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Since Then (それ以来, "Sore Irai") is a special InuYasha manga chapter written for Shogakukan's Hero Comes Back project, a collection of special chapters for a variety of their retired series to benefit the reconstruction efforts after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. It is a stand-alone story that takes six months place after Chapter 558.



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Kagome has been living in the feudal era with Inuyasha for six months, and life has been peaceful. Inuyasha and Miroku are tracking a minor yōkai that was released from a seal by a landslide, and discover the yōkai was originally sealed away by Kikyō. The yōkai is called Ne no Kubi and is seeking the Shikon no Tama, not realizing it is already destroyed due to being sealed away for so long. Ne no Kubi attacks Kagome, mistaking her for Kikyō, but she wounds its head with a sacred arrow and Inuyasha kills it with the Wind Scar.

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  • This would later be adapted as Hanyō no Yashahime's first episode.
  • Fan-translation suggests that the name of Miroku and Sango's son is "Komori". However, it is an error since the original line reads 琥珀、子守り頼む (Kohaku, komori tanomu) which translates as "Kohaku, I'm counting on you to babysit."[1]