Homura was an evil God from the Northern mountains. He is revealed to be the one who burned the forest one decade ago, which caused the separation of the hanyō twins, Towa and Setsuna.


10 years ago, he was instructed by Kirinmaru's elder sister, Zero to set the forest on fire to kill Sesshōmaru's twin daughters, but unbeknownst to him failed.

A short time ago, he took a human woman named Tamano as his bride and took her to his palace. He'd kill anyone who'd gaze upon her much to her horror, and eventually decides to lock her up so no one else would see her. Much to his anger, she escaped and he meets Towa and Setsuna together with Moroha who were requested by Riku to deal with him. He is surprised to learn the hanyō twins are very much alive, and battles them.

Physical Description

He has pale brown skin, waist-length brown hair, and eyes. He is quite slim and tall.

Powers and Abilities

  • Longevity: He is capable of living for many centuries, as are demons and hanyō with decelerated aging capabilities.
  • Fire Breath: Breathing streams of fire from his mouth, he can burn down an entire forest.


  • His fire breath power is similar to the blacksmith Tōtōsai.

Media Appearances

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