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Good work recovering those for me. I'm glad to see you've returned to my side at long last. Now I can finally have my revenge on Sesshōmaru.

—Joka's inoduction[src]

Joka (女禍, "Lady Trouble") was the leader of a Ka Demon Tribe, who manipulated the fight between the conjoined twin brothers Kinka and Ginka.


Joka attacked Sesshōmaru, intending to kill his twin daughters for Zero. Sesshōmaru countered by using his Light Whip to destroy Joka's arms, procuring the Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls in the process. She returned to Zero, and can't sensed the twins because they put a barrier.

14 years later, when Sesshōmaru's daughters encounter Ginka and Kinka, she attempts to retrieve the Pearls that they recently stole. They thought that she would be impressed, unaware that she was after the pearls for herself. Empress Joka was not impressed that both Kinka and Ginka are still alive and that they formed an alliance with Towa and Setsuna. She sentenced both Kinka and Ginka to execution and attempted to slay Towa and Setsuna in self defense. She continued her efforts to consume Ginka and was no match for Kinka's and Setsuna's combined weaponry.

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As expected, she is a very manipulative guardian. If any twins fail to kill the other twin, she takes advantage of the rage that they develop towards each other. She breaks the ties by consuming one of the twins. After that, she gains their abilities. Empress Joka takes her time in consuming a twin, making them suffer as long as possible. She enjoyed grasping and zapping Ginka in front of Kinka. When Kinka told her to stop, she said it is Kinka's punishment as well for being a hypocrite. She said that both of them deserve to die for wanting the Pearls themselves only to ask Towa and Setsuna for help anyways.

Physical Description

Empress Joka is the largest Ka encountered. Her physical appearance is enhanced by consuming twins that fail to kill one another on their own. Her skin complexion is Violet, with Red Violet streaks below her eyes, and Blue Violet streaks along her upper eyelids. Her hair is red and voluminous. She has two pairs of eyebrows, and a noticeable scowl between them. On top of the scowl is the edge of a chain. Above the chain is her crown. She has lots of other jewelry also. As with many demons, her ears are pointed. As with other Ka Demons, she is part serpent, but has developed numerous tentacles.

Powers & Abilities

Empress Joka gains powers and abilities from consuming twins. If any twin fails to kill the other twin, both of them develop numerous abilities in their attempts to slay each other. She breaks the tie by consuming a twin and gains the abilities that the twins developed. She often consumes the other twin after that. She has tentacles that can extend and retract, wrap around to grasp objects, and to zap them. She has humanoid arms that can also extend and retract. At the same time, she has the ability to turn her humanoid fingers into even more tentacles. She hid a Pearl in each forearm, which were severed in a battle with Sesshōmaru. These arms do not regenerate into new Ka; The severed arms spontaneously combust. She has the ability to regenerate her humanoid arms. As with Any Ka, she has the ability of flight.

Weapons and Equipments

  • Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls: The Gold Pearl on her left arm and the Silver Pearl on the right arm, until Sesshōmaru stole them as he gave them to his daughters Towa and Setsuna.


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