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Higurashi shrine




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Higurashi shrine

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The Higurashi shrine (日暮神社, "Higurashi-jinja") was the large property on which Kagome Higurashi lived in the modern era with her family. The shrine was owned by her grandfather, who was a priest. Although the shrine was not popular enough to be a major tourist destination, it was very well known to the locals in the area. People would come during the summer festivals or the New Years shrine visits. It also had a reputation for being effective at dispelling bad omens from items or events, therefore on occasion there would be who would visit it after traveling a great distance.[1][2] There were several structures within the shrine grounds.



Higurashi shrine torii

The shrine has four red torii gates at three locations; one in front of the steps that climb upward to the main entrance to the shrine, one at the end of the stairs, and one on left and right side that leads to their house.


The main shrine building is located at the center. It is the biggest structure there.

Higurashi wellhouseEdit


An small wooden temple is located at the angle of the main shrine. It covers the Bone-Eater's Well.

Higurashi storehouseEdit

Higurashi storehouse

A storage building located adjacent to the shrine. It is used to store many artifacts, such as a cursed Noh Mask and the demonic sword Sō'unga.


Higurashi shrine office

A small white office building located by the right side of the shrine. It is where they sell charms and other items, such as Shikon no Tama keychains.

Higurashi houseEdit


The modern house behind the shrine that is inhabited by the Higurashi family.



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