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Hisui (すい, "Jade") is Miroku and Sango's son. He is also the younger brother of Kin'u and Gyokuto.


Hisui as he appears in the manga

Miroku and Inuyasha were off exterminating a yōkai while Sango was giving birth to her third child. Rin and Kaede were present during the birth. The birth had been successful by the time Miroku returned to his family.

Four years later, Hisui, his older sisters and mother, and Kagome came to Rin's home for the birth of twin hanyō daughters on the night of a lunar eclipse.

Years later, Hisui became a yōkai taijiya under the leadership of his uncle, and inherited Hiraikotsu from his mother.


Hisui is supportive and courageous. He is not afraid to go into battle against yōkai, and is always eager to support his comrades whenever possible. He generally exhibits a serious and determined demeanor, and thus far has shown no signs of inheriting any of his father's lecherous habits, unlike previous generations before him. It's not too farfetched to believe Hisui grew up different thanks to his mother's influence; given his great-grandfather and grandfather from his father's side didn't seem married, it's reasonable to believe they were only lecherous without someone to keep them in line.

Hisui initially views his father in a negative light for choosing to undergo 1000 days of training; likely because it means he wouldn't be with them for nearly three years.

Physical description

Hisui as a young man

As a newborn, Hisui has a small tuft of light brown hair atop his head, and his skin matched the light tone of his parents.

In the pilot episode of Yashahime, he is six months old and his hair starts to be dark olive green with short thin bangs and the back is tied in a small ponytail. In the first flashback of Episode 15, Hisui is 7 months old. In the second flashback of Episode 15, Hisui is 4 years old.

Hisui's 14 year old artwork.

Years later, he is an 18 years old young man of average height with his hair pulled back in a ponytail and indigo eyes.


As a six months old, Hisui wears a bright, dull sky blue kimono with a blue sash around his waist and a matching floral pattern. As a 4 years old, his kimono has a teal diamond pattern instead.

As a teenager, Hisui wears a light teal kosode with a blue sash around his waist and a teal diamond pattern with thin black lines, a gray hakama, and brown woven sandals. His traditional yōkai taijiya armor consists of a dark blue skin-tight jump suit, green armored plates with gray accents made of yōkai bones attached by green mint trimmings that include a pair of black tekkou arm guards and sune-ate shin guards, and a green mint obi sash around his waist to carry a hid wakizashi (medium-length sword). He also wears green mint prayer beads on his left arm,[1] and dark blue boots with green mint trimmings.

Whilst posing as his eldest sister, Kin'u, he wears her nun garments, with his hair loose and full bangs.

Powers & Abilities

  • Expert Combatant: As a yōkai taijiya, Hisui has spent years training to combat various types of yōkai.
  • Above-Average Strength: Hisui is much stronger than most ordinary humans, as he could singlehandedly use the hefty Hiraikotsu in battle.
  • Education: Hisui has a much higher level of education than the average person of Sengoku period, given to him by his father. He is well versed in reading and writing, to the point he could pass as a noble instructor in linguistic arts, which considering the norms of his time period puts him at the peak of society.
  • Acting: Whilst posing as his eldest sister, Hisui can adjust his vocal range to make it convincing to outsiders. He is able to maintain character even after the audience leaves.


  • Hiraikotsu: Hiraikotsu is a gigantic boomerang that Hisui inherited from Sango. This boomerang is made up of various kinds of yōkai bones. Hiraikotsu requires a lot of strength to throw in order to destroy the target. It is a fierce weapon, possessing a great amount of power when thrown by a sufficiently strong user, to the point of severing most natural defenses of yōkai.
    • Yōki and Miasma Dispersion: Hiraikotsu can emit demonic aura, allowing it to inflict greater damage to enemies. It can also absorb miasma/poison and disperse it safely.
  • Wakizashi: A demon-bone short sword.


Miroku & Sango

Miroku and Sango are his parents. Hisui was initially doubtful of his father as he saw the 1,000 day training as nothing more than an excuse to run away. Upon seeing his father in action against Tōtetsu, Hisui now sees him in a better light.

Kin'u and Gyokuto

Kin'u and Gyokuto are his elder twin sisters. Hisui was born two years after his sisters. They have a teasing relationship with him when Kin'u used him as her body double to educate "Aiya" at her mansion.


Kohaku is his maternal uncle and later his mentor, after becoming a yōkai taijiya. Primarily, Kohaku is Hisui's only uncle since his father was an only child during his youth.


Kirara appears to be his new partner. Like from his mother's side of the family prior, Kirara provides Hisui with advantageous positions from which he can attack with Hiraikotsu.


One of Hisui's demon-hunting teammates. The pair coordinate well—although he is proud of their synergy, she appears indifferent and mission-minded.[2] Episode 48 reveals Hisui is in love with Setsuna, explaining why he gets along so well with her.

Towa Higurashi

A friend of Hisui's whom occasionally aids him and Setsuna in hunting demons. When he was viewing his father as a coward, Towa tries to tell him that fathers are always doing their best to support their families.


The two meet twice, and the second time, she develops a crush on him after saving her from a giant octopus demon.


  • Just like his mother and his uncle, Hisui is named after a precious material used to make jewelry.
  • The rosary on his left wrist is a visual callback to how Miroku's nenju sealed off the Kazaana in his right hand, and possibly how Hisui himself was spared from having the curse at all.
    • Whether Hisui does this to honor the memory of his grandfather and great-grandfather, or can actually use the beads for a kind of spiritual power attack is unknown.
  • A six month old Hisui is shown to be sensitive to the presence of the demon Yotsume, whom Kagome and Sango fail to notice.[3] Whether this ability has followed him into adolescence remains to be seen.
  • Hisui being in love with Setsuna, his fighting companion, is just like how his parents came together; though there are differences.
    • Hisui is focused on Setsuna alone from the get-go; refusing to pay mind to any other girl, even someone with status like Aiya.
    • He respects her personal space; having not inherited the letchery of his paternal relatives.
    • His feelings are currently one-sided; his parents gradually fell in love together.

Media appearances


  1. In the anime only


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