This article is about clan of moth yōkai. You may be looking for Hyōga, a one-time user of that title, his son, or the title of the clan's leader.

The Hyōga clan (飛妖蛾氏) was a powerful clan of moth demons which passed their power from one generation to another, building it up accumulatively. Their leader was called Hyōga, an apparently hereditary title passed from father to son. The last Lord Hyōga was Menōmaru, who was defeated and killed by the hanyō Inuyasha.


Centuries ago, the Hyōga clan was a power clan of moth yōkai led by Lord Hyōga of the Mongol empire. Roughly 200 years before the shattering of the Shikon no Tama, Lord Hyōga led a Mongol invasion of Japan and eventually came into conflict with Tōga, the Lord of the Western Lands.

After the battle, the Mongol invasion was thwarted and Hyōga was killed with his son Menōmaru becoming the last remaining member of the clan. 200 years later, the Shikon no Tama was struck by a sacred arrow and shattered, since it was swallowed by Shibugarasu. Shards of the jewel flew in every direction, and one such shard landed in the Forest of No Return. The jewel shard struck Menōmaru in the chest, reversing the spell laid on him by the Tōga, and awakening him. From his new base beneath the Tree of Ages, Menōmaru recalled his agents Ruri and Hari and plotted to unlock his father's power by breaking the seal placed on it by the Great Dog Demon's fang.

Ruri and Hari encountered Sesshōmaru that has the Tenseiga and they hit by his light whip, but Menōmaru sensed that the fang is for healing, but he needs to find another fang for destruction: the Tessaiga. They sent a Scorpion demon to find it, as the scorpion demon killed by Miroku, Menōmaru chuckled as he sent them to orders to execute their plans. Ruri have copied Miroku's Kazaana, and Hari stole Sango's pet Kirara. All of the yōkai moths are the Goshinboku to summon Menōmaru to fight Inuyasha and kidnap Kagome.


He emerges from his cocoon as the new Lord Hyōga, a moth god with far more power than his father ever had, and out of his wings he summoned his armies of yōkai from the continent. Only with the power of Kagome's sacred arrow and Inuyasha's Backlash Wave attack do they manage to find a way to destroy Hyōga for good.

Frustrated by his inability thus far to deliver a lethal blow to his adversaries, Hyōga began to generate a more powerful beam of energy to kill them. Knowing that his aura was too weak to utilize the Backlash Wave on his own, Inuyasha had Kagome fire one last arrow toward Hyōga, this time aimed at the taijitu on his forehead. When Hyōga fired his beam of demonic energy, Inuyasha was able to use the Backlash Wave, now augmented by the spiritual power of Kagome's arrow, to reverse the flow of the enormous moth demon's attack and destroy him. As his body disintegrated, Lord Hyōga was unable to understand how his awesome power could have been defeated by a mere mortal and a half-demon. After the defeat of Menōmaru, his and his father's Tree of Ages have fallen apart.


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