy patterns covering it.
    • Intuition/Sixth Sense: Being the most spiritual and religious human being of the modern era, his natural sixth sense of intuition is quite well-developed, though not as sharp or effective as Kagome's, due to her being the reincarnation of a topmost-level miko.


  • Higurashi sacred sutra: Grandpa used the sutra to fight against the ancient Noh Mask since original talisman had burned what his long gone great-great-great-great grandfather had exorcised it long ago, but it didn't work.[9] He took these with them at school during the Cultural Festival as he, Ms. Higurashi, Sōta, Inuyasha, and Kagome are going to stop the Dried-food demon.[10] This is completely useless/ineffective, very much unlike those utilized by Miroku and Kin'u.



Kagome Higurashi

As Kagome was his first grandchild, he cares for her a lot and tries to teach her about traditional stuffs. He also lied to Kagome's classmates about her illness, which makes Kagome upset and embarrassed.

Sōta Higurashi

Sōta was Grandpa's second grandchild who was born after the death of his son and wife. He wanted Sōta to become a Shintō priest. Grandpa seems to almost be a father-figure to Sōta since his father passed away; the two often spend time together.


Grandpa doesn't like Inuyasha very much, thinking he is reckless and annoying. He once hired Inuyasha to worked part-time at the Higurashi shrine, then fired him when he knocked over some shelves. Though this was due to a "Sit" command from Kagome.

"You know its value! Kagome gave birth to a true wonderful daughter. Thank you, Kagome, wherever you are. There is new meaning to my life!"
―Grandpa Higurashi[src]

Grandpa suspected Moroha was his great-granddaughter due to her having the same eyes as Kagome. During her time in the modern era, he taught her taijutsu and was proud of her for excelling in it. When he gave her the mummified kappa hand, Moroha give him a hug that she loved the gift, as he said "Kagome, give birth to a true wonderful daughter".

Manga vs. Anime

In "Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask", Grandpa battled with the recently revitalized Noh Mask in the fire in the storehouse, even though he clearly lacked any type of strong spiritual powers, which caused him to be hospitalized for a few hours; whereas in manga, he had succumbed to food poisoning.


"Moroha, the Elders Association would like to give you a parting gift."
―Grandpa Higurashi[src]


  • He has a rather bad habit of giving so-called genuine demon artifacts to Kagome or Sōta as gifts, which annoys both of them; he also sometimes feeds them to Buyo. This apparently is something he never learns from, even after scolding from Kagome. Though he seems to not realize Kagome has dealt with genuine demons and knows they are fake.
    • However, Moroha seems to appreciate this far more than they do, seemingly being pleased with receiving the mummified Kappa foot for good luck, which Kagome rejected. It is possible that having been raised in the Sengoku jidai that she might believe in their supernatural properties, although this is unconfirmed.
  • Ginzō Matsuo, who voiced both Grandpa and Buyo, passed away due acute subarachnoid hemorrhage, leading Katsumi Suzuki to take over his voice acting roles; who's also known for voicing as Diddy Kong.
  • Grandpa Higurashi's inability to use spiritual powers, along-side his deep-rooted belief that he possesses spiritual powers (and on an upper-level of spiritual powers, too), goes-hand-in-hand with Madame Exorcist; a professional exorcist, who steadfastly believes that she is a person of great spiritual prowess, despite of all of the evidence that she lacks any spiritual powers beyond what all normal humans have.
  • His English voice actor, French Tickner provided the voice of The Frog Hermit in Ranma ½.
  • His English voice actor, William Frederick Knight provided the voice of Natsume's Father in Rumiko Takahashi Theater: Mermaid's Forest.

Media appearances




InuYasha The Final Act

Hanyō no Yashahime


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