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The Higurashi house (日暮家, ひぐらしいえ, "Higurashi ie") was Kagome Higurashi's home in the modern era. She lived there with her mother, her younger brother Sōta, her grandfather, and their cat Buyo. It was located right behind the Higurashi shrine that ws also owned by her family. Kagome would go back in forth between the feudal era and the modern era using the Bone-Eater's Well on the shrine grounds. Inuyasha was the only one out of the group who was able to go to Kagome's home, and Kagome's era in general.


Kagome moved into the house with her mother and Sōta due to her father's death before Sōta was born.[1]

During the storyEdit

After Kagome began her journey through the Bone-Eater's Well, she would always try to return home whenever she had to study for a school exam. She enjoyed to comforts of her home and found it preferable to having to sleep in the woods when she was in the feudal era Inuyasha would occasionally drop by in order to retrieve Kagome.

When Kagome was finished her high school entrance exams, Inuyasha accidentally destroyed part of the kitchen with Tessaiga due to everyone overreacting to a cockroach that they spotted.[2]


  • The living room.
  • The kitchen.
  • The bathroom.
  • Kagome's bedroom.

It is a small two story rectangular house. The entrance has a small corridor that leads to the rest of the house. The living room is on the right side of the entrance. It is usually seen a place of leisure for the family, with someone usually answering the phone or watching TV. The family occasionally eat meals there as well.[3] They would sit on the floor while in there. The furniture is mostly low-profile, but there are also some modern electrical appliances in the inside; a TV, electric lights, and a telephone. It also makes use of Japanese sliding doors called shōji . The kitchen also serves as the dining room. The upstairs floor contains a small bathroom with a washer and dryer right outside the entrance. The bedrooms for each of the family members were also upstairs.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit


  • Kagome's room is the only bedroom that is shown in the series.


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