Geez, maybe I'm having a dream.


Janis is the main character for the Nintendo DS game Secret of the Divine Jewel. She is an American exchange student, who is the reincarnation of the daughter of the late god Datara.


The strangest dream, move to Japan the second time, and the feudal era[]

In America, Janis has a strange dream as she saw cherry blossoms, a village that makes her confused that there's no skyscrapers since it was Tokyo, demons attack, a child, and one god that she never seen before: Datara. The next morning, Janis and her family moved to Japan when her father got a new job. When a friend of hers, Kagome Higurashi, was absent from school, Janis went to Higurashi shrine to visit her, and came to the wellhouse where she was attacked by a yōkai who emerged from the Bone-Eater's Well, and rescued by the mysterious Monk Sen. Later, Janis followed his advice to go to the feudal era through the well and looked for Kagome. After passing through, she felt surprised that she's not in the modern era anymore, she's in the feudal era. She saw the Sacred Tree that she's feels familiar, when she entered the village, she met Kaede and surprised that she knew Kagome as she and the others are at Mikage Creek as she heads out where she had a first met with Miroku, Sango and Kirara, until she found Kagome with Shippō, she's surprised to Kagome that she's pretending to be sick. After the battle with the Dragon Spawn, she sees Inuyasha as she touched his ears, and she was about to get the Shikon Jewel shard and give it to Kagome. Once she touched a shard of the Shikon Jewel, it blended in with her body and awakened her Kamui powers. She agreed to accompany them on their journey until she was able to remove the Shikon Jewel Shard from her body. At the end of the battle the mysterious Monk Sen instructed her to go into the well because that's where Kagome was, and as her fate. After meeting Inuyasha and the gang she inadvertently absorbed a jewel shard and soon after she developed special powers that were awakened by the jewel shard and later traveled to Mount Habaki. After the battle with the lord and the hime of Masuko Village, as Janis and her friends spent the night at Matsudaya, she had a same strange dream from the past about the village in the Heian period twice, and Datara twice as he called "My dear". The next morning, she had a "the same dream as before. But this time, I think I remember it more clearly." But she was curious about the person in her dream. At Mount Habaki, that she was given a naginata the Akanemaru to wield by the God of Habaki and learns that she possesses the Kamuitama because she is the reincarnation of a girl named Tsugumi, who was the human bride of the god of storms Datara. At Jurobei in Sakata Village when she and her friends spend the night, Janis has a same dream the third time.

Learns the truth from the past[]

Eventually she came to the northern lands as she freed the people of Susuki Plains Village at the fortress before going through the caves of Mount Mansetsu as she arrives Datara's shrine she found Sen in front of the door as Datara is sleeping on the other side as he tells her to find Datara's servants Mitsurugi and Sugagaki at Mitsurugi Tower and Sugagaki Waterfall that they'll open the door to his room and the two keys called the "Keys of the Gods" that they can find Mitsurugi and Sugagaki, so she released Datara and Mitsurugi and Sugagaki opens a portal to take them to travel through time back to another 500 years to 1000 AD in the Heian period as they arrived at Izayoi's Mansion, since Kagome knows the timeline, but Janis don't know much about Japanese history, but she saw the cherry blossoms are pretty from her dreams. As they heard from Izayoi that Datara and Tsugumi are going to get married, they heads to his shrine as Mitsurugi and Sugagaki knows them because of their powers that Tsugumi was there until she left because she sensed of the demon. Soon at the Shinonome Village, they check on Tsugumi as her mother carrying a demigod child which they were shocked. They went back to the mansion as it was on fire that it was attacked by demons, led by a cat hanyō Gorai, Lord of the Northern Lands as he comes to hokora (small shrine) to steal a cursed demon mask that has been defeated by a powerful monk long ago. Being Datara's bride Tsugumi possessed some of his powers. After that, they return to Shinonome Village as this her and Kagome's, along with Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippō, and Kirara's first time spend the night at the village in the Heian era. The next morning, the wedding day as Datara and Tsugumi are about to get married until, she learns Tsugumi's tragic tale where she was forced to seal her own husband and kill their child on her wedding day because Datara possessed by a demon mask and had been forced by Gorai, and in order to thwart Tsugumi's attempts to stop him he held their infant daughter hostage. Tsugumi died after destroying her husband, a scenario very reminiscent of Kikyō and Inuyasha, 50 years ago. Janis learned that defeating Datara and returning her powers was the only way to free the shard from her body thus stopping demons from hunting her. After that, they went back to the present in the feudal era at the Lake Shore Path as what Miroku learned that Tsugumi's heart is crying until they were ambushed by Burai as she fell.

