This article is about the location from Secret of the Divine Jewel. You may be looking for Inuyasha's mother's mansion.

Izayoi's Mansion was a location in the video game Secret of the Divine Jewel. It was located just west of Shinonome Village during the Heian jidai of Japan in the year 1000 AD. It has a small shrine near called a hokora that was used to protect the demon mask. It no longer existed by the time of the Sengoku jidai.


Inuyasha and his friends were transported through time by the deities Mitsurugi and Sugagaki to show them how their master Datara had been imprisoned. They arrived in at a mansion. It reminded Inuyasha of the place that he grew up in with his mother. As they were leaving, they came across Princess Izayoi young girl near the mansion's entrance. They asked her where they might find Tsugumi. She suggested that they should check Shinonome Village for her.

Her mansion was on fire and under attack by Gorai's yōkai forces when Inuyasha and his friends returned. Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippō, and Janis rushed in to save her. They found her and Tsugumi as they were fending off some yōkai. Izayoi stated that the hokora near her house that houses the demon mask had been broken, in which that it was defeated by a powerful monk long ago. They soon decided to go there. They arrived at the hokora and found the underground chamber where they mask was being kept. The found Gorai and were unable to prevent him from taking the mask.

Izayoi and the others returned to the mansion. She said goodbye to Tsugumi as she and her servants started to work on rebuilding her mansion.


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