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Father, can you hear me? O great father, it is time. Lord Tōkotsu, the moment of your grand awakening has come at last.

—Jakotsumaru trying to revive his father[src]

Jakotsumaru (若骨丸) was the son of Tōkotsu, one of the Shikyō.


At the beginning of the plot, Jakotsumaru kills a bandit who previously murdered a traveler and removes his skeleton from his body. Jakotsumaru has informed by Yotsume sent by Kyūki that Moroha has returned. Shortly afterwards, Setsuna and Towa learn that Jakotsumaru killed at least ten people in this way.

They lie in wait for him at the bridge where he found his last victim. When Jakotsumaru appears there, they watched the pack of wolves attempt to attack Jakotsumaru but they were no match for him until Setsuna immediately attacks him. However, Jakotsumaru managed to escape them first.

They follow his trail to an abandoned castle: the Red Bone Palace, where they meet Moroha. Together they enter the castle, and learn from Myōga that Jakotsumaru wants to resurrect his father. And that he accused Moroha of killing him.

When the three girls meet Jakotsumaru in the castle, a fight quickly ensues between him and Moroha. But he orders the red skeletons to attack Towa and Setsuna. First Moroha destroy his hand to the bone with purificationy salt. Eventually she transforms into Beniyasha and brutally murders Jakotsumaru. After that, Kyūki reports Kirinmaru for the death of Jakotsumaru and his father murdered by Moroha and Sesshōmaru's daughters.


Jakotsumaru looked friendly, happy and smiling. However, this was just a mock behavior, because in fact he was cruel, ruthless, devious and merciless. He was also quick to get angry and neglect cover in combat.

Physical Description

Jakotsumaru had fair skin, red eyes and black hair. He also had two horns on top of his head, which he covered with a white piece of clothing that he wore over his head. Towa described him as a handsome boy.

Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Jakotsumaru was able to move fast enough to easily escape Towa and Setsuna at the bridge. Later in the fight against Beniyasha he was also able to dodge some sword attacks with ease and jump high and far.
  • Necromancy: With his fan Jakotsumaru could kill creatures and people, and turn them into undead, walking skeletons. He's done it with a lot of humans, but also with a few wolves and at least one cow.


  • His fan: Jakotsumaru used it, and someone gets near his fan, it has lightning for his necromancy.


  • His seiyū also voiced Shōma of Rin-ne.
  • His appearance and name allude to Minamoto no Yoshitsune whose childhood name was Ushiwakamaru.
  • His background is identical to the Bone Demon's.
  • His necromancy powers is similar to Urasue's.
  • Towa found it appalling that Moroha killed him, even though Jakotsumaru did many horrific things.
  • Since a single Sankon Tessō could destroy him, Jakotsumaru was presumably very weak for a yōkai.