Break the spell and return to America in the modern era[]

At the Tempest Tower, they fight Monk Sen twice, until Kikyō arrives that Sen is undead by the control of the Demon Blood Binding Spell, and after it returned to Sen, she was surprised that Sen is Tsugumi and she tells Janis "forgive me, my daughter. Thank y...". After she defeated Mitsurugi and Sugagaki first, after Mitsurugi leaves to heavens and before Sugagaki go, Janis has learned from her that she is not Tsugumi's reincarnation but in fact the reincarnation of their infant half-god child and take care of their master and goes to heaven. After Gorai has been killed, Datara and freed him of the cursed demon mask, she was allowed to speak with Datara and Tsugumi where she learns that she is not Tsugumi's reincarnation but in fact the reincarnation of their infant half-god child. Since then, she and her friends see the spirit of Tsugumi and their half-god child as Datara will go with them to heaven, so she'll head back to the modern era in the Bone-Eater's Well with Kagome. With the jewel shard out of her body and her powers gone Janis was unable to return to the feudal era, but she'll have some good memories of her adventures in her heart, it's her last day of school in Japan that her father finished his work, and before she left the Higurashi shrine, she'll see Inuyasha and Kagone one last time. The next day, she and her family returned to America shortly after the events.


Initially, Janis is a little cold and standoffish to other people such as Yuka, Ayumi, and Eri. Her only friend was Kagome, but still retained a slightly friendly demeanor. She also appeared to have a caring side, such as when Kagome didn't show up for three days (she was in the Feudal era), she decided to go visit her. She's also seemed to be adventurous, when she mentioned that the Feudal era seemed to be dangerous, but "kind of fun" as well.

Physical Description[]

Janis is a young woman with long, curly blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.


Janis wears an academy uniform which consists of a white shirt with light blue trim on the collar underneath a blue top with a red tie which both possesses gold trim, a grey skirt, and white stockings with brown penny loafers similar to Kagome's. She also has a red clip for her hair, and white pearl earrings.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Summon Shikioni (formerly): Janis is able to summon Shikioni that are given to her by Monk Sen to defeat some weak yōkai during her journey.[1] Similar to shikigami, shikioni are capable of protecting their owner from danger. When Janis meets Monk Sen for the first time after she was saved from a yōkai at the Higurashi wellhouse, Sen realizes that her body doesn't contain the Kamuitama and is concerned she would be defeated and get wounded from yōkai. Sen advises her to enter the Sengoku jidai and later gave her two shikioni to find her friend, Kagome. After Janis meet Monk Sen for the second time under the Goshinboku, she was able to use her Kamuitama by her own will. But the ability of summoning shikioni is not used after Sen takes them back.[1]
  • Kamuitama (briefly): Commonly known as the Power of God, Janis obtains this mystical power from Tsugumi, the wife of Datara.
    • Lightning Arrow: Appears to be several arrow like shining lightnings which able to pierce some yōkai.[1]
    • Infernal Meteor: About eight blazing meteors will drop down to the earth to crush whole opponents. It is also considered as an effective power to defeat opponents.[1]
    • Heavenly Essence: Apart from destroying yōkai, Janis is able to restore an ally's health if they are injured.[1]
    • Power Leaf: A power that can increase the strength of an ally.[1]
  • Naginatajutsu: Janis' main form of combat was the naginata, she is extremely well-versed in utilizing it in close-range combat, able to fend off various high-speed strikes.[1]
  • Spiritual Awareness: An obvious side-effect of her high-level of spiritual power: the Kamui, Janis is able to perceive or sense things that are otherwise normally undetectable to ordinary humans (e.g. ghosts, spirits, and demonic or divine auras) similar to Kagome the priestess-in-training.[1]
  • Time Travel: Janis could travel back and forth for five hundred years between the Feudal Era and modern day Tokyo through an ancient well called the "Bone-Eater's Well". Only she, Kagome, and Inuyasha were ever able to freely pass from one time to the other. While originally Janis needed some remnant of the Sacred Jewel, with her Kamuitama to traverse time through the Bone-Eater's Well, she, at least once, was able to do so without it in which that she has lost her powers.[1]



Kagome Higurashi

A new friend at the same school and the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyō, as they talked about. Three days later, Janis was worried about her until she found Kagome at Mikage Creek as she learned that she went to Feudal Japan.

Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi

After three days, she asks three of Kagome's friends where she is and knows where the shrine is.

Grandpa Higurashi



A dog hanyō as she saw him at the restaurant, and later at the Mikage Creek as she touched his ears.


A monk who has been cursed by Naraku at Mikage Creek, asked her to bear his children makes her embarrassed.


A yōkai taijiya at Mikage Creek...

"Tee hee. Sounds asleep. His name is Shippō, wasn't it? I've heard that he's a fox demon, I guess demons can be cute, too."
―Secret of the Divine Jewel

A kitsune...


Sango's pet, the nekomata was with her and Shippō.


The elder priestess of her village, and since she had a first met with Kikyō, she didn't know she's Kikyō's younger sister.


She had a first met with the flea yōkai, a servant of Inuyasha's as she didn't that he's also the servant of his father's (until she learned from the Sea God) at the castle of Masuko Village since she slacked him that he sucked her blood. She and the others were shocked that Shigehira Masuko is not a human but a yōkai. After the defeat of Usuba Masuko, they see Myōga as they were surprised that Mount Habaki is around the mountains.


As they leave Jinenji's garden and on their way to Minatori Village, she saw Kohaku for the very first time as Miroku and Sango will go after him. After the defeat of the demon puppet, they couldn't find him. Later at Osore Valley Cave, Goro has told that "a boy" came a while ago, then at Osore Valley, they found him behind the Saimyōshō. After that, they went back to the cave for his recover, but after the outcast were disappeared, he feels to go back to the Osore Valley. After the defeat of Akagane, he has been taken by Kagura.


She had a first met with Kikyō at the Abandoned Shrine after she and her friends follow her Shinidamachū and kind of scared when she gets closer, then she see met her again at Sara's Lair as she shows up about the Demon Blood Binding Spell that its come from the northern lands, so since the villagers of Yamasachi Village have been slave she asked her to save them, Janis answered she'll try she will save the villagers and send back to Yamasachi Village as everyone will be saved. Finally at Tempest Tower, as she told them that Monk Sen was also under control the of the Demon Blood Binding Spell, Janis felt surprised about to find Monk Sen's blood first, Kikyō said that it isn't job to find it, the rest is up to them to find the blood back at the Sen shrine in the Benten forest in the modern era.


She had a first met with Inuyasha's older half-brother, the dog daiyōkai Sesshōmaru at the Mountain Pass who sensed her that "a human invested with the power of a god", and at the New Moon Cave they team up to stop a cat yōkai Sara.


A vassal of Sesshōmaru's, she had a first met with Jaken at the Mountain Pass, as she heard was "To have fallen so far as to rely upon the power of a half-hearted god, it is befitting of a half-demon like yourself." Until Rin gets Jaken that he don't hurry, he'll be left behind.


A traveling companion of Sesshōmaru's, she had a first met with Rin at the Mountain Pass, but she didn't get a chance to say hi to her but to follow him.


She had a first met with Kōga at the Lake Shore Path, as she knew that he's a friend of Kagome's.






One of two servants of Datara's...


One of two servants of Datara's...



She had a first met with Naraku an enemy of Inuyasha and his friends who killed Kikyō 50 years ago at Minatori Village, and when they defeated him but it appears to be a demon puppet. But another demon puppet at the Demon Fortress as he convinces to Gorai. But unfortunately, without Kamuitama and since she can't go through the Bone-Eater's Well, she didn't encounter the real Naraku until Kagome and her friends have defeated him.


Akagane is an another Naraku's incarnations at Sakata Village after the Banshee scream as he gets the Shikon Jewel shard and defeat him with their skill. They were tricked by him as he made the outcast inside the Osore Valley Cave and he was by Sango's little brother Kohaku.


After the defeat of Akagane at Osore Valley, she had a first met with Kagura, an another incarnation of Naraku's as she didn't come to fight, but to get Kohaku and got away.


Gorai, a cat hanyō, the Lord of the Northern Lands who who steals the cursed demon mask from the horoka shrine near Izayoi's mansion that it was defeated by a powerful monk long ago, and forced Datara to put the demon mask on during his attack in Shinonome Village as the interruption of Datara and Tsugumi's wedding in the year 1000 AD, Heian period.


