Jūrōmaru (獣郎丸じゅうろうまる, "Beast Perfection") was the fourth incarnation of Naraku created for killing Inuyasha. However, despite being one Naraku's creations and incarnations Jūrōmaru was only loyal to his "brother", Kagerōmaru.


Jūrōmaru was first seen in a carriage chained up, and with a retaining mask (to internally restrain his "brother", the yōkai and Naraku's 5th incarnation Kagerōmaru). When Kagerōmaru was unleashed, they managed to confuse Inuyasha and Kōga with their outstanding level of speed. He was killed by Inuyasha with a Tessaiga's slash along with his "brother".[1]


Jūrōmaru was shown to be an incredibly absentminded fellow, and an incredibly powerful one as well, being able to fend off Inuyasha, Sango, and Kōga singlehandedly. Jūrōmaru was perhaps the least loyal detachment of Naraku as once he was unshackled, he proceeded to decapitate Naraku's demon puppet. Kagerōmaru was the only one who could keep Jūrōmaru under control. Jūrōmaru's fighting style was characterized by his lust to kill, attacking anyone in his way.[1]

Powers & Abilities

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Because Jūrōmaru was essentially a berserker that Naraku created for fighting and wished to successfully get rid of Kōga, Inuyasha, and their groups, his main fighting style was direct hand-to-hand combat where he would attack any in sight. While his fighting had no refinement, his physical prowess and lack of distinction proved quite dangerous as Kōga had decided to run away instead of fighting Jūrōmaru alone.
  • Enhanced Speed: Jūrōmaru had exhibited an astounding level of speed; surpassing even that of Kōga's. Even when shackled, he managed to catch Kōga by surprise and pin him to the ground. His movements were usually illustrated as bright beams of light.
  • Enhanced Strength: Along with his high level of speed, Jūrōmaru demonstrated his high level of strength. He was able to single-handedly pin down Inuyasha and Kōga, as well as smash Sango's Hiraikotsu away during mid-attack.

Manga vs. Anime

  • In the manga, Jūrōmaru is seen drooling a kind of ooze and has long fangs that are absent in the anime. In the anime, he is instead breathing out a sparkling mist that unnerves his opponents.


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