Hakushin's tomb (白心の墓, はくしんのハカ, "Hakushin no haka") was a small temple in the middle of Hijiri island. It was where the body of Saint Hakushin was placed after became a living Buddha for the sake of the people.


The body of Saint Hakushin was placed in the tomb after he was mummified over 100 yers ago.[1]

During the storyEdit

The Chief of Hijiri village went to check up on the tomb after a strange light hit Hijiri island. His son Shintarō wished to search for him after his father failed to return after two weeks. He was accompanied by Inuyasha's group while they were searching for Naraku. After arriving on the island, everyone saw that the it was covered in flowers that didn't previously grow there. Shintarō could see that the temple's entrance had been partially destroyed. As he rushed over to investigate, he tripped over what turned out to be his father's skeleton. Bankotsu of the Shichinintai suddenly appeared from Hakushin's temple and immediately fought against Inuyasha. Bankotsu had the advantaged due the purifying properties of the island weakening Inuyasha. Shintarō rushed to the temple in the hopes that Saint Hakushin would aid Inuyasha in his fight. It was discovered that Hakushin's body was no longer in the temple. Miroku theorized that Naraku stole Hakushin's body in order to use his immense spiritual powers. He soon located the source of the purifying barrier around Hijiri island using his sutras that were infused with Shippō's yōki. Shintarō instantly recognized it as a dokko that once resided in Hakushin's tomb. The purifying barrier around Hijiri island ceased to exist after the small barrier around the dokko had been broken.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • The temple is damaged during its first appearance. The anime goes into detail as to how it is damaged by showing a flashback of the Chief of Hijiri village killed while battling many yōkai that are attempting to steal the body of Saint Hakushin for Naraku.
  • In the anime, Bankotsu unleashes a burst of energy at Inuyasha's group before making himself known to them. In the manga, he just appears from the temple.
  • In the anime, a staff belonging to Saint Hakushin is pinned to the alter wall of the temple due the Shintarō's father using it in battle against Naraku's yōkai horde.
  • In the anime, the temple is destroyed when lightning from Bankotsu's Ryuraisen attack randomly strikes it.


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