The Jeweled Branch of Hōrai (蓬莱の玉の枝, "Hōrai no tama no eda") is a branch made entirely of gemstones and is allegedly from the legendary Hōraijima. However, in the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, it was a fake manufactured at great expense by a ranking official of the imperial court, as a gift for. It was enshrined along with the Mirror of Life in the cave inside the Forest of Illusion. It signifies the element wood, even though it is made up of minerals. On Kaguya's seal, it is represented by the color green.


The Jewelled Branch of Hōrai was cast in Lake Shōji with the verse:

I ventured to see if what I had heard was true, with this jeweled branch with leaves so real. T'was nothing more than an empty promise.


Makoto ka to kikite mitsureba kotonoha o kazareru tama no eda ni zo arikeru



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