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Gyokuto (玉兎) is Miroku and Sango's daughter, the younger twin sister of Kin'u and the elder sister of Hisui.


Gyokuto, along with her older twin sister Kin'u, were born in a house at Kaede's village.

Not much is known about Gyokuto’s childhood/teenage years because the anime only shows her briefly as a child alongside Kin'u when Rin is giving birth to Towa and Setsuna on the night of the lunar eclipse.

Years later, Gyokuto (now a young adult) lived with her mother in her old demon slayer village and visits her father who was being targeted by a powerful demon that consumes monks and priests.[2]


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Gyokuto treated Inuyasha just like Kagome did when she first met him, calling him "Doggy" and petting his ears. As usual, Inuyasha was annoyed by this as he did not like his ears being touched by anyone. Gyokuto acted like most toddlers would, seeing as how she was curious and still so young.

As a young adult, Gyokuto is shown to be very kind, understanding and non-judgmental. Gyokuto seems to understand their father's reasoning for his training and tries to help Hisui reconcile with him, knowing Hisui perceives their father as a coward. Gyokuto is also seen being more gentle, calm, polite and well-mannered. Also, along with Kin'u, Gyokuto enjoy playing with Shippō in a way that is not enjoyable to him since she was a toddler.

Physical description

Gyokuto with her family and Shippō.

Gyokuto bares a striking resemblance to her mother as her older twin sister as she have dark brown hair with short bangs, and bright brown eyes. She wears a pink kimono with yellow bows and a rose-colored sash, and her hair is tied up into a small ponytail by a white ribbon.

As a young adult, Gyokuto wears a larger version of the kimono that she wore when she was younger with a dark pink apron. She maintains the hairstyle from her childhood and now wears brown woven sandals.

Powers and abilities

Gyokuto has mostly followed in her mother, Sango's, footsteps, having trained as a 'Taijiya' (退治屋; lit. a "Yōkai Exterminator".

  • Poison Powder: She uses the poison powder to take down the Takonyudo and later various demons.


  • Gyokuto's name was not revealed in the manga.
  • Gyokuto and her twin sister Kin'u are collectively called "KinGyo" (きんぎょ) by their parents and close friends.[3][4]
  • Her name 玉兎 translates to "Jade Hare." Miroku may have named them according to the Chinese idiom "金烏西墜,玉兔東昇" – the golden crow of the sun sets in the west, the jade hare of the moon rises in the east.[5] The idiom originates from a phrase in an ancient text.[6]
  • In an interview in the May 2021 issue of Animage Magazine, it is revealed that Gyokuto aids her mother in creating and delivering Demon Slayer tools, as well as taking requests and collecting information on demon sightings.[citation needed]

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  1. In the anime only