Sango and Miroku, two of the most notable humans in the series.

Humans (人間, にんげん, "Ningen") are about the weakest species in InuYasha but also the largest in number, though arguably normal humans can overcome weak demons like Myōga. Some humans become monks, priests or priestesses, and a few amongst them have particularly strong spiritual power and can fight on even ground with yōkai. Some humans also lived and trained in a village of Yōkai taijiya before its destruction and while they could not beat demons of extreme power they could handle most common demon threats. Humans can also gain demonic powers by allowing their bodies to be fused with demons causing them to become a hanyō, (Naraku was born this way) thus gaining great power beyond those of ordinary demons, however this often resulted in loss of humanity with barely no trace of the original human's identity. It is also possible for humans to mate with yōkai, even daiyōkai and give birth to natural half-yōkai, often possessing both human and yōkai traits. Especially for humans to mate with kami and give birth to natural demigod, often possessing both human and god traits.

Another distinct trait of human is their ever-growing advanced technology, which can contribute the decline and eventually disappear of yōkai as time passes to the modern era as human manages to acquire more and more powerful weapons like guns to extinguish demons over time. By the time of modern era, human dominates the landscapes and minor demons have to hide themselves from the human or integrate wholly into the human bloodline.

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