Hair Monster (毛むくじゃらの化け物) was a yōkai who was a part of Naraku's body. It was discovered by Ayame and tried to attack her.


Naraku's castle was empty after he fled from fighting Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha. This freed the demon, which was a partly disposed piece of Naraku.

A wolf yōkai named Ayame was looking for Kōga, who had gone through the castle when she was attacked by this demon. Ayame met Ginta and Hakkaku, who explained to her about Naraku. The demon arrived to where Inuyasha and his group were. It attacked Kagome to obtain the fragments of the Shikon no Tama. Kōga fled with Kagome as Inuyasha struggled with the demon. The demon escaped Inuyasha and followed Kōga. Inuyasha and his group are still traces of hair left by the devil and are attacked by remnants of the demon that were left behind in the fight. The demon captured Kōga and Ayame. Kagome rescued Ayame with one of her arrows and asked Inuyasha to save Kōga. The demon then appeared from her hair and Inuyasha gets caught. Kōga was released from the bonds, rescued Ayame again and hit the demon, splitting it in two. Inuyasha and his group asked it where Naraku was. The demon told them that Naraku hid in a place where he could not find and did not know more. The demon attacked Kōga and Ayame and devoured them, but is defeated from within by Kōga.

Kōga used its remains as a means for his wolves to remember Naraku's scent.


He despised Naraku for abandoning him after he left his castle.

Physical description

The remaining remnants of Naraku.

It was a giant demon with green uneven skin that was covered by hair, which used to attack and move. At the center of its body, he had a big mouth mouth full of sharp fangs and red lips. His original form had apparently been malformed after he was absorbed by Naraku.

Manga vs. Anime

  • The manga version did not include Ayame.

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