"Where am I? I've seen this place before. Such beautiful cherry blossoms... I know! It must be in Japan! I used to be live here! Wait. Something's weird. If this is Tokyo, where are all the skyscrapers? It shouldn't be so... rural-looking. If that's so... ...where on Earth... I, then?! Besides... Who is this? I know this ... or knew it, a long, long time ago. Back when... Good as is..."
―Janis saw the first strange dream[src]

"The Bone-Eater's Well...This is what that monk was talking about. Such a scary name. This place is creepy."

"Hey... It's pitch-black. Pass through the well? Does he mean I have to go in there? How creepy. What should I do? Should I go in?"

"Perhaps Kikyō is also after Kamuitama for me, haha."

"Ah, it's the same dream again. What's this...? What's happening? And Datara...?"
―Janis have the same dream[src]

"So this is the key that Monk Sen was talking about."

"The Key of the Gods...It's got incredible power, I can feel it."

Sen: "It's Datara."
Janis: "This is...Datara? There's an arrow in his chest. And his body is hard like a stone..."
Sen: "He has only been sealed away. Gods are immortal. He should be revive after the arrow has been removed. There's no need to worry."
Janis: "So all I have to do is remove this arrow."
Kagome: "Hey...this looks familiar. Doesn't it, Inuyasha?"
Inuyasha: "Quiet...Don't remind me of that."
―Janis found Datara[src]

""Special bond", huh? A person in my dreams is one thing, but this...! I don't know what to say. Even though I'm standing right in front of him, it seems unreal. If he stays sealed like this, I'll never know. I have to remove his arrow. Revive, Datara!"
―Janis' curious to remove the Lightning Sealing Arrow[src]

Sugagaki: "Datara and Tsugumi. Something happened on the day of their marriage. Will you bear witness to the events that place 500 years ago?"
Janis: "I've come this far. There's no turning back now!"
Kagome: "J-Janis!"
Shippō: "I've been thinking... Isn't Janis a lot like Kagome?"
Miroku: "She is. Now, we cannot let Janis go all by herself. Let us go, Sango."
Sango: "Yes."
Inuyasha: "Hmm. Everyone is going. What should we do, Kagome?"
Kagome: "Isn't it obvious?"
Inuyasha: "All right. What are we waiting for? Hurry up, Kagome!"
―Sugagaki to Janis and her friends to see for themselves as she and Kagome prepare to travel back to another 500 years[src]

Tsugumi's mother: "Hush now..."
Janis: "Wow, she's fast asleep. Aw... She's so cute. It's strange feeling to look at a baby who I am related to in a past life."
―Janis to the Tsugumi's baby sleeping[src]

Janis: "I-I can't believe it... I mean... That was her own child..."
Kagome: "Why? Why did things have to end up that way...?"
Miroku: "She was crying."
Janis: "Huh?"
Miroku: "Tsugumi's heart. It was crying. Not only did she lose her husband to demons, but she had to kill her child with her very own hands... All on her wedding day. It was a brutal thing to have to endure."
―Janis was shocked that it was tragic[src]

Janis: "So... The arrow that I pulled out of Datara...was the one that Tsugumi shot. It's been 500 years since then... And Datara had been sealed away by the arrow for all that time..."
Kagome: "Janis..."
Miroku: "Worrying about it will only make you feel worse. Why don't we get some rest, instead?"
Shippō: "Inside a god's shrine?! Won't we get cursed or something?"
Miroku: "What are talking about? After we did for them, they should be thankful!"
―Janis saw the spot after visiting from the past in the Heian era, and later spend the night at Datara's shrine[src]

"But you have not the Kamui yet. Datara's Kaumi is too much for you to handle."

"Datara! If I really am the reincarnation of the child you had with Tsugumi, then that makes you my father. Isn't that strange? I have a real father back in the world that I'm from...Even though we don't have the best relationship. And now I have a father who's a god."

"I think families should stay together always."


  • Janis is the only American character to appear in the entire series or any of the games.
  • She is the reincarnation of the only known demigod (半神) in the Inuyasha franchise.
  • Throughout the course of the game, Janis is often commented by other characters on her strange hair color, most of them finding it very pretty.
    • It is possible that in the feudal era people might associate her as a Goddess, as only yōkai have her unique features in skin tone, hair and eye color.
  • Despite attending school in Japan, Janis doesn't wear the serafuku like other schoolgirls in Tokyo. It's possible she's allowed to wear her old school uniform since there isn't one in her size available.


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